We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. It’s hard to argue that the late Truman Capote’s most famous work, In Cold Blood, his non-fiction novel about the vicious 1959 murders of a farming family in Kansas by two drifters, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, was not comprehensive. As terrifying as these maniacs might sound, they still don’t make the cut for the world’s worst. A worshiper of the goddess of death, Kali, the thugs looked at the killing of innocents as their religious duty.
Fearing their lives, traders from Delhi, Jabalpur and Gwalior would avoid taking the routes taken by Behram and his thugs. In the early 1800s, businessmen, tourists, soldiers, even an entire caravan would mysteriously vanish into thin air.
Nearly ten years after Sleeman arrested Behram, the police came to know that the thugs would travel disguised as traders. Charles Sobhraj, AKA ‘The Bikini Killer’ who would charm beautiful young women only to later kill them?

He is known to have murdered around 931 people by that time, although he only admitted to killing around 125 people and being an accomplice to around 150 more. Some in the community have held on to suspicions that the Kansas men may have been responsible. One of the most prolific in the history of mankind, he was responsible for murders of an estimated 931 people! They would indicate an oncoming convoy to their gang members by imitating the cry of a jackal. Only now, however, is the DNA technology available to make it worth digging up their bodies to see if they can at last prove it.The analysis work, officials warn, may take several weeks. Charles Manson, who managed a number of followers who were willing to support and kill for him? Captain Sleeman’s investigation revealed that Behram and his army of 200 were carrying out these attacks. His medallion, known to have been used in at least 65 killings, is still preserved in a private museum today.

First forensic scientists must attempt to extract DNA from the marrow of the bones retrieved on Tuesday and thereafter they will attempt to match it to semen found on the clothes of Mrs Walker who was raped before she was shot to death.If a match is found, closure will finally be available to the survivors of the Walkers in Florida.
Or Ted Bundy, who would sexually assault, kill and decapitate his victims before keeping their severed heads in his apartment as trophies? The medallion would be used to put pressure on the victim’s Adam’s apple, suffocating them to death in no time. They laid a number of traps on the Delhi-Jabalpur route to catch Behram and the other thugs. The sequel to Capote’s book would doubtless be written by someone, and Hollywood would be poised to pounce.“We can get more decayed samples, and still get matches,” said Kyle Smith, deputy director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigations who oversaw the exhumation.

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