After writing her bestselling series The Clique, you’d think Lisi Harrison would be sick of high school. LISI HARRISON: I’m endlessly fascinated with the ridiculous things we do to be accepted by our peers. At the same time it seemed as though every other pop-culture headline in 2012 had something to do with fraud.
MISS LITERATI: The chapters of this book are told from different character’s point of view. LISI HARRISON: If you had to write from the POV of five of your close friends or relatives you could do it because you know them so well. MISS LITERATI: PRETENDERS takes place at a high school in New Jersey and your other series are set in either middle or high schools as well.
LISI HARRISON: I love setting my stories in small towns because reputation is everything in tight communities.

MISS LITERATI: In PRETENDERS, five students’ secrets are revealed when someone exposes their private journal entries.
MISS LITERATI: You worked for MTV for 12 years and said on your website you got the inspiration for The Clique books from your time working there. MISS LITERATI: What advice do you have for aspiring writers, especially those who want to write a series? It’s been a central theme in The Clique, Alphas and Monster High, and I’m still not done with it. Lance Armstrong was doping, football player Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend was tragically killed in a fake car crash, Kristen cheated on Rob, et al.
What is it about these settings that are so interesting to you that you continue to write about them? Do you think it’s important for young people today to fully understand what privacy means since they are growing up in a time where their lives are posted everywhere for everyone to see?

Any story about a girl who is brave enough to go against the norm and be unapologetically true to her crazy-self has my vote.
Available in October, PRETENDERS sucks you into the lives of five successful high school freshmen, exposing their secrets through their private journal entries.
As long as you take the time (weeks, not hours) to develop your characters into “real” people it’s not only possible, it’s fun.
What are tips you can give Miss Lit users about how to gain some inspiration if they’re suffering from writer’s block? Miss Literati spoke with the author about privacy today, why she loves writing about school, and her best writing tips!

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