This interactive narrated tutorial teaches students about the benefits and drawbacks of sharing information online. Bamburgh Castle, Beamish, Belsay Hall, Bishop Auckland Castle, Close House, Copthorne Hotel, Dissington Hall, Gosforth Park Hotel, Horton Grange, Langley Castle, Linden Hall, Lumley Castle, Matfen Hall, Ramside Hall, Seaham Hall, Slaley Hall, Whitworth Hall, Vermont Hotel, The Assembly Rooms, The Mansion House Jesmond, Wedderburn Castle.
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We have a fast, local delivery service that covers the Northampton area 7 days a week, same day order by 1pm. Students give their opinion about what the characters in the story should do about their privacy dilemmas, from posting photos to buying music online, and they receive feedback on their responses as the story unfolds. The Secret Garden is stocked with fresh flowers daily and the accent is on quality of service and product.

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