Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily while others are destined for a life of financial struggle?
In this incredible audio program - which combines live seminar recordings and exclusive in-studio material you won't find anywhere else - Harv will show you how to quickly and completely recondition your mind so that money and financial opportunity flow to you effortlessly. Listen to the incredible national best seller that is changing people's lives - and increasing their net worth. Think and Grow Rich is the number-one inspirational and motivational classic for individuals who are interested in furthering their lives and reaching their goals by learning from important figures in history. From the bestselling author of "Secrets of The Millionaire Mind "When it comes to creating, growing and keeping wealth, the millionaire mind thinks and acts very differently than the ordinary mind which is why people who possess it are able to thrive, prosper and profit, even in the toughest economic times. Buy Secrets of the Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times book by T Harv Eker from Australia's Online Bookstore, Boomerang Books. For the first time, the secrets, principles, and techniques of Eker's popular personal success seminars are captured on the page for readers across North America. Things always come up that take you away from what you need to do to build your business. Fact is, there are only a handful of "have's" compared to a vast ocean of "have-not's" in the unforgiving world of network marketing.
For every person who has made a successful living at this business, there are hundreds more who struggling for answers.
But yet, there is a part of you that believes that there must be a hidden secret that you haven't quite discovered yet. It's like a splinter in your brain gnawing at you day in and day out, an itch you can't scratch. Quality #7 – They are confident leaders—you may be a good follower but are you, or can you become, an inspirational leader to your own downline? Now I'm not going to insult your intelligence by assuming that any of this is new information to you. There's still a big missing piece, a key that opens a hidden door that will lead you to the network marketing promised land. The key is that you must, absolutely must, have the ability to download the network marketing success mindset and these exact millionaire habits into your brain!
Now I am not psychic, but I can tell you what will happen if you don't change your mindset. But in order to become super wealthy and successful, it is time to leave behind some of the old thinking and behavior patterns you were taught. The only reason there are not more millionaires in this world is because the majority of people haven't mastered the mindset and traits of the super-successful.
So even though you KNOW how you're supposed to think and behave in order to be a top producer, why is it that you still find yourself struggling with some of these issues? It goes back to the old rules from childhood and how we were disciplined for breaking the rules. When we broke a rule, we were told we were "bad" and felt guilty for disappointing our parents. When we were small children it was important to follow many of our parents' rules because it kept us safe. Of course, it feels uncomfortable to change your way of thinking and behaving, even if it is in your best interest. So whenever you step beyond the old counterproductive rules of our past, it can feel uncomfortable, almost nauseating! The way we were disciplined for going against the rules as a child had an intense, negative emotional component.
This is the reason, that when as adults we step outside the box, the emotional memories of the enforcement of the rules cause us to feel bad again.
Without changing your mindset about money and your habits, your possibility of achieving the promise offered by your business is slim. However, even though he knows this consciously, whenever he hears a dog barking or sees a dog running towards him, he feels intense fear. The challenge is you have to give up thinking and acting like a child when it comes to your MLM business because you absolutely do "know better" now!
Think about it, when an adult tries to learn a second language, it is generally much more difficult to learn.
You probably already know that your mind has two major parts to it, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, right? Now that we have had an experience of it, I want to talk about how the conscious and unconscious minds work.
But you know after a while you got so good at it that now you can be listening to music and daydreaming and you don't have to constantly think with you conscious mind about everything that you are doing - you just do things automatically. Once a habit is formed in the unconscious brain, it is very hard to change it with your conscious mind, or willpower. Now with the driving habit, there are many mechanisms built in to make sure that you drive safely even if you aren't fully paying attention to the road.
For example, let's say you are daydreaming about what you will do later that day and suddenly the car in front of you slams on their breaks.
Now let's illustrate how hard it is to break habits once they are stored like that in the unconscious mind. But as soon as something caught your eye out the window or you started up an interesting conversation, and then a car in front of you suddenly slammed on its breaks, you better believe, your foot would hit the carpet again!
