Gra polega na odnajdywaniu ukrytych przedmiotow oraz na rozwiazywania licznych mini-gier logicznych.
Po zniknieciu Emily, jestes jedyna osoba, ktora moze pomoc Wiktorii odnalezc i ocalic jej ukochana siostre!
Nowa, ciekawa i zatrwazajaca gra HO przygoda czeka na ciebie w fantastycznym wydaniu Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain! Tuz po tym jak glowna postac Ricardo Cellini dowiaduje sie o spadku, jego zycie kompletnie sie zmienia! Edwina Margrave powrocila do domku na wsi, w ktorym zgineli jej rodzice, aby porozmawiac z jedyna osoba, ktora moze znac prawde o tej tragedii - humorzasta pania domu, panna Thorn. Zostala postawiona przez Toba nie lada misja- musisz ujawnic tajemnicza konspiracje i przywrocic Boga Slonca Ra z powrotem na jego prawowite miejsce, a Bogowie Cie za to swoiscie wynagrodza! Challenge yourself in the role of the scientist-historian-scholar of ancient civilizations and mystical legends and save your friend from the Demon of Darkness! If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you wona€™t find in the standard version. HO scenes: All are interactive along with an extra item you have to find(inventory) at the end of each scene. Well a little patience must of really sneaked in on me as I took the plunge and played in the hardest mode.
I didn't have any difficulty at all (even puzzles) until I got to chapter 5 as this is where I lost some patience. Overall, even though I didn't care for a couple of them puzzles there was just way too much I LOVED about this game so I'm giving it 5 stars. When I first started to play this game I thought it was exactly the same as many othes I have played ie. A few of the puzzles may be on the easier side, but there are some fresh concepts that take things up a notch.There is also a twist on some HO scenes where you replace objects rather than find them. There are two nice elements (minor spoiler here) that I really liked - being able to morph objects you find into something that will help you on your journey by bringing the objects to certain statues and also turning the lights on or off in certain rooms to gain a different view of your surroundings.
The graphics are lovely and in keeping with the setting of the story, the music has an Asian flair. You have three options to choose from for your level of difficulty and while playing in casual mode I don't recall having to ever use the hint or skip button. I really enjoyed this game and hope this helps anyone who is on the fence about spending money on a CE. Last time I played a game in this series, I wasn't sure I liked the switching back and forth between scenes that morphed with a change of lighting.
This game comes to us from Orneon, the developers of the Echoes of the Past games and Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night. I don't usually write reviews but this game was hands down the best game I have played in a long while!
Przygotuj supermodelki na spacery po wybiegu, opanuj minigry i zmien swe skromne sklepy w oszalamiajace butiki.
Jest to niejako kontynuacja "Temple of Night", poniewaz Twoj przyjaciel Peter Haris znowu ma klopoty.

