In addition to the chapter about focusing on people, I particularly liked the chapter on figuring out your math story.
What I’m learning from this book: Yes, it seems to make sense to focus on people and let them teach you what they want. Whom this book is great for: Worried that you’re getting too wrapped up in your entrepreneurial vision? You may also be interested in The Lean Startup (Eric Ries, 2011; see my visual book notes), which has lots of good ideas for testing your business and iterating your way towards success. Sketchnotes 2013300+ sketches about learning, sharing, tech, semi-retirement, business, delegation, and other topics. A No-Excuses Guide to BloggingWhat's getting in your way when it comes to blogging consistently? Ita€™s time to stop feeling busy and overwhelmed, as if you are trapped on a treadmill of never ending fire drills and a to-do list that never ends. Ita€™s time to start experiencing consistent, predictable results because you know how to do the right things at the right time. Youa€™re spending your day in your genius so it feels effortless a€“ you know how to inspire others to help you build your dream so they take your ideas, implement them quickly and help you achieve quantum leaps forward without exhaustion and overwhelm.
You have discovered how to generate a profit explosion by leveraging your time and knowledge a€“ now making an impact doesna€™t require you to work harder, your growth can expand with you exchanging dollars for hours! Best yet, when you do choose to work on your business, ita€™s deeply satisfying to you because you know you are having a significant impact in the world.
My genius is knowing how to make the business you have work ten times better a€“ so you can finally expand your profits, gain extraordinary traction and be the industry leader youa€™ve always dreamed of. For the last six months as a Platinum Mastermind member, I've been focused on streamline my team so I can break a million in revenue.
Between the Virtual Team Building Tele-Bootcamp and the benefits of ULTIMATE Wealth & Success Circle like listening to the experts each month, I know I'm building a powerful business aligned with success strategies of proven leaders. Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, unclear on what your purpose in life is. In her groundbreaking book, The How of Happiness, Positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky wrote that only 10% of happiness comes from extrinsic incentives like money, fame, and status. The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out what your purpose is, but if you don’t know what your passions are then it can be hard to keep moving forward in a positive manner. Growing up an only child I always knew I wanted to create a large family of my own.  I also knew I wanted to generate a six figure income whilst raising my children.
Apart from having the most rewarding job in the world of being a mum, I still wanted to do more, but I had no idea which path I wanted to take. I went through a series of thought process changes and dug deep to get clear on where I wanted my life to go.
It is terrifying when you feel like your life has no purpose or direction, but finding your passion can change all that.
After some research, I have put together a series of ideas to help you figure out for yourself what is important to you and what can add more passion and meaning to your life.
Can you contribute a chapter to The Book of Well-Being?Have you had a positive experience involving alternative or complimentary medicine?
Checking the Amazon list of books on new enterprises led me to 6 Secrets for Startup Success by John Bradberry.
Bradberry points out that companies go through different stages and that your core question is different in each stage. The Lean Startup book will help translate the chapters on the pull of the market and startup agility into concrete terms. You'll get a ZIP file (290+ MB) with hi-res images that you can easily flip through or print.

