New articles have been recently issued as their writers are wondering: if these cosmic and scientific facts existed in the Qur'an 1400 years ago, then why were you waiting for the West scientists to discover them and you say that the Qur'an has preceded them in the speech about these facts? All the new medical studies assure the importance of walking in treating many diseases such as those relating to blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes. In this research we will demonstrate some scientific facts which had been mentioned in the prophet sayings (Hadith), as modern science proved that these facts are true ….
The most beautiful moments in the life of the believer when he see a miracle in the sayings of the prophet (Peace be upon him), we are in the era of science and scientific explorations, so we have to make some searching in his sayings to realize these scientific signs which testify that prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) is sincere. NASA scientists confirms that one day desert of Rub ' Al Khali and the Arabian Peninsula was covered with rivers, forests and animals and they confirm that this land will back again like the past , as referenced by the prophetic Hadith.
A question I have always thought about it: why doesn’t ALLAH answer our supplications although ALLAH almighty had promised to answer them? ALLAH Almighty speaks to his beloved Muhamed “peace be upon him” in his Holy Quran: (and when my slaves ask you (O Muhamed) concerning me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My knowledge). Here, for example, our prophet Nuh (Noah) “peace be upon him” prays to his Lord to protect him from his community’s oppression, ALLAH almighty says: (and (remember) Nuh (Noah), when he cried (to Us) aforetime.
ALLAH almighty calls us all and says: (who is he that will lend to ALLAH a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times? The second step is the supplication, but how do we pray: (and they used to call on Us with hope and fear)?
When we pray to ALLAH almighty and seek something from him, do we remember the paradise and the fire for example? And our prophet Yunus(Jonah) which the Quran has described him as (Dhun-Nun); Dhu refers to “The” and Nun refers to “whale”. The thing all the prophets did is that they all directed their supplication to ALLAH and remembered ALLAH’s greatness and ability, and they remembered their sins and weakness in front of ALLAH almighty.
The third and most important condition for answering the supplication is to be lowly and humble in front of ALLAH while performing invocation.
Or, did you ever ask yourself what are the things that ALLAH loves so you can do them to get closer to ALLAH and be one of his humbled slaves? If you decided from now on to practice this lesson, I want to tell you and assure you that ALLAH will answer your supplication, and this saying is based on experience I went through before you.
Let’s pray to ALLAH with the righteous believers’ supplications that the Quran has told us about them: (Our Lord! Three are many questions about the effects of the Holy Quran: What is the relationship between someone’s connection to the Quran and the success of his life? What is the Quran ruling in altering someone’s personality and building a flourishing character? I would say that the finest effort ever that a person can do is to recite the Quran and to follow what ALLAH has commanded and to stay away from what ALLAH has forbidden. I can guarantee you my dear brothers and sisters that every verse you read, comprehend and memorize can modify your life!
I want to tell you a simple experience about how effective the Quran can be on someone’s personality; even the influence of just one verse! And I have said that this verse must contain a verdict that brings happiness for who follows it in his life. Before I read this verse, I used to become sad because of losing something, experiencing a misfortune, or become frightened from the future predicting that something wrong will occur, or to go through stress and worry waiting for something I need to accomplish and other things that would cause my personality to be apprehensive sometimes. After I read and glanced at this verse, and comprehended it for a long time, I found that ALLAH Almighty has put fate for everything, and that nothing will occur without his commands.
ALLAH Almighty wrote for me everything that would take place in my life since I was 42 days old, why should I get upset? That’s how my personality became altered and I became optimistic and happy and I avoided many problems that could have happened except that what ALLAH blessed me with understanding the verse and be able to practice it in my life. And now dear brothers and sisters, lets picture with me the adjustment that would happen to one of us if you read the whole Quran and realize its meaning and practice it! In conclusion, connecting and holding on to the Quran will influence the human personality positively, increase his immune system response, prevents psychological diseases, and help him to achieve success and to select the right choices. Dr Millar, one of the mathematics scientists who converted to Islam, amazed me with his observation when he tried to read the Quran expecting that he would read things concerning the Prophet’s wife, his companions or a story about his life. This book sheds light upon a recent discovery centred around one of the most exciting topics in world religion and Islam in particular: the miracles of the Noble Qur’an. The foundation and basis of this numeric system is the number 7, one of the most significant numbers in the Noble Qur’an1 (if not the most significant), and a hint, perhaps, that the Creator of the seven heavens is indeed the One Who sent down this Book, preserving it from distortion.
This work is an attempt at establishing firm scientific and ethical grounds on which to base any study of the numeric miracle.
A substantially large collection of profound numerical truths will be conveyed in this book.
