Beatdown: A Hammer attack which hits one target, knocking it down and Impairing it for a few seconds. Touchdown: A Hammer ability which makes you leap fifteen meters through the air and hit several targets around the spot where you land. Punisher: All your Strike attacks cause the target hit to become Weakened with an effect which causes it to do less damage for several seconds.
Invasive Measures: Whenever you hit a Weakened target you have a chance to Build a Resource for your primary weapon. Close Quarters: Whenever you hit a target which is within three meters of you, that target becomes Hindered and has its movement speed significantly reduced for several seconds. I am trying to decide if I should bother following the grouch any more? I am considering doing it just to piss her off? when someone shoves me out of the way rather rudely.

Well it seems there is a bit of a mystery, and I guess I have to track Ratchet down after all. Well now I look like Ratchet, but I figure the asshole in question might also notice if a fire valkyrie comes flying in. In the landing bay I find I am surrounded by numerous strange creatures that look like fish wearing suits of armor. While Dana's struggles haven't attracted any of the local inhabitants to help her they have attracted the owner of the web. Ok, well I figure I will be waking up soon so I open a portal leading back to Dana's home world. However the Puritan lacks defenses, so each battle will be like a damage race when fighting alone.

If the target hit is still within five meters of you after a few seconds, you deal an extra hit for extra damage, and receive the Minor Ward effect, which reduces all damage done to you for several seconds. The Puritan also is also able to Impair, Hinder and Weaken her foes, and quickly close the gap if someone tries to flee from her furious onslaught of attacks.
The Deck is very useful in dungeons when pitted against powerful bosses, or in player-versus-player skirmishes where taking down opponents quickly can be the key to success.

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