At a time when colouring books are all the rage again, we have for you Devdutt Pattanaik's stunning illustrations in the form of two colouring books: The Jaya Colouring Book and The Sita Colouring Book. Delighted to have signed on a gorgeous book on the Paithani sari's of Maharashtra: My Grandmother's Almira by Ashwini Devare and Sarita Sriram.
Sold the rights for Poonam Saxena's The Greatest Hindi Stories Ever Told to Aleph Book Company.
Ashok Ferrey's latest book The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons is coming soon with Penguin Random House India. The seventh edition of the Mountain Echoes literary festival is being held from August 25-28, 2016 in Thimphu, Bhutan. This premium print is specially prepared and printed by Senecio, using the most modern technology, and fine art canvas.
The exceptional quality printing process provides for vivid colour reproduction and at high resolution. The canvas is packed flat (rolled for overseas), ready for immediate framing in a style to suit your decor and preferences. There was very little bloodletting at ABC this season, as the network renewed the vast majority of its existing series.
John Ridley’s American Crime never found a wide audience, but it has been very well received by critics and is expected to get awards attention in the coming months.
After dramatic negotiations between Lionsgate TV and ABC that went down to the wire last May, a very routine fourth-season renewal of country series Nashville.

As expected, the entire ABC Wednesday comedy block will be back, including The Goldbergs, The Middle and Modern Family, as well as Once Upon A Time and reality staples Dancing With The Stars, Shark Tank and The Bachelor.
American Crime is a great show for when you’ve been feeling good and want a reason to be depressed. Its an anthology series, much like American Horror Story (albeit with very different subject matter obviously). American Crime totally deserved the renewal, it’s an incredibly thought provoking, cerebral show. Overall the main disappointment will be for Forever fans as that show should be on the air for a second season. For ABC to renew almost everything – I think this really deserves a nod to the network for doing what is almost never done these days and OVERALL standing by your shows and letting them go another round.
Kudos ABC – this is both surprising and very welcomed production management overall.
If you bothered to look you would see many are ABC owned or Co-Owned shows, which means more money in syndication, for Disney. Or nurturing shows that are well made but might need more than a season to develop an audience. The only freshman I really cared about was Forever, and all the other renewals don’t make up for seeing it cancelled. Agent Carter and Galavant have growth potential once people discover them in the off season.

Explore the greatest epics from Hindu mythology with this very fascinating colouring journey. This printing process, which is used by many top artists and London galleries, allows me to provide you with signed, limited edition prints of my paintings, in small numbers, in 3 different sizes. You would like to think that maybe Amazon, Hulu, Yahoo or Netflix might snap it up, but there are just SO many shows now it’s a hard ask. And Galavant must surely join American Crime as an out of left field renewal – another very very classy show that is a real risk with limited audience, yet such true production class that it deserved the renewal but was seen as surely NOT going to get it. Bestselling author Jaishree Misra’s latest novel Secrets and Lies, is the story of Anita, Zeba, Bubbles and Sam. Ditto for Dan Fogelman’s fairytale comedy Galavant, which likely will get nominations for its music.
The acting is in a class with The Wire, and even if the story line doesn’t quite have the same impact, it is very much in a similar class in terms of breaking molds and storyline style where it is one continuous story with consequences for all as it unfolds.
From their time together at a private girls’ school in Delhi in the early 90s to when they meet again at a school reunion, this is the tale of four friends whose lives go in four different directions and then come together again to uncover a deep, startling secret.

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