The Bent Pyramid in Egypt is 4600 years old and it’s believed to be the first attempt of the Egyptians at building a pyramid structure. Even with the technology that we have today, scientists do not know how the Egyptian pyramids were built, but it seems that cosmic particles will reveal the secrets of pyramids. Every time researchers presented a theory to the scientific community they faced several arguments that prevented the said hypothesis to become the answer that is eluding scientists and Egyptologists for hundreds of years. The team of international researchers will be analyzing the Bent Pyramid which is believed to be the first attempt made by the ancient Egyptians at building a straight construction with smooth walls like the pyramids at Giza.
A member of the team of international scientists that believes cosmic particles will reveal the secrets of pyramids declared that even the smallest discovery will help validate existing hypothesizes, or disprove theories that are now considered close to the truth, or even bring to light a new possibility. About the AuthorAbout Cliff Jenkins ScottCliff likes to describe himself as made for the hard road. After graduating with an MA degree in Communication as a major and Technology and Writing as minors, Cliff decided to give his own website hosting creative writing a boost and engage in an overwhelming number of projects, all of them focused on writing.
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The pyramids of China are approximately 100 ancient mounds, many of which were used for burial. The Secret KGB UFO Files documentary interestingly supporting the head of the Cairo University  Archaeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen claim as well.
Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of beings from the sky, the sky opening and bright lights coming down to teach them technology and give them wisdom.
They supposedly flew through the air in flying a€?boatsa€? and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. Observations of some of the submerged pyramids reveals they sporadically generate intense vortices in the ocean water flowing around them.
Hidden depths: The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing.
The pyramid is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing, and is thought to have been built as a tomb for Pharoah Khufu, who ruled in the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty and died in 2566 BC. Some experts now believe this may indicate a secret chamber, further still within the pyramid.
Originally standing 480.6 ft tall, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. Khufu left behind him three wives, who were interred in three smaller pyramids, and fathered fifteen daughters and nine sons. It is not the first time robots have been used within the pyramid to gather evidence about the intricate workings of the structure. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The above link leads to a gateway site for online bibliographies related to the study of the ancient Near East. All ancient cultures believed the gods lived where humans did not and could not – mountains, the depths of the sea, the waters above the sky, below the earth, etc. Here’s a link to an interesting article about recent archaeological research in the village that housed the pyramid builders.
Well, it’s sort of odd that this sort of thing would be needed at the Giza pyramid complex if the ancient Egyptians used the advance alien technology of levitation.
I just came across a worthwhile essay on the Bad Archaeology site dedicated to the last underwater city off the coast of Cuba (there’s Fidel) that space aliens no doubt helped to build. The Em Hotep blog has done us all a service by sifting through Facebook in search of pages devoted to Egyptology. The interesting thing is that they seem to have the same diagonal arrangement as the pyramids of Giza. In just the American phase of the construction (1903-1914) a total of 238,845,587 cubic yards were excavated. And isn’t it odd how ancient astronaut theorists never seem to talk about the failed pyramid projects, like the pyramid of Huni (the Meidum collapsed pyramid), built during the reign of Sneferu, the father of Khufu? The team of international scientists will try and use radiation to determine exactly how the pyramids were built without moving an inch of sand.
Even though the technology is very advanced, latest researchers could not study the pyramids up close because of their fragile state. A team of international scientists will analyze the muons that were collected from the plates of the Bent Pyramid last month. Upon decaying, they leave a trace of at least three particles, an electron, and two different types of neutrinos. He also stated that even a small empty chamber could start new debates in the scientific community. He didn’t look for a quick burnout, but his eagerness to learn as much as possible as rapidly as possible kept him going.
The best known were constructed in Egypt and Central America, but others have been found all around the world, including in China, Africa and Indonesia. This is described as an age when a€?sky godsa€? came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water. But you have to ask yourself on the edge of Occam razor, what truly indeed is more likely? Most dives are to ancient wrecks that promise riches to risk-taking treasure hunters.And, of course, the worlda€™s universities are not especially eager to explore the idea that very ancient ruins containing high technology may exist that challenges virtually all of the foundations of their pet theories.
Khufu had the Great Pyramid of Giza built as a monumental tomb, inside of which are tomb chambers, ante-rooms, chambers, ventilation shafts and access tunnels.

They also believed the gods lived in the best possible places – hence also the luxuriant garden idea, known best in arid cultures where finding an oasis was a big deal. It focuses on the evidence for large settled herds that generated food and served as a food source. I don’t ever want to hear any such nonsensical statement again about how the Great Pyramid is beyond modern reach. It has been estimated that, if the Great Pyramid were built today it would require 3 million cubic yards of concrete.
Being a part of the Egyptian and World thesaurus, the constructions are under the protection of the law and any study that could have harmed them was denied. The muons in question are a type of radiographic particle that resembles the electron, in the sense that it has an electric charge, but it carries much more mass. The project that scans the pyramids was launched last October and will use infrared thermography, cosmic particles, and three-dimensional scanning in order to determine how the structures were built. And yet, valuable opportunities are hard to find he thinks, particularly when it comes to writing. There are three main chambers: The King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber and the Grand Gallery.
Honestly, National Geographic wrote about this nearly seven years ago, as did Archaeology magazine. But at least his restoration work is lending (more) support to Houdin’s earlier theory. The King's Chamber has two shafts connected to outside, but two tunnels from the Queen's Chamber deep inside the widest part of the pyramid have two stone doors. To not laugh when I hear it would be to suffer a fool, and that wasn’t my strong suit before I read the book. Although she is not involved directly in the study of the Giza pyramid, Spence does not believe there is a further, hidden chamber behind the door, suggesting instead that the shafts could have been built to allow the Pharoah's spirit to cross to the afterlife. Engineers like Jean Pierre Houdin have articulated in great (and coherent) detail how the pyramid could have been built without modern machinery.
These are all examples of human engineering — the Egyptians learned how to build pyramids gradually, trying new techniques and learning from failures. Other engineers (namely Davidovits and Barsoum) have proposed that the pyramid blocks were fabricated ancient concrete. Scholars of Egyptian engineering are well informed in Egyptian construction methods, including the pyramids.

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