The Secret World, Funcom’s long-in-development MMO will be co-published by both Electronic Arts and Funcom, the company announced in a new deal. The Secret World mixes modern-day and dark fantasy elements of demons, vampires, swords and sorcery with social networking and alternate-reality elements and modern trappings (from guns to bars to clubs and cars) for a unique experience. The game has been in development for years but is finally edging closer towards the end of production, although it may still slip into 2012. Here is an in-depth look at The Secret World with lots of gameplay footage and developer comments. Urban environments – Throw yourself into the bustling urban environments of New York, London and Seoul. Real-world locations – Discover real-world locations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Hundreds of powers – Wield fiery katanas, gold-plated pistols, and deadly automatic rifles. Action-packed combat – Lose yourself in the most intense real-time action-packed combat system ever.
Next-generation graphics – Featuring the latest in cutting-edge graphics technology, explore beautifully realized real-world locations that will truly set the standard for next-generation massively multiplayer online games. About the authorBy Josh Romero: He is a lover of videogames, as well as metal music, Gilmore Girls, chatting, social networking, Phoenix Suns, reading, writing and many other nerdy things. Marvel Heroes is st to launch on June 4th but will be entering open beta this weekend (May 3rd). Darkfall: Unholy Wars the relaunch of the orignal Darkfall and is probably the best sandbox MMORPG on a medieval setting.
Originally named in Korea as Queens Blade, Scarlet Blade is a controversial title because of it’s M+ rating and light dressed female only characters. Brought byt Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic studios Neverwinter is probably the best free-to-play MMORPG for 2013. Originally started as a subscription game DC Universe is now on of the Goliaths of the Free-to-Play MMO market.

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It is being developed by the creators of Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, and they promise it will take the MMO into new directions, with a game that completely lacks levels (thus avoiding level-grinding and becoming more accessible) while focusing instead on developing player skills; while being set in a completely modern-day world.
In addition to the PC, the development team is also considering an Xbox 360 release for the title.
From New England to Egypt, explore vast lands full of detail and story as you unravel the myths, legends and conspiracies of the world through a unique, story-driven gameplay experience. Truly freeform character customization allows you to create the alter-ego you want to play, and gameplay that goes beyond the usually rigid MMO structure allows you to play the game the way you want to play it. Aim, strafe, shoot – movement is key as bullets fly past you and explosions threatens to tear you apart. Work your way to the top, earn titles and rewards, and play a key role in the battle for world domination.
It’s either the lack of feedback and information on new games, over-hype on some others and time dedication needed in order to check them out yourselves as well.
It’s a diablo style MMORPG where you play as you favorite super hero from the Marvel Universe. It has improved graphics and sound over the original and a simplified skill system making it more approachable by new players. Developed and published by one of the best MMO companies, Trion Worlds, a  fresh game that separates its self from the usual WoW clone MMORPGs. A beautifully created Dungeons & Dragons world with  Fast-paced combat and unending endgame are the strong selling points of this game. Character creation is one of the best of the genre  you could literary spend hours trying to create your unique character.
Developed by Runewalker entertainment it started as a f2p copy of WoW but as time passed it turned into a solid and unique game.

Stop by the local nightclub to socialize with your friends before heading out into the darkness that is slowly encroaching on the city streets.
Swords or firearms, magic and melee, each offering a similarly intense, reactive combat experience. All cabals are ranked against each other, and a cabal’s success will bring fame, fortune and power to its members.
Developed on Unreal Engine 3 it features beautiful 3d graphics, destructible terrain and frantic combat against hundreds of villains. If you enjoy hardcore full-loot massive PvP sandbox games then you have to play Darkfall: Unholy Wars.
It’s set on the world of the SyFy TV Series Defiance and features fast-paced action combat, top-notch graphics and really enjoyable and fresh game-play.
The game is entering open-beta (soft release) today (April 30th) and is one game that every MMO player should check out.
It features a great action packed combat system and a beautifully created world recognizable to all DC Comics fans.
It features fantastic character customization, a unique multi-class system, player housing,  fun end-game raiding and many different PvP options.
You just buy it once and never pay again as it uses the B2P business model, just like Guildwars. Fight to control anima, a priceless resource deep within the bowels of our world that will bring unprecedented power to whichever cabal that collects it.

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