Princess Bloom is the show's main protagonist and is the informal leader of the Winx, as well as the princess and Guardian Fairy  of Domino and keeper of the Dragon Flame. Bloom started off as an insecure girl in the beginning of the story because of her ignorance of her true origins and her strange, yet surprisingly potent powers. Despite being far from perfect and having flaws, Bloom still has a heart of gold: She cares for all of her friends and families (both adopted and biological) deeply, and is always willing to help and fight for a good cause. Bloom is the second daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, and a sister to Daphne as well as the keeper of the Dragon Flame , which her older sister, Daphne, passed away to her upon her birth.
Bloom is on a school holidayenjoying some time in a local park in Gardenia where she met Stella, who encouages Bloom in Season 1 her to go to Alfea, the school for faries.
Shortly after, while still at Magix, Bloom spies Knut, who was working for a trio of witches known as the Trix, and had attacked her and Stella in Gardenia. Bloom's first spell Unfamiliar with the term Dragon Fire, she sought the guidance of her headmistress and was told the history of Domino. Bloom in Nick's One-Hour Special This is the first of a series of one hour specials released by Nickelodeon summarizing the first two seasons of Winx Club.
This is the second of a series of one hour specials released by Nickelodeon summarizing the first two seasons of Winx Club. A new fairy Aisha, the princess of Andros, joins the Winx Club after stumbling onto the Alfea grounds and being discovered by Bloom and the other Winx after the opening ceremony for the Winx Club's second year. When Bloom, Stella, and Aisha went and find the Pixies, they were hit by the Trix in their Gloomix but a paladin helped them by making the Trix go away. Next when the paladin, Avalon, came to Alfea school to be as a teacher, he gave her some tips about her birth parents. Bloom first meets Valtor Bloom meets Valtor, an evil wizard who aided the Ancient Witches in the destruction the planet Domino and was imprisoned in the Omega DimensionuntiltheTrix freed him. With Valtor defeated and the Magical Dimension is safe, Bloom and her friends begin their search for Bloom's parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino. Bloom joins her friends as they have a journey on Earth to protect the last fairy of Earth, Roxy. Bloom as depicted in Magical Adventure .Bloom is having a good time enjoying her new life as the princess of Domino. First Faragonda sent Bloom and others to Gardenia in order to find powerful flower called the Lilo.
She was still in Gardenia to help others to stop oil spill, but unfortunately they didnt manage to clean it all. According to Faragonda, Daphne was last fairy to gain Sirenix, so Bloom went to ask about it from her.
In The Shimmering Shells, Bloom, Aisha and Stella continues their quest in the search for the Shimmering Shells at Andros.They meet a Selkie named Lemmy who then bonds with Aisha, Bloom realizing its bonding between fairy and Selkie.
When there is only ten days left before lunar cycle is over (and Winx would lose their powers if not gaining Sirenix in that time) Sirenix book appears, giving another riddle for them. Bloom is a girl with long red hair that stops just above her knees, pale skin, and cyan eyes. Her daily outfit in the first season and early season two consists of a blue and yellow midriff shirt, blue jeans and yellow wedge sandals. In the second and third seasons, she wears a blue and white striped shirt with little pink hearts, a denim miniskirt with over-the-knee blue socks and lace up blue high-heeled boots.
In season 4, she wears a pink wrap shirt with a single heart emblem on the front, and a short blue puffy skirt with blue and pink heels.
In Season 5, Bloom wears a pink shirt with a blue bodice and blue hearts at the waist with a single strap at the top of her shoulder connected by a blue bow and a short-sleeve below her shoulder.
Later on, as she learned more about magic and herself, she grew increasingly curious about her past and whom her biological parents were. To defend the blonde fairy I unlined magic powers that I did not believe I had and from then everything started! When she was still a little baby, her Kingdom was attacked by the Ancestral Witches, Valtor, and Mandragora who ended Domino by turning it into a frozen planet. Bloom manages to get into Alfea with the aid of Stella's trickery where she meets Flora (with whom she shares a dormitory room for the next 3 seasons) along with Tecna and Musa. Tecna takes it - laughs at the 'ancient technology', to Bloom's surprise as she referred to it as the newest mobile on Earth.
The Trix attack Bloom since she had been spying on them and Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna come to her rescue. Bloom herself would not know that she had this power or that she's the last princess of Domino until the Trix later succeeded in taking it, leading to a series of journeys for Bloom to regain what she had lost. In the premiere, which summarizes the first ten or so episodes, Bloom is on summer vacation away from school. Bloom is invited to Eraklyon by Sky for the celebrations of the Thousand Years of the Kingdom of Eraklyon, where he tells her that he will make an announcement in which he will officially reveal that he is going to marry Bloom, but they get separated from each other because of the preparations for the upcoming party.
However, she doesn't seem to be too fond of her responsibilities as a princess and feels somehow "trapped".
This leaded Bloom to make an decision about inspiring people to clean up Gardenias beach through music. Daphne first didn't wanna let Bloom to search for Sirenix, because the Ancestral Witches cursed the transformation.
