So instead of heading out to the movies tonight, you can curl up on the couch and catch this great movie.
Somewhere between the demands of her career, her ex’s wedding and her kids’ busy schedules, Dana James is noticing her tight-knit family starting to unravel.
One lucky winner will win both the “Secretsof The Mountain” DVD and the soundtrack, produced by Randy Jackson. To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what  do you and your family like to munch on during family movie night?
We love our family time to watch movies… We eat all sorts of things BUt Air Popped Popcorn is our Favorite because everyone fights over who gets the first pop kernal(gotta make a wish) We each have our own shakers to flavor it .
We love pizza & popcorn on movie nights & if I am feeling super energetic, we make popcorn balls!!

I love Kettle corn, my daughter likes to chow down on baked potatoes, and my husband likes Oreo cookies crushed in milk. Watching a movie wouldn’t be the same without munching on our favorite Ben and Jerry’s icecream! Our family loves to watch movies our favorite snacks are popcorn and chocolate covered raisins.
We like to keep it healthy and munch on a variety of fruits with tasty toppings such as chocolate sauce and whipped cream! I know reader Samantha told me she went to a matinee with her kids and husband and it was $60.00! One eats popcorn or Doritos, another Movie sized box of Junior Mints, and the other a bowl of ice cream with hersheys hot fudge.

We actually prefer the healthier method–we air-pop the popcorn, drizzle with a little oil and sprinkle with salt.
We get together when a good movie comes on, it’s worth it to watch something good, and to be together.

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