Fans who have been following Funcom’s The Secret World MMO title know that there are three factions to choose from in the game. The Secret World is an MMO shooter that brings the use of teamwork and faction loyalty to the forefront of gameplay. These factions are the Illuminati, the Templars, and the Dragon, and they’re each fighting for control.
Funcom recently held a question session with fans during which they were accepting fan questions on the Dragon faction.
Players will need to be one with their faction and focus on unity to survive in the war-ridden cities of the world.

Introduced to tabletop gaming at a young age, he quickly picked up video games and developed a passion for all things gaming. With no fixed territory or structure, the Dragon have dissolved and reformed through out history. In a new video released by the developer, we learn more about the Dragon, and the chaos that ensues amidst their path. The developer will be answering the questions they choose sometime later, and have given us this piece of footage to look at until that time comes. Raine has been writing all his life, and finally put that skill to use when he gained the opportunity to follow his passion with GamerFront in 2010.

Only through collapse and rebuilding, the natural chaos of life, can the world be in harmony.
From whispers to an explosion, they divine that an incident here, a disappearance there, can change the course of everything; acupunture applied to a paralysed planet.

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