While Musa, Stella and Aisha travels to Melody, Bloom stays in Alfea to guide them with Tecna and Flora.

She then travels with Aisha and Tecna to the underwater castle of Zenith where she realizes that in order for them to get the Gem of Empathy they will have to work together to stop the guards. She wears a blue necklace with pearls and a light blue bracelet with a pink bow and heart coming off of it. She also wears light blue cuff wrist bands around her arms from elbow to wrist with a point down the palm and wears a small golden tiara with rounded points at the top of her head. An escapist by nature, she has a tendency to run away when things get too hard or confusing for her, and could also be impatient and stubborn, with a short temper.
I come from Gardenia, Earth, and I lived there with Vanessa, my mother, and Mike, my father. Daphne, unable to fight off the witches, sent her sister to Earth to protect her as well as the Dragon Fire, and ended up being killed by the Ancestresses, after which Oritel and Marion believed that both their daughters were dead. Stella suggests they go explore Magix and Bloom (who is being called Varanda of Vallisto for the time being) suggests they go for pizza, which she states is the national dish of Vallisto. These journeys include a trip to Domino where Daphne gives Bloom a crown showing her the history of the fall of Domino and Lake Roccaluce where Daphne's spirit resides. One day, she goes to the park and finds Stella (Fairy Of The Shining Sun) battling an ogre named Knut and his ghouls. She, along with Stella, Sky, Brandon and Knut head to Cloud Tower with Riven (who was now useless to Darcy) and confront the Trix.
Then when Avalon kidnapped Bloom, it was actually the Shadow Phoenix and also he turned her into Dark Bloom. At the party Sky moves on to make his big announcement, but b efore this Diaspro asks Sky to have a toast with her and cunningly corrupts Sky's mind by giving him a drink with a love potion and Sky makes his announcement about his one love - Princess Diaspro. But by destroying the Obsidian Dimension, they unknowingly freed the three Ancient Witches. Vanessa helps them kick start their new business, Love and Pet, which also serves as their home. Her father gives Bloom a horse named Peg, and her mother gives Bloom a riding suit so she can ride Peg. As they were cleaning up the beach, they were attacked by Tritannus mutants and Trix, which Bloom and others overpowered easily with their Believix powers. But Bloom convinced her that she can't protect her anymore, so Daphne told Bloom where Sirenix book was. After they enter, the clams (Shimmering Shells) opened their mouths and releases the pollution.
She wears a light blue ruffle skirt, with above the knee pink socks and blue wrinkled boots. Bloom was also impulsive at times, which led to some very bad experiences for both her and her friends. So many things have changed since then: I met the wicked Trix, I fought against Lord Darkar and Valtor, but above all I found out I was adopted.
On Earth, Bloom appeared in a building that her adoptive father Mike, a firefighter, was dousing. At Lake Roccaluce, Daphne reveals to Bloom that the Trix did not take the Dragon Flame from Bloom but that it was still in her and that she was unable to use her powers because she was having doubts on herself, this gives Bloom the courage and the strength to go back to Alfea and help her friends.
Aisha, Bloom and Stella in Downland and Stella go on a special mission with the help of Sky and Brandon to rescue the rest of the pixies. Bloom gets shocked and starts crying, and when the Winx ask Sky for explanations Diaspro tells Sky that the Winx are witches and that they are Valtor's servants, and Sky orders his guards to attack them and he also tries to attack the Winx, but to Aisha manages to create a wall with her Enchantix powers and saves Bloom.
When they finally find Roxy, it is easier for them to relate because both of them were originally on Earth when the news was that they were fairies. Tritannus sent Trix to attack Winx at the Magic Achieve and during the fight, Sky hit his head and lost his memory.
Her hair is pinned back almost exactly like it is in her Enchantix and has a small bang from the corner of her head with a barrette pulling her hair back. For instance, In the episode, The Secret of Brandon (Il segreto di Brandon), Bloom just assumed that Diaspro was one of the Trix, and attacked her, leading to both Brandon and Sky's true identities being revealed.
But Bloom walks out and shouts "Let her go!" Knut sends ghouls after Bloom but she shouts "Get back!" and is somehow able to create a magic energy shield that wards off the ghouls. After She and Sky went in separate directions, Bloom was able to regain her powers, save Sky and join her friends in the final battle. After the pixies were rescued, they went back to Alfea, where every Winx girl bonded with a pixie.
Later the Winx sneak into the Royal Palace of Eraklyon and Stella turns Sky back to normal by using her Fairy Dust to break the Bloom in her Enchantix dark spell that Sky was under because of Valtor's love potion. Bloom, along with the other girls, earn their Believix the moment that Roxy says that she believes in magic and fairies.
Bloom and others realized that Believix isn't enough under water and that they should ask Faragonda about a new power, which lead them to quest for Sirenix .
Bloom sees Diaspro, who laughs at Bloom that Sky wouldn't forget her if he would care about her. Her greatest strength and greatest weakness was her status as the guardian of the Dragon Flame: while the Dragon Flame made her arguably the most powerful fairy in the Winx Club universe, it also consistently drew numerous enemies to her such as the Trix.