Oprocz standardowych scen ukrytych obiektow (lista przedmiotow do odnalezienia) pojawiaja sie bardziej wymagajace lokacje wymagajace kojarzenia faktow i laczenia przedmiotow w pary. Umozliwiamy skopiowanie calosci (lub okreslonej czesci) na swoja strone, ale nalezy spelnic dwa warunki. Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery.
W "The Palm of Zoroaster" dzielna pisarka ponownie wyrusza za Domem Tysiaca Drzwi, aby wreszcie odnalezc odpowiedzi na dreczace ja pytania i rozwiklac wszystkie tajemnice domu Lancaster'ow. Sprawdz co sie stanie i jak potoczy sie cala historia w kolejnej edycji wspanialej gry Shiver: Poltergeist!
As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! I just LOVED this game for the most part as I can sure tell just like the first game Temple of Night the developer put some time and thought into these games. I'm not sure what was up with me and chapter 5 but I did have to use the strategy guide to find the last item on a couple of HO scenes as I couldn't find them to save myself. Way too much going left, right, up, down so many times to solve it as these are repeated a couple of times.
As you move the ball the cap piece goes in the other direction and trying to navigate that well if you don't have arthritis like I do well you just might after that puzzle. I beta tested this game it seems eons ago and was fascinated by the story, the graphics and the challenge level.
This has been done on other games, but it's a nice change of pace some require a little more thought than you would think. Having enjoyed those games already, I was expecting good things from this game and was not disappointed. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. Dzieki kolorowej grafice oraz latwej obsludze Centrum Mody Juliette szturmem zdobedzie serca milosnikow gier casual. W niektorych specjalnych lokacjach istnieje mozliwosc "przemieszczania sie w czasie" - widzisz to samo miejsce eleganckie badz zdewastowane, a ponadto to co zrobimy w jednej lokacji ma wplyw na to co sie stanie w drugiej.
Battle the dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend in this macabre hidden object puzzle adventure game!
Mroczne i magiczne stworzenia chce poswiecic twojego przyjaciela a ty masz im przeszkodzic! Kazdego roku jego pacjenci gineli bez sladu, a personel i policja nie byly w stanie wyjasnic co sie z nimi stalo.
Zjednaj sobie poparcie duchow, aby rozwiazac zaskakujace zagadki i uniknac gniewu szpetnej bestii podczas tej porywajacej gry przygodowej!
Good Lord I looked those up in the guide or I'd probably still be sitting here trying to solve those. Do like voice over, I was particularly proud of myself because beta testing games do not have hints and I was able to do it ALL on my own.
Peter nie mogl sobie odmowic zwiedzenia starozytnych swiatyn oraz zobaczenia legendarnego skamienialego Demona Ciemnosci. Miejsce to wyglada jak pieklo, gdyz z ziemii i z nieba pojawia sie niszczycielski ogien, a po miescie porusza sie niebezpieczna kula ognia.

Aby pozbyc sie koszmarow postanawia stawic czola swoim lekom, strachowi i obawom - rozpoczyna wlasne sledztwo majace na celu: odkrycie powodu smierci chlopca ze snu, odkrycie powodu pojawiania sie koszmarnych snow i wyjasnienie tajemnic opuszczonego szpitala. Rozwiazuj wyzywajace lamiglowki i dowiedz sie co stalo sie w czterech scianach tego tajemniczego domu. You can find out more about Thailand and your friend's destiny if you will download Eclipse Mountain Collector's Edition!
Both high-quality video sequence and harmonious sound in alluring Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain PC game are up to the mark, there's nothing to complain about. HO scenes are interactive however there isn't any misplaced items scenes where you have to put them back in the scene like the main game. The HOG scenes are busy but not junk piles and the graphics are as nice as other reviewers have commented on. The only thing I would add would be the time travel map, but I would like to see that in all games. Pojawil sie jednak w niewlasciwym miejscu w niewlasciwym czasie, gdyz zostal uprowadzony przez demony ognia. Pobierz juz teraz Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain calkowicie za darmo i zostan bohaterem!
Wioska, w ktorej sie znajdujecie jest opustoszala - turysci nagle znikneli, a mnisi zostali zamienieni w kamienne posagi.
Bedziesz musial zbadac opuszczona wyspe, wyludnione krainy, szukac potrzebnych przedmiotow i wiele, wiele wiecej. Aby oslabic jego moc, Kate musi odnalezc specjalne przedmioty znajdujace sie w roznych miejscach swiata jak Tybet, Madagaskar czy Jerozolima. I think it is a good example of how a hidden object game can be more than the sum of its parts and be creative and immersive in addition to hidden object finding.
The game is also a very good length - I didn't use a lot of hints, and the main game took me a good number of hours (roughly six). He was kidnapped by the Demon of Darkness, he will be sacrificed on the top of Eclipse Mountain, but you can interfere this crime, if you will follow the clues of the stone monks! But not everyone in the abandoned Thai city is friendly to you: there are many werecreatures, able to kill you, and they aren't friendly. The music is oriental in timbre and added to the experience if one like's that kind of music. There was a lot of backtracking, but the game was so beautiful and interesting to look at that it didn't really bother me.
I will most likely play it again as it was complex enough to hold one's attention a second time. Jedyna Twoja nadzieja na skuteczne zakonczenie misji ratunkowej jest wspolpraca ze wspomnianymi mnichami. Za przyniesienie im odpowiednich magicznych artefaktow sluza ogromna pomoca i porada, a nawet podaruja Tobie przedmioty niezbedne do rozwiazywania zagadek.

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