Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering your soul in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. When these connections are strong, it can help you feel safer and more in touch with the earth and Mother Nature.
If you experience a lot of fear and anxiety in your day-to-day, it is possible that you have become ungrounded. Another method some people prefer is to become grounded by listening to a guided meditation with specific intent. You can stand or sit under a large tree and visualize your energy merging with the tree roots. As a vegetarian, it has been important for me to eat pizza and pasta every now and then to help with grounding.
When you are grounded, and feeling centered, you are less likely to be influenced by negative forces. Interestingly, drugs and alcohol un-ground a person and you are more likely to be targeted by astral entities while under the influence. As you can see, there are many ways to ground yourself, become more soul-centered and connected to Mother Earth. I hope this information has been informative and useful if you need assistance with grounding. Brad Austen is an intuitive meditation teacher who has trained extensively in Psychic Development and Mediumship. For more information please click Brad Austen, or visit his personal Guided Meditation website.
I know it is something that needs to be repeated and practiced but I would be interested to have your perspective on my first attempt. Hi Nigel, I have been using this meditation every morning for many months and suddenly the other day I realised that it wasn’t just for grounding but for a way to re-connect to my actual self as I was before life experiences changed me.
This is one of the most beautiful meditations I have experienced so far in my exploration of guided meditations. Hi Nichole, you may like to work with the breath which helps to bring you into the present.
Imagine and feel roots coming out of the soles of your feet and connecting with the roots of the tree and traveling deep into Mother Earth. This is more common than you would believe, particularly for those on a spiritual path that are holding more of their soul and higher vibration. He brings this spiritual wisdom to his guided meditations, creating a unique experience for the listener. Thus I came here to your grounding meditation where I found it most refreshing, leaving me feeling filled with light, life, & goodness. As a highly sensitive person I do work on myself a little through EFT, affirmations and protective light (which actually evolved from my EFT sessions on it’s own, imaging a white light).

When I was imagining the energy of Mother Earth and taking that energy into me, I started to cry. I am really at the beginning of my spiritual journey and have just made contact with my spirit guide. Our guides are here to support us, so if they are making you laugh they must be doing their job!
In other words it was like being re-attached via the umbilical chord again to the real first me. I am battling anxiety disorder and this actually brought tears behind my eyes I felt the connection so deeply, the heartbeat is powerful and hypnotic and creates a deep sense of security and safety.
Breathe in for the count of four, hold the breath for the count of four and breathe out slowly for the count of six. I feel that part of me was in anguish over the way humanity poisons Mother Earth and that might have slipped in there. Once this thought came to me I have felt a much deeper connection to try to regain who I once was.
I tried to refocus on the task at hand and succeed for a bit but then started to cry again.
I heard the heartbeat so distinctly I thought it was part of the recording but having done the meditation again I found it was not. My free psychic protection visualisation is also a good one to learn to protect yourself, especially if you are quite sensitive. I didn’t hear the beat but still felt I was in the right place, (am new to grounding).
You may also like to visualise a grounding cord from your base chakra or feet growing down into your earth star chakra about a metre under the earth and then traveling into the earths core. But I do have to say with my 30 years alive, and learning the family craft for about 25 years now, your guided meditation for grounding is just perfect for any one, especially the beginners.
I have to say I felt relief from crying to some degree however and it was very short lived but the most intense part of the grounding process for me. I am still learning how to communicate and am enjoying the journey allowing things to develop naturally.
I will certainly check out other mediations you offer as well as the full albums you may have available. See how you go with that, practice that a couple times a day, or as often as you feel is needed.

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