There is by no means anything pathological in any woman in the modern world not cycling in this particular natural rhythm. In the realm of myth and symbols, these phases are superbly mirrored in the three phases of every woman’s life—childhood, before the sex hormones begin to flow, the childbearing years, which begin at the menarche, and the postmenopausal years of the Moon Goddess in her Crone guise. Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, professor Emerita at UCLA, is the acknowledged world expert on Neolithic goddess-centered cultures in pre-patriarchal Europe.
Little wonder, since our patriarchal culture denies cyclical time and views events as linear.
Any woman who does not break through the limitations of such thinking and move beyond it risks becoming so paralyzed by fear that she looks upon The Dark Goddess (and menopause itself) as an enemy to be resisted. The Dark Goddess—often called the Crone— can seem a terrifying figure to the uninformed women approaching menopause. As I haven't read any of his previous books, I cannot compare his latest offering with the previous ones. In our secular India, the cradle of so many religions, there are a staggering number of Goddesses when we include the different religions.
Here's where I found the mismatch- I have received the stories in a version suitable for a young person. The book '7 Secrets of the Goddess' is sure to supplement your knowledge and to set you thinking. Note- I have used Goddess all throughout my post & haven't distinguished it from ' goddess' unlike the author's explanation 'on capitalisation'.
It's believed that Maa Lakshmi, a stickler for cleanliness & correct procedures, will visit anyone who takes care to strictly follow the rules while praying to her.
Shri Jagannath Temple's kitchen is one of the oldest and biggest kitchens in the world that still functions as per traditional rules & rituals.
When the brothers along with their sister, Devi Subhadra, go on their annual visit during Rath Yatra, they do not take Maa Lakshmi along. Odisha has many temples dedicated to Goddesses like Biraja temple in Jajpur, 64 Yogini Temple in Hirapur etc & important Shakti Peeths - Bimala Temple in Puri's Shri Jagannath Temple, Maa Tara Tarini Temple in Berhampur, Ganjam to name a few.
Do not leave without saying what you wanna say!Feel free to express what's on your mind right away!Please do share a few words here & make my day! God only knows - Secrets of the Goddess is the opening theme song of The World God Only Knows' Season 3 anime.
Badb, Macha, Morrigan, or collectively known as The Crow Goddess are three minds that inhabit one body. The Morrigan was worshiped and feared throughout the Celtic kingdoms as the Goddess of Death and Destruction. The Morrigan also has pale skin, black lips, and jet-black eyes with no white showing while Badb with red colour and Macha with yellow colour.
In the Alchemyst, Dr John Dee summons the Morrigan to help capture Nicholas Flamel, Sophie and Josh Newman, and Scathach.
Later, the Crow Goddess, Dee and Bastet travel to Hekate's Shadowrealm while Sophie is being Awakened.
The Morrigan is sent to kill Perenelle, who is trapped on Alcatraz, but Areop-Enap traps the goddess and her crows in spider webs.
By the end of the Enchantress, Perenelle and Nicholas cross paths with the Morrigan once more. In tribal cultures, where women live in close physical proximity to each other and their natural menstrual cycles are not disrupted by such things as alterations in exposure to natural light, electromagnetic fields, drugs and hormones, not only do they menstruate at the same time, ovulation tends to occur when light is brightest at the full moon, and menstruation begins during the moon’s dark phase—at new moon. However, it has also been demonstrated that the menstrual cycle can be regulated according to the exposure to varying degrees of light, which mimic the waxing and waning of the moon’s phases. Author of more than twenty books, she paints a richly detailed picture of their social structure, agriculture, customs, rituals, religion and art. At the new moon, she is the Virgin Goddess, wrapped in enthusiasm for new beginnings as seeds sprout and first shoots appear.
It is the passage during which a woman is asked to confront the possibility of her own death and probe the mysteries of decay, dismemberment, and regeneration. In truth, she is the archetype-medium by which the internal split that took place thousands of years ago between woman and her feminine nature can be healed forever.