Unfortunately, the unconscious mind never forgets and will continue to respond in the best way it knows how until the programming is changed. The unconscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is hidden deep down below the surface.

Now here is the point, when you were young, imagine that the iceberg was more like fresh snow.
For your first six years of life, your parents, teachers, and the environment were able to shape and mold your brain.
Now imagine that as you grew up even more, the snow gradually got harder and harder, so finally it turned to ice.
So here you are with all these forks, shovels, hammers, axes and hand saws just gathering dust on your shelves because they don't work like you thought they would.
Do you want to spend all your time scratching away at the surface to try to get some of it to sink in or do you have better things to do with your time?
The key is to have a fast and easy, effective method succeeding in completing this positive reprogramming.
I have looked over the shoulders of over 50 self-made millionaires and have sifted through the jealously guarded, highly classified, "we'd-tell-you-but-we'd-have-to-kill-you" strategies of over 30 top-producing Network Marketers. I've combined this knowledge and applied the Dawson Method specifically to the MLM industry.
As for me, I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters degree in clinical social work, or MSW for short. For the past 20 years I have been extensively studying advanced mind techniques, such as hypnotherapy, NLP, and brain wave technology. I've spent thousands of hours studying how the brain works and how to help people to improve their lives. The Dawson Method is like downloading the success mindset of the "best of the best" right into your own brain! Remember the scenes in The Matrix where they could learn Kung Fu, or how to operate an attack helicopter, in just a few seconds just by downloading the information into their brain? When you simply use techniques like goals, affirmations and visualizations to attempt to improve your mindset you are attempting to input new information via your conscious mind, your willpower. When you consciously read your goals or affirmations you are inputting that information into your conscious mind. But chances are, you will get caught up in your life and get distracted with other things that need your attention, and soon you find yourself preoccupied with many other things that have nothing to do with recruiting new people into your MLM business.
Just saying an affirmation over and over will not allow you to shovel deep enough to reach that unconscious mind to make any lasting changes! If only you had a better tool besides a shovel to get positive programming into the unconscious mind, then the sky would be the limit! Then you could easily install the positive mental programs right into your unconscious mind and upgrade your mindset to that of a top MLM producer.
The reason why The Dawson Method is so powerful for changing unconscious habits and behaviors is because you don't have to consciously try over and over again to think a certain way, to feel a certain way, or behave a certain way. The Dawson Method actually downloads the success habits into your brain quickly and easily. After listening to my audios, you will simply find yourself thinking and acting in positive goal-directed ways. The Dawson Method is very natural, but it does have many elements from psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and new brain wave technology. These audios are designed to simply put your mind and body into a comfortable state of relaxation.
You'll simply find a place where you can relax without being disturbed and close your eyes. Yes I'm positive, in fact you will have complete control and can at any time stop the audio to attend to something else if need be.
Your brain will not allow any suggestions to go into your mind, or be removed from your mind, unless you WANT that to happen. So with The Dawson Method, the unconscious filter in your brain will only let in what is good for you and take out what is not good for you. The Dawson Method, quite simply, will take you from Point A to Point B faster and easier than any other network marketing success tool in history. I know that you may have been disappointed because your MLM business did not turn out to be as easy as you were led to believe. By listening to this audio, you will get crystal clear about what goals you really want to achieve in your life. I was looking for an extra boost in my business, so I started using The Dawson Method audios. My favorite Dawson Method audios are the ones on goal setting, time management and wealth mindset.
After listening for a few days I almost instantly noticed a significantly higher productivity in my daily business operations (I own and manage three different companies).
I've listened to a lot of programs over the years, but yours stands out as the most soothing, most effective I've used. Harv Eker states: "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" Eker does this by identifying your "money and success blueprint". Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, work habits, contacts, luck, or choice of jobs, businesses, or investments?
