As the largest gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival on Cape York Peninsula is an exciting biennial event, about passing on cultural traditions across generations. And this doesna€™t even consider the increased enjoyment you will get from being able to dance better. In the time that I have been learning dance I have researched many methods to improve the way people learn to dance. You have a dance teacher and many books and websites that tell you how to waltz, tango, salsa and such.

Nevertheless, like I said, youa€™re a friend of a friend so I am giving you a much better deal. You get part 1 and part 2 for less than other people pay for part 2 and there is no email list to sign up to.
However, just because someone tells you what youa€™re meant to do, it doesna€™t mean that you can do it. So finding and documenting techniques that help you learn dance faster and better is naturally interesting to me, and thata€™s what I do.

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