Since this section is dedicated to the life stories, I can’t resist to contribute with one of my own experience.
By now I have no clue whether it had happened that way but I found the solution and it was successfully implemented.
Yet before Siegrids operation I used to ask my self: didn’t I take to much responsibility on my shoulders - because it was me who started it and the strongest doubts came at the day of the operation. Triple world champion of F1, Austrian Niki Lauda got married in secret his longtime girlfriend Birgit Wetzinger.
Naturally,  whyle the appointments people use to talk about everything and sometimes also about their problems. Siegrid had a good luck that she didn’t have to wait for a suitable cornea donor and could be operated on immediately. However I’ll never forget the feeling while driving back from Bratislava to Wien Siegrid said she could see a lot better and was full of joy to have passed the operation and also that it was successful. Author: Isifa Former stewardess from his airline, who is 30 years younger than him sacrificed for her love of life already three years ago. During one of the meetings I succeed to „get our of her " what bothers her - as I'm a rather sensible person and I could see there’s something wrong with this woman.

Studeny, who provides the cornea transplantation per a lamellar keratoplasty, so only the damaged part of the cornea is transplanted in a local anaesthesia. How great it was if also the dialysis patients, long years waiting for a suitable kidney donor, could be operated in such a simply way.
And right this kind of feelings in life is worth to take a risk a fight for the right thing. After this personal experience I got even more convinced of the necessity to legalize the sale of the organs, according clearly defined rules and control systems. This was something completely new for Siegrid and also for me and I explained her there is an another solution than just waiting for the loss of the vision.
Her doctor just told her that when her vision gets on the edge of blindness her cornea will be transplanted completely, what is a quite difficult operation with an uncertain effect. The physicians lately detected a pyelonephritis already eleven years ago and they had to transplant it. Right at that evening I sat at the computer and searched other possible solutions of this problem in internet.
His answer came almost immediately and we agreed the date of a personal meeting in Bratislava, in the ophtalmic clinic CMO.

The donated brother’s kidney stopped functioning in the year 2005 and they looked for another suitable donor.
Studeny examined Siegrid, explain the possibilities and risks and then we agreed the date of the operation.
Currently Siegrid is after the surgery and her vision and quality of life is incomperably better. The former Austrian F1 pilot who almost burnt after a serious accident in Nurburgring in 1976 and since then he has had tracks of awful burns on his face, got married for the second time. It is pretended that Lauda has also one extramarital son Christoph but he refuses to speak about his private life.
He commented very briefly also his second wedding which took only 7 minutes and there were only the closest friends and relatives: “Yes, we got married.

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