Stephanie Dalley as she hunts for the gardens using ancient texts and spy satellite images to uncover evidence to support her theory that the gardens were built 100 years before commonly believed. This film examines a world wonder so elusive that most people have decided it must be mythical. Her search takes her to one of the most dangerous places on earth in a modern-day adventure story searching to find a site thousands of years old.
Centuries of digging have turned up nothing — but the searchers were digging in the wrong place.

Dalley, an expert on the ancient cuneiform texts, is one of a handful of people who can read this language which dates back to the Babylonian era. If the gardens were not built in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, then where were they built and by whom?Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Dalley visited a site in Iraq where she saw the beginnings of a canal system.  In the documentary, she goes back to this site and later meets with a colleague in Iraq, Jason Ur, an anthropological archaeologist from Harvard, who uses an American spy satellite program – declassified since the mid-1990s – to study landscapes. Dalley visits the site of this aqueduct, what evidence does she find to support her theory?

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