Alex Jones debates David Duke and history is made.  Who now can doubt that Alex Jones is a shill of Jewish political power, the most popular conspiracy talk show host can’t even mention the name of the real conspirators.
Ryan Dawson details the bullshit spewing out of the Jonestein Studio, pay close attention to the diffusing memes thrown in your face like “the true group that is intermingling”, “masonic secret societies”, etc. This is classic Jones subterfuge, never saying it’s Jews even when talking about Jews, it’s always something more hidden, some nefarious secretive group in a shadowy background that can’t be pinned.
At one point in the interview Alex says “All I hear out of people is Jew, Jew, Jews”  mocking David Duke and his callers who call him on the carpet for his obvious oversight about Jewish power. Not telling the truth at this point in history is going to get a lot of people killed.  Alex Jones is helping create the massacre of the American people, he isn’t telling you who is organized against the America and is taking her down, he is obfuscating the true conspirators which gives them cover to implement their deadly plans of destroying America and liberty.

This isn’t a slight oversight, Alex Jones is brilliant, he knows exactly who runs the show, and what he is doing is criminal. Jew Shabatti Tzvi created a satanic cult based around subverting and decimating the Torah and lifting and adapting the kabbalah accordingly.
A pupil, Jacob Frank, took Sabbateanism to a new level and promoted and relished in sex magick. This target is to meet our server cost for one year, June 2015 - May 2016.$ 340 - Target( ? 230 GBP ) $ 136 - Raised( ? 92 GBP ) 40%Updated9th April 2016 No one is obliged to donate, please only donate what you can afford. 1508 2 Vent 2 Furious 1360 Satanism in the Vatican 1306 Sanctum Zone 1245 Why are some people Gay?

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