Most of the hotels along the Corridor have nightly music of some kind—though some of it can be pretty cheesy. All the major resorts have at least one bar or lounge for evening entertainment; a few offer unique touches. Also available at Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a Men in White evening, for those looking for an especially romantic culinary experience. Every Thursday and Friday evening, Las Ventanas al Paraiso also prepares an exclusive Taste of Baja dinner. Esperanza Resort also hosts a weekly Fish Market at La Palapa on Friday, where guests can select a catch of the day fresh from local waters and have it prepared by the resort chef into a traditional British fish and chips meal or a la talla (Mexican style). On Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays from sunset to midnight, Esperanza resort hosts its Barefoot Bar on the Beach at La Palapa, featuring food, margaritas, music, and beer buckets. The Secrets Marquis, Westin, Dreams, and Esperanza resorts host musicians and vocalists from time to time.

The first annual Baja Film Festival took place in November 2012, and the first Ironman Los Cabos triathlon brought elite athletes to town in March 2013. The master tequilero provides information about the historical origins of the tequilas and how each is created. With the guidance of executive chef Fabrice Guisset, you will prepare a gourmet meal for your significant other, to be served in the resort’s Herb Garden kitchen, while dressed in chef’s “whites.” Dinner will be served by a private waiter at a candlelit table. She lives most of the year in northern California and spends summers in the Hudson Valley and Adirondack Park. A few of the Corridor resorts host cooking classes and other events that draw in the foodie crowd. If you prefer wine to tequila, consider Esperanza’s Mexican Wine Journey through the wine region of Northern Baja.
Cooking classes provide the opportunity to join executive chef Gonzalo Cerda in the kitchen for interactive sessions filled with tips and techniques of the trade.

If you are already confident in your skills, you can compete in an Iron Chef-type program, challenging executive chef Fabrice Guisset by preparing a dish of your own in the Herb Garden demo kitchen.
Available at the Sea Grill from 6:30pm, the barbecue includes a starter, seafood course, meat course, and dessert. Visitors can also browse the outdoor marketplace selling souvenirs, jewelry, and crafts from local vendors.
Each class begins with a tour of the garden and ends with a meal paired with a Mexican wine or tequila.

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