Ryan Prendergast of White Oak (right) and Angie Hamilton of Monfort Heights practice playing cornhole in White Oak Friday.
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It must be known that many West-Siders' entire pride is rooted in Cornhole, and the word itself is plastered on restaurant marquees, telephone post signs, bar advertisements and the occasional tattooed arm.
In an impromptu survey of serious West-Side Cornhole players, few could settle on the game's past or longevity in Cincinnati.

A seven-year Cincinnati resident, Schleitweiler learned about the game just this summer but plans to build his own set of boards soon. I briefly considered defending the entire East Side but decided I wanted to keep my teeth intact. A hole-in-one counts as three points, and every other beanbag that lands on the board counts as one point. But it's very important to point out that (beer) is often a Cornhole staple, partly because of the game's social atmosphere and partly because players get nervous when their non-tossing hands are empty. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to duplicate, considering my impeccable aim and newfound confidence. Scott undoubtedly practices Cornhole in the dark, standing on one leg, because he boasts a consistently accurate throwing technique: Instead of tossing the bags underhand like a slow-pitch softball, he skips them like Frisbees. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S.
Besides baseball, homestyle chili and flying pigs, this city has the World's Best Kept Secret.

This is where he shared the World's Best Kept Secret, otherwise known as the rules of Cornhole. Players can cancel opponents' point values by earning the same amount of points in a single turn.
Danielle teamed up with Boomie and I partnered with Finneytown's Michelle Van Praag and we began playing, but not before we discussed a VERY SENSITIVE SUBJECT.
When an errant toss nearly toppled Boomie's (beer), he informed us that knocking over someone's (beer) is the Cardinal Sin of Cornhole. Both vanished within 4.6 seconds when we saw that Boomie can hit a termite from 12 miles away, which explains his shower of holes-in-one and my team's ensuing 21-13 and 21-15 losses.
Jason Schimpf of Delhi later amended the statement, saying the real sin was putting down the (beer) in the first place.

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