Ohhh WoooowwwwThat is really the ANTICHRISTJust wondered what the Hell the Person on the left side (probably the Hiden Master) is making with the Hands before this Boy with Horns that is Installed on the shoulders of a Man that knee as a Slave and could not beleve it what i have saw.It is a Cross. I don't need a scanner my right eye is under 20 because it has to overcompensate for my weaker left eye.
Maybe one or two if you really use you imagination but definitely not more than 3 or 4 and certainly not 14.

Also please show which ones are which because none of them look like much of anything to me.
I even went into photoshop and inverted the image to make the dark lines light and the light spaces dark which should have made the zodiac images easier to see if they were there. Anyone with a dollar bill can verify this right now which is why you won't bother responding to it.

Prove me wrong.And I have no sway as to whether the mods ban someone or not and I have never even suggested that anyone be banned for any reason.

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