She has so long remained repressed within our psyches that, when at last her energy rises and she makes her presence known, it can sometimes feel like an earthquake, a volcano, or some eruption of Nature that occurs to us as when pressures held too long within the earth are released. She arises whenever we experience dramatic changes—the death of a loved one, loss of a job, disfiguration. On the cover, seeing a beautiful Goddess (from the book, I learnt later that she is Goddess Balambika- the daughter of humanity), I felt the book is only about Indian Goddesses. I have been  thinking a lot as my ideas have been challenged ever since I read the book. As per legend, Maa Lakshmi had even visited a lower caste woman, who had sincerely prayed to her.
Apart from celestial Goddesses, there are legends like Kalijayi, who's worshipped on an island named after her in Chilika Lake in Odisha. The Crow Goddess is the niece of Bastet, and also related to Mars Ultor, Aten, Hekate, Anubis and Zephaniah.
Once there had been three sisters: Macha, the Badb, and the Morrigan, but the others had disappeared over the years and the Morrigan reigned supreme. She sends Dire-crows to maul the van that the Immortal, Next Generation, and the two Humani were driving in, but Nicholas makes a call to Hekate and asks her to send the ghost wind to drive away the crows. However, at this time, the Macha and the Badb were in control of their body, having the Morrigan trapped inside.
The Morrigan has been shown to send a flock of ten thousand birds, that she and Nicholas Flamel call "The Morrigan's children." The Crow Goddess even has Dire-Crows, her special-pets. This is because, being a triple goddess, the Morrigan has the ability to draw powers from her sisters (Macha and the Badb) living inside her, in addition to her own power. Under such circumstances the three phases of the moon—waxing, full and waning—correlate exactly with the monthly cycle of ebb and flow of female hormones—the oestrogen dominated proliferative phase, ovulation, the secretory luteal phase, and menstruation itself.
She ruled destiny and time, the secrets of the unseen world, transformation, death and regeneration. Much has been learned in recent years about the nature of the goddess-centered cultures, which existed for literally tens of thousands of years in Europe and Asia. For only through the death of the old can the exciting new birth that awaits us take place.
Birth and death are not viewed as two vital passages in a continuing cycle of life, but as opposites—the one to be celebrated the other to be resisted at all costs until the bitter end. Yet the Crone has always been present in our lives: She has appeared each month as the moon grows dark and menstrual blood—the source of all creation—flows.
She is our teacher who guides us through the transformation that is being asked of us onto a new level of being.
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Thus, I became interested to read & volunteered to be a part of the BlogAdda Book Review Program. I did wish the images were in color though for better visual impact & more elaborate stories.
When her brother-in-law, Lord Balabhadra and her husband, Lord Jagannath, had problems with her said visit, Maa Lakshmi left their home. After their 10-days outing when they return to the temple, Maa Lakshmi, who is still sulking & angry, doesn't open the gate of the Temple. They retreat when Dee uses Excalibur, the Sword of Ice, to destroy the Yggdrasil, the Shadowrealm, and two other connecting Shadowrealms. This is depicted when they spoke to the Sorceress in two different voices with yellow and red eyes.
Once her summoned birds entered Hekate's Shadowrealm, their bodies underwent a transformation.
The miniature sculptures that have been unearthed in the past twenty years give insight into the great variety of female manifestation of the divine which appeared as long ago as 27,000 to 25,000 years BC.
Buds turn into flowers and flowers to fruits as virgin becomes transformed into Divine Mother in charge of procreation and sexuality. As menopause approaches, often a woman wants to spend more time in nature and to feel her spirit fed by the earth.

Now, as menopause approaches, the Dark Goddess comes at last to rest within a woman’s being. She is there in our deepest despair and at times when we connect most powerfully with our own creative fire.
As Maa Lakshmi had deserted them, the brothers got no food to eat and had to remain hungry for many days. The Morrigan sides with the Dark Elders, but her sisters, the Badb and Macha, side with Perenelle Flamel from the third book, The Sorceress, onwards. Utimately, the two now carry a debt to Perenelle for freeing them, and although Nicholas is skeptical about the act of alliance that the Crow Goddess shows, the Morrigan proves her change of heart as she sacrifices her life to save Perenelle from a spearhead that Billy the Kid unintentionally throws at Perenelle (thinking that she was one of the beasts residing on the island).
The fear of menopause and the fear of the Crone, so widespread in our society, are nothing more than a reflection of our misguided fear of death itself. In the fearful fragmented world we live in, this appears to be the only way that human beings can deny for a time their own mortality. For instead of being released each month, the dark blood of creative power is retained within a woman’s body and made available for her use. She is the hand-maiden that nurtures us through dark nights once we are willing to make the descent into our own psyche, and connect with whatever forms are sleeping there, so we can begin to live our own power.
At the end when they realized their blunder, finally, they got food to eat by Maa Lakshmi's grace.
He even feeds her Rasagola (Indian sweet that originated in Odisha) to earn her favour & gain entry. It was the moon which grew bright then darkened and disappeared altogether each month that taught people that nothing in life is constant. In The Civilization of the Goddess, a monumental encyclopedic book which has already changed history, Gimbutas writes, “According to myriad images that have survived from the great span of human prehistory on the Eurasian continents, it was the sovereign mystery and creative power of the female as the source of life that developed into the earliest religious experiences. As the moon begins to wane, woman passes through her next initiation to a time of harvest and a time of death, during which all that is old becomes compost for her new life. For, in today’s world, we have forgotten the great cyclic flow of birth, flowering, death and regeneration that is hidden within the circle of the moon—as it is within all life—and reflected in the circle of our own souls. This is why the Dark Goddess remains a focus of fear and loathing in stereotypical male-dominated linear thinking.
You are privileged to be blessed with so many forms of goddesses that one just gets overwhelmed. Heartbeat • MAGIC of HAPPINESS • Let's head into the night of the moon • Care-filled Heart Beat! They were now tall and thin like their mistress; their wings had stretched, becoming long and bat-like, connected to human-shaped bodies by translucent skin and tipped with deadly claws. She teaches us by her presence alone to become deeply and spontaneously sexual, assertive, straight, incorruptible, prophetic, intuitive and free. The moon became a symbol of the cycle of transformation that makes its home in a woman’s body, while woman came to rule all things that involved change. Ancient statues of the Dark Goddess carved in bone, marble, alabaster or clay are often white—for white is the color of death. The big breasts and hips you find on statues of the Divine Mother become replaced by stiff nudes.
They herald the beginning of what is potentially the most creative part of any woman’s life… This time in which her biological creativity is let go of to be replaced by creativity of the highest order in any woman’s life.
The Dark Goddess is often depicted without breasts, her hands either on her chest or extended along her sides. It must be said—it is these powerful gifts of the Dark Goddess which are still the most terrifying threats to the linear patriarchal culture of control in which most of us still live. She is shown with an enlarged pubic triangle, for the Dark Goddess of the waning moon is not only goddess of death but of regeneration.
She rules the time in a woman’s life when everything that has run its course, everything which has become outmoded or no longer has meaning in a woman’s life, must be destroyed to make way for a more authentic life.

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