I, am Dash, part wolf part human and blue fur,and these are my friends: Jazzberry,a pink haired half frog half human,she can jump so high I saw her jump to the top of Mt.Diamond! Sonic 1 Summary: Tails and Sonic have to go with Amy to the mall,Amy really just wants Sonic and Tails to carry her stuff around the mall,Sonic knew that.But will one of Eggman?s robots poison Sonic to steal the chaos emeralds? His Property • The Joker Summary: It was another side of him I never wished to see, but I just had to experience it. Crimson- Kyra?s Rage Summary: Scarlett Blanc and Felix Monte are both mortal enemies, but they have to work together to survive.

Crimson- The Subtle Knife Summary: SECOND VOLUME- Scarlett is wounded beyond belief, but still insists on taking part on the capture of Kyra Kendreson. Fireflies Summary: Mackenzie Ravenglass is a dark girl, forced to keep in her room by a grim asylum, never seeing the outside world in a dystopian future When one day, she sees a firefly, and she sees new light. Falling to Pieces Summary: When Echo attempts to commit suicide, it only takes one person to change her. The highest mountain on Planet Animal,where everyone was either half animal or half plant,everyone had a element like lightning or highjumping like jazzberry had.

Add anything, or, you can just ask me to make an interview with you, which I would would be glad to do!
He hates almost everyone nice in Animal,especially me because a long time ago something just happened,People with the same magic as me,superspeed,just took down the entire dark kingdom.

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