In plain white, it doesn’t even look like Facebook — which could be a godsend in offices where the social network is banned. All in all, it’s very similar to the mobile Facebook Messenger app — but on desktop web browsers.
The site only gets about 70 million visits per month, according to Similar Web — a tiny fraction of the overall Facebook audience.
At last, the Internet Explorer 9 Beta was released with some HTML5 capable functions based on Web Standards. Nowadays the world of web browsers are definitely different compared with the situation of early 2000s to be dominated by IE6. I surveyed what browser is dominant in each countries from StatCounters, log-based statistics from web counters.
But, in so called the East-European bloc, Mozilla Firefox (orange area) are dominant with 40~50% share especially in German, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania.
In Asia, Firefox share average 10~15% in IE dominant area, but Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia is very high Firefox share.
Good alternatives as like Firefox give benefits by offering opportunity of choice for people in emerging market of Africa, South America and Asia. Alternate Web Browsers for WindowsMost people around the world will agree that they started using internet through Internet Explorer, then shifted to Mozilla Firefox and have finally landed on Google Chrome today. Browsers such as Opera have also been featured in many devices that we use including computers and some particular OS.
U Browser believes in a cross over policy that enables the user to cross over a range of web pages to apps to friends. A gamer’s dream, Coowon browser is known for the facilities it provides for top class gamers like performing automated tasks, Record and Play for mouse clicks, Gamepad Support and controlling the speed of games. BlackHawk is a browser that fulfils the dream of every user who has used both Chrome and Firefox. Dooble was launched in September, 2009 and is available for Windows, OS X, FreeBSD and Linux.
Browzar is another privacy oriented browser that does not save cookies, history, passwords and cache.
Wyzo is known as the media browser because it optimizes the user’s online media experience. Superbird claims to be the fastest browser and lays special emphasis on speed, stability and data security.

This light weight baby is mainly and specially designed for all those people who are concerned about their privacy. This is the most unique of all the browsers because it comes with a dedicated cloud space with a dual core design. This is a cross-platform browser that has its entire concept built upon the Qt Webkit engine.
I mostly use Google Chrome, I think its the best, Do you have here who know more which browser is the best for SEO.
Non IE browsers already reached 40% and over 50% in some European countries by Net Applications. First of all, the red area (especially old USSR) is dominated by Opera browser(40~50%) including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
I guess it caused for people in this area not to prefer US products and have low broadband penetration. It’s interesting that Opera browser share of Norway is just 6% despite of the home of Opera. While it is true that Chrome happens to be the most widely used browser, it is also true that there exist many other browsers which could prove to be better than Chrome.
Coowon is popular for its features like reopening closed tabs button; double-click for closing tabs, Floating Window and Translucent Window.
It provides you the latest films and songs, live cricket scores, news from multiple regional sources. It is an open source project and is based on Nokia’s QT framework and Apple’s WebKit rendering engine.
It claims to be the fastest browser available and incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible.
Unlike Chrome, it sends no data like installation id, client id, bug tracker or malformed URL to google. It’s user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience.
The most outstanding feature in this browser is that it harnesses three different engines that will render.
This means that it is so light and fast that it loads pages at speeds that were never imaginable. It’s most important features will include a concept of a unified library that tackles all your bookmarks, history and feeds too.

On the contrary, IE still share high percentage in western Europe as like UK, France and Spain rather than Firefox and Opera.
It means Windows OS was supplied by overseas economic aid and pirated products, but the emerging market is also important in this area as like Europe. Since it enables so much multitasking, social persons and companies would love to work with U Browser. The result is a browser with the operating speed of Chrome and the practical functionality of Firefox. It offers a set of designs and ideas and features that are expected by modern-day browsers.
NetGroove has a full menu of useful links and tools for navigation and includes predefined links to useful sites. The best feature about Epic is that it has a privacy module that protects the users from being tracked by advertisers and MNCs. It supports third-party search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and Cuil and also has a built-in torrent client. Its features include password manager, multi-thread download manager, instant photo upload and framing, web page and text translation, spell checker, ad blocker and popup blocker.
This is ideal for those who love to store photos and share them with their social group and it also have a single click embedded grabbing tool. As mentioned, it offers cloud space making the concept of web browsing easier by making all data available anywhere.
However, after seeing some of the benefits and features of these alternative browsers, I will have to give a few of them a try. It has a friendly download manager, informative display for cookie management and a plain and simple bookmark system. One can switch between these engines at the click of a button making this particular browser ideal for technology geeks and nerds.

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