So I think that Sixam isn't the "secret world" like The Hermits house was, or the Glade or Grotto.
Because, this screenshot is too close to the Alien City (the pink buildings) as in Sixam normally it's very far away. That would be really cool!But I think its part of the new cheat to allow you to edit in the "hidden" worlds and someone built a house on Sixam. Or it could simply be how the world looks when an Alien visits Sixam instead of a normal Sim?

We've been told that Sixam looks different depending on if you visit with a Sim or an Alien. That would make the whole experience a whole lot more interesting XD.I just read that Sixam looks different when you visit with an alien,so maybe its that?
Maybe there is a secret area on sixam or, maybe, even a whole neighborhood for aliens that they didn't talk about! It's definately closer because the sun is brighter, all I know is, I think a guru confirmed the editing lots cheat will work on all secret lots, including the alien world.

Remember a guru said on the ask a simguru that he knew the community wanted some more lots to build and they had something for us in that regard?

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