In addition, this book tries to explain some of the secrets behind the mysterious disconnected letters of the Qur’an. Allah Almighty says: (Verily, the likeness of Jesus before Allah is the likeness of Adam){Surat Al-Imran -The Family of Imran –verse 59}. The first: is that the word Jesusis repeated in the Qur’an 25 times the same as the wordAdam!!!!
We begin with the story behind this recent discovery, that of the numeric miracle of the Holy Qur’an.
Among these questions are the following: What are the benefits, anyway, of the numeric miracle of the Qur’an, for both Muslims and non-Muslims? In this first part of the book, we will establish some important guidelines that must be followed when extracting numbers from the Holy Qur’an.
Among the real mysteries of the Holy Qur’an are those seemingly random letters found at the forefront of about one quarter of the chapters of the Qur’an. Although scholars have never been able to fully explain the meaning behind these letters, most have appropriately given their opinion on the matter by saying, “God knows best!”. In this part is an abundance of numeric illustrations depicting the relationship of these letters with the number 7, which is the basis of the these letters’ numeric system and the foundation of the numeric miracle in general. In this part, we discover new truths into the numeric system underlying the Holy Qur’an’s magnificent letters. Having said this, we now embark on a magnificent journey with this captivating, albeit very short, chapter, but using one of the ********s of our 21st century: the simple ******** of numbers. In addition, Al-Fatihah is the only chapter which features in all five of the daily prayers of Muslims. And now we may ask this question: Does this chapter carry with it an inherent miracle that is most suitable to our current age, and our modern times? The idea behind this study is very simple, because Surat Al-Fatihah, like any other chapter, or any other text for that matter, contains words and letters, and those are the focus of our study. One thing we absolutely must remember is that the brilliant numeric consistencies in the Qur’an are not our ultimate goal per se. Allah the Almighty has repeatedly cited the day and night, and the sun and moon in the Holy Qur’an, in a manner that perfectly complies with the respective astronomical cycle of each; an indication of a sublime coherence between the universe and the Qur’an. Performing the same experiment a month later will also give us different results, and none of the pictures we take will perfectly match. This question has been studied for thousands of years, and scientists have discovered that what is known as the Moon’s Metonic Cycle (named after the Greek astronomer Meton of Athens) occurs every 19 years.

That being said, the sidereal (or orbital) period of the moon is 27.3 days, which means that, approximately, the moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth every 27 days.
Please note that this differs from the moon’s synodic period of about 29.5 days, which is the time it takes the moon to return to approximately the same position as seen by an observer on Earth. Moreover, you bear on the Qur'anic text what it cannot bear of interpretation and explanation?The answer of these questions is found in the same verses that spoke about the coincidence between the science and the Qur'an. This research may make a good contribution to correct west vision about that illiterate prophet (Peace be upon him).
I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me( without any mediator or intercessor). We answered to his invocation and saved him and his family from the great distress) [Al-Anbiya].Then the chapter mentions our prophet Ayyub (Job) “peace be upon him” when his disease distressed him and he asked ALLAH to cure him. This wording format (hasten) is a proof to show how speedy they were in doing anything to please ALLAH almighty, and Glory is to ALLAH, where are we compared to the prophets?
And it is ALLAH that decreases or increases (your provisions), and unto Him, you shall return)[Al-baqarah:245].
Do we remember during the prayer that ALLAH is proficient in answering our supplication and that nothing disables him neither in the earth nor in the sky? The strange thing in this noble prophet “peace be upon him” is that he didn’t seek anything from ALLAH! Verily, we have heard the call of one (Muhamed) calling to faith: ‘believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. And from my personal experience with the Quran for over twenty years, I became convinced that the Quran has a great deal of influence on the human personality. I read once the verse: (and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you.
And that ALLAH will not choose for me except what is good for me because he knows the future, but I don’t.
And since ALLAH is there for us, near us, sees and hears us, and controls this universe, why should I be miserable, worried, or depressed?? There will be such a huge changes; your personality would be modified into 180 degrees towards the better. After studying thousands of Qur’anic words and passages, I have arrived at what can be considered the discovery of an intricate numeric system that rests within the verses of the Noble Qur’an. A sound scientific approach must be adhered to whenever Qur’anic numbers are analysed, and this is something that I have honoured throughout this study and hope that fellow researchers will honour as well. These include a study of the numeric arrangements found in the first verse of the Qur’an, the first chapter of the Qur’an, and other chapters across the Qur’an such as Surat2 Al-Ikhlas (Chapter: Sincerity), one of the shortest yet most important chapters. These disconnected letters, which will be called ‘special phrases’, are unique letter combinations found at the beginning of about a quarter of the Qur’an’s chapters, and their meaning, to this very date, remains uncertain. The second: number of times the word Adam was mentioned from the beginning of the Qur’an up to this crucial verse is 7 times, and the number of times Jesus was mentioned from the beginning of the Qur’an up to this verse is also 7 times. That being said, has the age arrived where we finally discover at least some of the secrets behind these ‘special’ letters?
