This film examines a world wonder so elusive, most people have decided it must be mythical. National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter joins climbers Matt Segal and Cedar Wright on their journey to climb the ancient limestone karsts of China, an otherworldly dreamscape rarely experienced by Western climbers. Secrets of the Dead reveals that the Chinese may have had Henry Ford beat by more than 2,000 years with their own assembly line used to produce 8,000 lavishly painted terracotta warriors. A remarkably intimate look into the lives of nine young Chinese coming of age in a society changing as fast as any in history. This clay army of 8,000 including infantry, archers, generals and cavalry was discovered by archaeologists in 1974 after farmers digging a well near the Chinese city of Xian unearthed pieces of clay sculpted in human form.An amazing archaeological find, the terracotta warriors date back more than two thousand years. But as the nationa€™s higher education system has largely been privatized by for-profit companies, the future for millions of students is bleak.
College is less accessible to Chinese youth than ever before, and without it, they are often shut out of well-paid employment opportunities.

Now, this film proves the spectacular Hanging Gardens of Babylon did exist, shows us where they were, what they looked like and how they were constructed. Secrets of the Dead investigates the story behind China’s Terracotta Warriors and documents their return to former glory for the first time. Rulers’ attendants and followers were enjoying their lives with their masters when he was alive. For them, death was another form of life.Jing Hongwei (Translator) Some people were terrified and unwilling to die. But that didn’t mean they liked it.Guo Xingwen (Translator) Today, we regard this as an inhumane thing. And this one here more normal.There is some similarity between the warriors like some chins, the mouth, the nose.
The site is near the emperor’s tomb and his warriors.Zhang Binruo (Translator) This is called red clay, it is sticky and strong.

But we find that this place has a lot.Now we only use red clay from here to make terra cotta warriors. A challenge that’s made Yan deeply respectful of the men who made those triggers 2000 years ago.Yan Fuxing (Translator) We found one trigger at one city, and another trigger at another city that is 2000 miles away. That won’t collapse under its own weight, a danger that grows greater as the coiling goes higher.Supporting the figure with wooden sticks helps.
Just enough to fill an egg cup.Catharina Blaensdorf You can't take very much because otherwise the tree will die.

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