After an attack on Musa in Magix, the girls learned that the reason for the constant fighting was that the Trix were seeking to get the power of the Dragon Flame, and after a fight in which Bloom unleashed an enormous amount of energy, they were soon convinced that Bloom had it. Bloom and Sky reconcile after she returns from Pyros, where she gained her Enchantix, and move on to save Tecna.

Bloom had to deal with another problem, dealing with her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend, Andy because Sky was jealous of her having some time with Andy. She also learned that the Ancient Witches created him from a small fragment of the Dragon Fire.
Afterwards, Bloom suggest if they could let the clams shimmer by using their Harmonix Powers. In her youth, she received a gift, her close pet rabbit Kiko and met her enemies, the snobbish and arrogant Mitzi. When Ms Faragonda arrives and then stops the Trix's monster and talks to them and then sends them to Cloud Tower, Ms Faragonda then gives the Winx their magic back. Tecna and her bonded pixie Digit think that Professor Avalon is the "Angel of Doom" in the episode Professor Avalon's Secret.
After Tecna had vanished into the Omega Portal, apparently never to be seen or heard from again, and Bloom suffered a defeat in an attempt to destroy Valtor and avenge her friend, she decided that she needed to become stronger and earn her Enchantix powers. Sky tells Bloom two days later that they can not marry each other which saddens Bloom and angers her father. After the pollution is away, Shimmering Shells grants them another riddle for their quest of Sirenix. Lastly when she went into the chamber, the Trix came and tried to know if Bloom has the power of the Dragon Flame but was not mentioned. In Pixie Village, Bloom receives the temporary power-up, Charmix, after Bloom gets her Charmix she saves her friends while they were on the Vacation Realm. The Winx Club came in time to cheer up Bloom and help her choose her prince (which her father chose). Near the end of Season 2, it was revealed that the Professor Avalon at Alfea was a fake one who was taking orders from Lord Darkar, and captures Bloom and puts her in a dark spell and turns her into Dark Bloom. Just as Stella was about to be defeated, Bloom, surprisingly, used a magical attack and turned the fight in Stella's favor, and both of them were able to defeat Knut. Lord Darkar and Dark Bloom use the Codex to open the magical portal to enter the Realm of Realix where Dark Bloom summons the Ultimate Power of Realix so that Darkar can absorb it. Then Bloom says, "You love her?" "You care about her?" and Sky says no and then says that she (Diaspro) is boring and laughs. Stella, impressed with Bloom's powers and abilities, encouraged her to attend Alfea, the three-year prestigious school for fairies which Stella had studied at, but had been expelled.
Sky tells Bloom that he loves her and Bloom's love for Sky makes her healing powers turn her from Dark Bloom back into her real self and heal everyone. Later on, the Trix attacked Pyros, and during this attack, Bloom became one with the power of the Dragon, gaining her Enchantix and was victorious in the end.
Bloom's father figures out that Sky was wearing the disguise and bans him from coming to the castle. Curious about developing her dormant magical powers and abilities and eager to find out where they came from, Bloom agrees, after convincing her parents Mike and Vanessa. While in Magix City, Bloom tells Sky she wants go to the library in Cloudtower, Sky agrees to help her get in. When Bloom was about to destroy him using the power of the Water Stars, he prevented her from doing so by telling her that Oritel and Marion were trapped within his own body. Bloom and the Winx Club then lose their powers because the Trix destroyed the positive energy. Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa are worried about Bloom how she never came back the night before. Bloom later with the help of the winx decides to face the trix, and regain her powers (which she does). The Trix, helped by Tritannus monsters are releasing more toxic pollution to ocean, so that Tritannus would grow stronger.
With the truth revealed, two episodes later, Bloom ventured into another dimension, where she faced off against Valtor and extinguished the essence of his Dragon's Flame with her Fairy Dust, sealing him away to be forever locked in the crypt of the Three Ancient Witches. The Winx then face off the Trix together and then defeating them by summoning the Great Dragon.
Bloom, like others receives Gem of Self Confidence, one of three gems they have to earn before gaining Sirenix. Mirta tells Bloom that the Trix tricked her into believing that she was a witch, which means that she is still a fairy.
When the Trix find Bloom and Mirta they begin to attack, the Winx girls arrive and free Bloom and Mirta in Icy's frozen ice prison. Bloom arrives at Red Fountain to find Sky with another girl, Princess Diaspro, but Bloom thinks it's another trick from the Trix. Bloom transforms into a fairy and fights Diaspro, Bloom finds out it wasn't a trick from the Trix, and that Diaspro is Sky's fiancee.
Bloom feels like she's made a complete fool of herself and leaves Alfea and returns home to Earth. While at home, Bloom finds the Trix threatening the lives of Mike and Vanessa, Bloom saves them. The Trix tell Bloom why they are after her saying that Daphne is her sister, and she brought her to Earth to protect her.

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