Victoriaa€™s Secret brings their infamous sexy and glamorous lingerie to Leeds as they open a new store in Trinity. Victoriaa€™s Secret is the latest to obtain a store front in Trinity and, perfectly nestled in between the exclusive Armani Exchange and Hollister, it feels immediately integrated within the whole shopping experience that Trinity offers. The full range of lingerie can be snapped up at the Leeds store, including their Bombshell and Dream Angels collections.
Every small detail, like the big screen, sets Victoriaa€™s Secret apart from other lingerie stores and absorbs the shopper further into the whole occasion of Victoriaa€™s Secret. It seems that the big brands are finally noticing the North and its under-served retail sector. The initial concept of the store, proposed by founder Roy Raymond, was to create a place where men could feel comfortable buying underwear for their wives and girlfriends. Victoriaa€™s Secreta€™s entire identity and the Leeds store itself is a great bonus for the city, its retail industry and ultimately, for the shoppers spending their hard earned cash in there.
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The shopping haven is launching new store after new store and is reaffirming Leedsa€™ position as one of the best shopping destinations in the UK.
Victoriaa€™s Secret (VS) is never afraid to be sexy and it manages to ooze sex appeal, glamour and charm without ever being anywhere near seedy.

The underwear is pricey but ita€™s just so damn beautiful that you dona€™t mind burning out that credit card. Theya€™re specially trained and can help you with that all-important fitting, as well as breaking down the hefty range to find something perfect for you. Ita€™s an entire experience and therea€™s a targeted feel and ambiance to the whole place.A  The lighting is low, the displays are exquisite and detail is key.
Ita€™s this balance of great products and a strong brand image a€“ created and constantly strengthened over the past 25 years – that has contributed to its rapturous success all over the USA and around the world. Ita€™s a great, undervalued market to target and, unsurprisingly, Victoriaa€™s Secret does it well.
But the American company took the decision to expand into the North, with Manchester and Sheffield stores launched earlier this month, followed by the recent Leeds opening.
Trinity Leeds has had a huge influence and is a key player in this development, bringing in an Apple shop, one of Adidasa€™ flagship storesA and cool, pop culture shop, Pulp.
When Leedsa€™ ladiesa€™ previous options were department stores and lingerie in sex shops, Victoriaa€™s Secret brings a fresh, contemporary and interesting way to buy your bras.
From 1977 to now, you can still see that this element is strong and the whole store allows a relaxed enough environment that anyone is welcomed.
Your browser (the software you use to use the internet) allows us to create these small pieces of information ("cookies") on your computer. The store is sizable, at 943 square metres, and the displays parade the best of the lingerie and nightwear, on white mannequins, with added feather angel wings and a little sparkle dotted here and there.
Youa€™re paying for quality too and Victoriaa€™s Secreta€™s reputation as a high quality brand is justified by their products. A huge screen at the back of the store plays VS runway shows featuring the stunning Victoriaa€™s Secret Angels, including supermodels Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr.

Having all these amazing shops under one roof, along with all the eateries in Trinity, has caused a shopping boom in Leeds. These secret codes simply allow you to play online with the virtual version of the pet you bought!
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When you get to the screen with the space provided to enter your code, type in the sixteen character code and press the unlock button. The Angels have done a lot to boost VSa€™s popularity and have had men, and women, all over the world drooling at their shoots and runway shows.
Claims that purse strings are getting tighter certainly havena€™t been realised through Leedsa€™ shopping. In fact, you could get banned from the game if you are ever caught trying to use a code generator!
As well as lingerie and nightwear therea€™s a grand beauty section selling makeup, cosmetics and their heavenly scents including a€?Bombshella€™ and the brand new a€?Victoriaa€™. All you need to do is follow me on Twitter, Connect with me on Facebook, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Plus One me on Google+.
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