Delve into a world of exploration and intrigue as you embark on a Stone Age quest filled with puzzles and mystery. Written by a French team, this adventure puts us back in the Stone age in Europe, in a real location.
Like all of Coladia's games, this one has very appealing graphics and fascinating places to explore.
Welcome to a world of danger and suspense in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus, a thrilling hidden-object adventure. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes players to conflicts across the globe as elite Black Ops forces fight in the deniable operations and secret wars that occurred under the veil of the Cold War. The hallmark intensity of Call of Duty returns with an impressive single-player campaign that takes players deep behind enemy lines as an elite Black Ops soldier engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe.ZOMBIES! Use your wits and powers of observation to survive the vast wilderness as your journey leads you to one of mankinda€™s forgotten wonders.

The story is original, the challenges require a moderate effort and the locations are very beautoful and detailed, making the interaction absolutely realistic. Featuring an epic single-player campaign, an incredibly deep multiplayer experience and expanded co-op gameplay, Call of Duty: Black Ops runs on the improved World at War engine and offers amazing enhanced graphics, streaming texture technology, and superior lighting effects.Bonus ContentThe included First Strike DLC gives you 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe, including 4 new multiplayer maps and a chilling new Zombie experience, all at no extra charge!
Graphics are not much better than those of MW1 but damn, this game needs some monster-machines.
Not in the same league as Return to Mysterious Island - the gold standard for the few games I have played - but diverting. I have to put the settings on minimum to keep it playable, while MW1 runs without problems on medium settings (therefore looks better).A little gameplay-change is the heavily reduced recoil. Contend with the wild world where fishing, hunting, gathering, and mysterious shaman ceremonies are all part of the struggle for survival as you follow the path of your mentor and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave.
One by one, your former classmates get killeda€”all the murders mirroring tragic Greek myths.

There are some decent things - well certainly as decent as many other Adventure H0Gs we've played.
Discover clues, locate missing objects, and solve dangerously perplexing puzzles to avoid being next on the mysterious killer's list!
We sure thought about recoil and and we love recoil-GFX, but it shouldn't really impact gameplay." I got no problem with this, it just changes the feeling of the game a bit from "spray'n'pray" to "spray'n'hit-everything-instantly".

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