Over 200 Inspiring Quotes from Eric Thomas and The Secrets to Success, Blueprint to Success Mixtape, TGIM and more! Yup, you read that right – officially have over 200 inspiring quotes from Eric Thomas here at ET Quotes.
I’ve collected these quotes from The Secrets to Success book, The Blueprint to Success Motivational Mixtape, TGIM and more videos!
Here are some of my favorite quotes from each source – what’s your favorite quote or message from ET? Listen to me, even when you lose, it’s OK to lose, but you can never get comfortable with it. I still have a lot more inspiring and motivating quotes from The Secrets to Success, The Blueprint to Success Motivational Mixtape, TGIM and other motivating videos from ET, that haven’t been added here yet, but will be added very soon.

Get daily motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspiring and motivating people!
Get daily motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspiring and motivating minds!
Very powerful words from motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, as he speaks as to young college students at Michigan State University about having a desire for success.
Click here for a copy of his book, The Secret to Success: When You Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe. A Super Bowl Champions wallpaper commemorating Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens win over the San Francisco 49ers become Super Bowl XLVII champions. In one of the NBA’s most memorable moments, Michael Jordan takes the ball at the top of the key, moving past Byron Scott with the ball in his right hand, taking off for the basket intending to dunk.

Eric Thomas (aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher) shares The Secrets to Success in a passionate and energetic speech to students at Michigan State University. My name is Parin and I started ETQuotes to inspire and motivate you to live your GREATest life by sharing with you, the powerful messages from author and motivational speaker Eric Thomas, aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher. The Lakers’ Sam Perkins came over to try to contest the shot, but Jordan switched the ball into his left hand while in midair and gently flipped it in off the glass. Uses an element of nature that is perceived as negative, destructive to its own advantage- Thus taking its opportunity to be great.

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