And as such, we have undertaken a detailed study into the arrangement and repetition of these mystifying letters, only to discover that underlying them is a most profound miracle of numbers. This part is also a response to any claims that the Holy Qur’an contains meaningless letters, because the numeric system behind the special letters is clear evidence of their inimitability, in today’s age of numbers and information.
Just like the Qur’an contains scientific facts but is not a book of science, it contains numeric facts but is not a book of mathematics. God Almighty is the One and Only Creator of the universe, and also the One who sent down the Holy Qur’an. That is because these verses are basically directed for the disbelievers who do not believe in the Qur'an. It also assists in recovering the humans’ psyche, activates the muscles, and helps in getting rid of daily pressures, worries, and depression.
So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright) [Al-baqarah: 186].
How many of the believers have moneys, never the less, we rarely find one of them goes rushing to a poor or needy person, but wait until they approach him. Do we keep in mind while asking ALLAH something, that He is greater than that thing, or do we fully focus on the thing we need and request from ALLAH?
And finally you should know that if a supplication was not answered in this life, then, ALLAH is either going to answer it for you in the judgment day when you need anything desperately in that day. No doubt that reciting Quranic verses, understanding them and listening to them in conscious will alter and rebuild a new personality. And since this is a fate ALLAH wrote it and chose it for me, it must be good and contains advantages and happiness. While the four bibles didn’t specify a chapter for Miriam “peace be upon her”, neither her name was mentioned two nor three times, he found that Miriam's name was repeated in the Quran 34 times. Hal itu terjadi pada saya (Abduldaem Al-Kaheel – penyusun artikel) ketika saya membaca ayat-ayat tertentu untuk khusus penyakit dan penyakit itu sembuh! In this class insha’allah, the student will discover the power of prayer by learning to use Allah’s own words and the words of His prophets to ask for what he or she needs and wants.The secrets, or deeper meanings, of the Qur’an are accessible to the sincere seeker by the permission of Allah, subhanahu wa ta`ala. By the blessing of God Almighty, I have succeeded – after a detailed and methodical investigation – in proving both the existence and accuracy of this prolific numeric system, which comprehensively covers the Qur’an’s chapters, verses, words and letters.
The consensus of Muslim scholars has been that these letters are one of God’s Qur’anic miracles, and that only He knows their full meaning. The third: is that the word Adam is mentioned for the 19th time in the Qur’an and also the word Jesusis mentioned for the 19th time in chapter with the name Mary [Surat Maryam] which is the chapter number 19 in the holy Qur’an. One of prophet Muhameds’ (peace be upon him) mercies for believers is his recommendation for walking to Mosques, and his promise of gaining a great reward. This is a proof that ALLAH almighty is close to us, hears and responds to our invocations. He still may give the needy person some money or not- except whom ALLAH have mercy on him. Or that ALLAH will remove a distress, misfortune or suffering that might come along with answering the supplication.
Forgive us our sins and expiate from us our evil deeds, and make us die along with Al-Abrar( the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism(193) Our Lord! Moreover, there was positive reception and admiration about Miriam “peace be upon her” in all the verses that her named was mentioned in.
The student, insha’allah, will obtain the tools needed to touch the beauty and hidden jewels of the Qur’an.As examples, there are du`a to increase provision, to become pregnant, to experience peace, and to be more eloquent. This is a fact I neither doubt nor dare challenge, and by no means do I claim to have unravelled their entire wonders.
What has caught my attention is that ALLAH the majesty responds to our supplications, but how can we respond to him (When he calls on Me), and does he need our answers?
And how many of the preachers of ALLAH need a small amount of money to spend in their way of preaching, and you hardly find who supports them or gives them some. He said: (La ilaha illa Anta [none has the right to be worshiped but You (O ALLAH], Glorified (and Exalted] be You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]!). Is your heart going to be frightened in front of ALLAH’s almighty words, while performing supplication, are you going to fear ALLAH in all your deeds?