Please feel free to reuse or share content under a Creative Commons Attribution license unless otherwise noted. By putting leverage and automatic growth strategies into place your business explodes while creating more time for doing what you love most in your business a€“ and in your life! Youa€™ve moved beyond just success into being a leader and leaving behind a legacy that is bigger than just you.
Thanks to the Tele-Bootcamp I was able to add 2 more assistants to my team without increasing the money I was already spending each month.
I have had a team for a while now but something just wasn't working that I couldn't put my finger on. But because I made a commitment to the Virtual Team Building Tele-Bootcamp Pilot program, I was able to have a huge breakthrough in the productivity and results of my team - while eliminating some major stress in my life and my business!!! When you discover your purpose, you will normally find its something your tremendously passionate about. This is an explanation as to why those that reach a certain income bracket, become celebrities or CEO’s still don’t feel content or complete if they are not aligned with their passion and purpose. They have an infectious passion, a thirsty love for life and an unyielding connection to their work. So my journey began looking for a career path that would allow me to have the best of both worlds. I am now proud to say I work 8 hours a week in a business that I adore that makes a difference to others lives. Even though I had previously built many successful businesses in the past, I was still scared. You might put in more hours than the average person, but it doesn’t seem difficult to you, because your work hours just fly by.
Before any great adventure, you want to make sure your tools and supplies are in working order. Or perhaps you can share your knowledge of natural healing therapies, yoga, massage, reiki, health farms or natural medicine used to cope with an illness or condition.
Its main point is that entrepreneurs tend to fall in love with their ideas and end up ignoring reality.
In the first stage, the question is: “Do we have a concept that anyone (other than us) cares about?” After you successfully answer that question through prototypes and experiments, you can move on to the question, “Can we actually make money at this?
If you like answering questionnaires as a way of learning more about yourself, you’ll also want to check out the appendix, which has a long self-assessment for founder readiness. Stop spending valuable time and resources on activities that are not getting you the results you desire! After joining her Fast Track group, and, later, her Lifestyle Business Coaching program, I discovered I was the getting in the way of my own success.
As a writer, I have always treasured my freedom - which means I have resisted the notion of regular check-ins with my team. So many of us walk through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection, but aren’t sure how to get it. At 19 years of age, I went from broke psychology student to being a six-figure business owner of a modeling agency and event management company within 12 months. Finally, I was brutally honest with myself about my unhappiness and I embarked on some serious soul-searching. My heart smiles because I am able to spend quality time with my 3 young children, family and loved ones. I didn’t know if I would be able to support myself financially or if my business would be sustainable. When you know what your passion is, you feel motivated, inspired, and so much clearer about what your next step should be.

You are often in that state of mind often referred to as “flow,” where you can lose track of the world and time, losing yourself in the task at hand.
For this quest the tools are simple: You’ll need a pen and piece of paper, a working memory, and the drive to uncover what you set out to find.
Spending the time to discover that job is time well spent—it could make all the difference in your life! Bradberry points out six common failures associated with being too attached to your idea, and suggests ways to avoid those pitfalls. How?” Validating your business model lets you move on to the next question, “Is this business scalable? I started my business because I had a vision and a passion, and after a few months, I was completely broke, in debt and so overworked I couldna€™t see straight.
I never really liked setting up phone calls and regular meetings so I let them slide over the last few months. I didn't even know how "at war" my values and priorities were until I heard Melanie explain how our values and priorities often are not aligned with powerful team outcomes! I have to take steps towards what I wanted, and remove those things in my life that were no longer serving me. I have set up my lifestyle in a way that allows me to have the freedom of choices to do what I truly want because I found my passions, that led me to my purpose and I’ve never been happier. I feared judgment from those around me saying, “Here we go again, she can never stick to one thing”. Work is not work as many people refer to it, but something that is fun and interesting and exciting. When you are inspired and connected to your happy self, inspiration floods your heart and soul. How can we create significant value over time?” Many businesses struggle because they get all wrapped up in the third question before they’ve answered the first. I know what ita€™s like to feel a€?on fire and untouchablea€? a€“ and I also know what ita€™s like to feel like nothing I try is working. At the same time, I started getting frustrated because I never knew exactly when things were getting done. I left my successful corporate job on a mission to find my version of “happy”, and it came by taking one step at a time and exploring many different passions. I discovered that my unhappiness was rooted in my lack of passion for the projects I worked on and I slowly began taking control.
Plus when your passionate about what you’re doing eventually the dollars roll in too so it definitely feels like I’m in a win-win position everyday.
This is more of an overview book than a step-by-step guide with concrete tactics, but it’s a good wake-up call if you’re starting to get lost in your own dreams. It’s a good idea to keep those considerations in mind, of course, but it’s important to pay attention to the steps that will get you to that point instead of jumping ahead and pretending you’re a huge company. I quickly realized you can be good at different areas but you need to have passion in order to be the greatest in your field.
Since working together in 2007, my income has doubled, due, in no small part, to Melanie's coaching.
Her unique ability to cut to the essence of a dilemma, and provide wise and compassionate guidance, makes her a one-of-a-kind asset in the coaching community.

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