Harv Eker states: "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" Eker does this by identifying your Money Blueprint. The text read in this audiobook is the original 1937 edition written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie - and while it has often been reproduced, no updated version has ever been able to compete with the original. Eker teaches people how to play the inner game of money so that they not only achieve financial success, but keep it once they have it.
You can use your Boomerang Bucks as a credit towards a future purchase from Boomerang Books.

If your parents were self-made millionaires AND they taught you how to make your own millions, then all you need to do is apply the lessons they gave you. If we were "good" we won the approval of the adults in our life, and were sometimes rewarded. Without being aware of your discomfort, you find yourself getting distracted, procrastinating, or doing any number of behaviors that simply get you "off track". They are just leftover old feelings or coping skills from years and years ago - having nothing to do with your current situation. We could compare the conscious mind to the tip of an iceberg, with just a small point poking above the surface of the water.
That's because in the moment when there might be danger, your brain is not stopping to take the time to figure out whether you're driving or you're a passenger, its going to have your foot "hit the break" just in case in order to keep you safe. Let's say that you want to change that habit of hitting your foot on the carpet when you are a passenger.
But shovels don't work very well on ice so it could take years and years of shoveling 24-7 to even reach the iceberg below!
It combines the best methods that have been proven to work in creating lasting changes in the brain.
Now that I have a clear picture of the success mindset and habits of the self-made millionaires, I have recorded advanced mind technology audios that allow you to simply download these imprints into your own mind. That's because they only are chipping away at the surface, the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
It will no longer be a struggle to "try" to think and act more productively; it will become automatic, because The Dawson Method communicates directly with the unconscious mind – the place where all habits are kept.
This will turn you into a MLM recruiting machine to build a million dollar network marketing business faster than you ever thought possible! I did NOT get this information from a meeting on a mountaintop with a wise old magic wizard.
If you like guided visualization or hypnosis, The Dawson Method is even better and more powerful. When you are in this brain wave state of relaxation, your mind "opens" (just like it used to be open when you were a child). Some people worry that I will be able to put things in their mind that they don't want or take things out of their mind that they want to keep. The point I am making is that your brain hears ANYTHING that you disagree with, it will be filtered out by the deeper structures of your unconscious mind – your ethics, morals, values, and beliefs. This happens automatically, so you can just relax comfortably knowing that only the positive suggestions are being imprinted into your mind. Some people worry that The Dawson Method won't work for them because they have difficulty relaxing due to ADD or certain medications.
Some people worry about this because they've tried hypnosis or other self-improvement audio programs that didn't work very well. After a few days, you'll find that you simply begin to have the successful mindset and habits that you've always wanted. You'll release the old beliefs you have about money and install a new "Millionaire Mindset." Imagine becoming rich and living in the lap of luxury! Your mind will then keep you focused like a laser beam, helping you to stay on track to achieve your goals.
You'll feel so enthusiastic and excited about working on your business that you'll have more fun making money than you ever thought you could!
We all have a personal money blueprint engrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. Harv Eker has shown hundreds of thousands of people how to install the "Millionaire Mind blueprint" into the deepest levels of their consciousness right there on the spot with phenomenal results! It combines the very best proven techniques of psychology, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and sound wave technology into one easy program. But if you're not into that kind of thing, you will love The Dawson Method because it's different. It is a very familiar feeling; in fact, we all go in and out of similar states of relaxation throughout the day. You still want more than anything to get out of the rat race and create a better lifestyle for yourself and those you care about.
If your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money, and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate, and the world of finance.
So the brain sets up some programming that whenever that person sees or hears a dog, he feels fear and has an urge to run away.
The other 90% below the surface is like the unconscious mind, which is operating independently, with little or no awareness that this is happening.
So you will not feel like you are in any altered state, you will just feel calm and relaxed.
Harv Eker will show you how to quickly and completely recondition your mind so that money and financial opportunity flow to you effortlessly. Once you do, you ll be able to: Manage your money more simply and efficiently than ever before.

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