Grant us what you promised unto us through Your Messengers and disgrace us not on the Day of Resurrection, for You never break(Your)promise) Al-Imran:[193-194]. If Muhammad “peace be upon him” was the one who wrote the Quran, why did he specify a large space to talk about the Christ and his mother…. Penyembuhan dengan Al-Quran adalah isu yang kritis yang tidak banyak ada studi atau penelitian tentangnya, jadi saya rasa untuk memulai perjalanan ini dan memohon kepada Allah untuk membimbing saya, memberikan saya ilmu yang bermanfaat, menunjukkan kepada saya kebenaran dan menolong saya untuk melakukannya, dan menunjukkan kepada saya kesalahan dan menolong saya untuk menjauhinya. Nevertheless, after studying them in much detail, I have reached the firm conclusion that at least one of the miracles inherent in these mystifying letters is indeed a numeric one. It says that Allah will guide them to see His signs and miracles to realize and know foe certainty that the Qur'an is the truth and it is the book of Allah (Exalted is He). As these statistics says that by the year 2025 , Islam will be the first religion all over the world according to number of followers , this is not an exaggerated saying with no doubt these numbers are real , as these figures came from non Muslim scientists. For instance, our prophet Ayyub (Job) said after asking ALLAH to heal him: (and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy).
Second, declaring that he was a wrongdoer when he left his people and went off in anger to the ship without seeking ALLAH’s permission for that action, so he admitted to ALLAH sayingTruly, I have been of the wrongdoers).
Salah satu buah terpenting dari penelitian ini, yang berlangsung selama bertahun-tahun, yaitu bahwa saya datang dengan hasil yang penting: Allah telah menempatkan dalam setiap ayat Al-Quran sebuah kekuatan penyembuhan untuk penyakit tertentu jika ayat ini dibaca dalam jumlah tertentu berkali-kali. He is also addressing and calling them while saying: Will they not then contemplate the Qur’an? Permulaan Ketika kita merenungkan alam semesta di sekeliling kita, kita melihat bahwa setiap atom bergetar dalam frekuensi tertentu, apakah atom ini bagian dari logam, air, sel atau apapun. And if it had been from (any where) other than the Providence of Allah, indeed they would have found in it many difference (s).
The question, isn’t this the same as what prophet Mohamed said to his companions 1400 years ago? SIGN UPEvent CalendarWe offer many programs and events throughout the year, location based and via phone. Also scientists discovered that forelock area plays a vital role in realizing, steering, problem solving and creation. If the prophet is the one who came up with the Quran, why does it speak to people in the plural format (Verily, We); why it did not say (I)? Setiap suara memiliki frekuensinya sendiri, dan manusia bisa mendengar dari frekuensi 20 per detik hingga frekuensi 20000 per detik (1). Dengan demikian, otak menganalisa sinyal-sinyal tersebut dan memberikan perintah-perintahnya ke berbagai bagian tubuh untuk terhubung dengan sinyal-sinyal itu.
He said ( God will not held day of resurrection unless Arab land returns greens and rivers again ) [Narrated by Muslim.] scientifically, it was proved that one day the Arabian peninsula was full of greens and rivers as satellite photos confirm that there are buried rivers under the sand of Arab land , one of the great scientists of the American space agency (NASA) says that the taken photos for the desert had shown that one day this area was covered with rivers and lakes like Europe and one day in the future it will back again like the past. In this Surah, the Christ and his mother “peace be upon them” were mentioned, and the Quran corrected the lies that the Jews made up for this great woman.
It purified her from polytheism and disbelief and chose her above the women of mankind and jinn. Why are all the prophets, in the Quran, mentioned in great honor, compared to Torah which claims that Allah's prophets had committed adultery, drinking, lying, and cheating…… why does this prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) do these corrections and where does he bring this information from? Itu juga menunjukkan bahwa suara mempengaruhi sel tersebut; gambar di atas adalah gambar sel yang terkena pengaruh oleh sebuah suara dan medan elektromagetik yang terbentuk di sekitarnya. Dengan begitu, kita bisa mengatakan bahwa sel-sel di setiap bagian tubuh bergetar dalam frekuensi tertetu, dan membentuk sebuah sistem yang rumit dan terkoordinasi yang terpengaruh oleh setiap suara di sekitarnya. Sehingga, setiap penyakit yang melanda semua bagian tubuh akan menyebabkan sebuah perubahan dalam getaran pada bagian sel ini dan oleh karena itu menyebabkannya menyimpang dari sistem tubuh yang umum yang mempegaruhi seluruh tubuh. Inilah mengapa, ketika tubuh ini terkena suara tertentu, suara ini mempengaruhi sistem getaran tubuh dan terutama pada bagian yang tidak beraturan; bagian ini akan merespon suara tertentu untuk mengembalikan sistem getaran asli, atau dengan kata lain untuk mengembalikan kondisi kesehatannya. Cerita tentang terapi suara Alfred Tomatis, seorang dokter Perancis, membuat eksperimen selama lima puluh tahun mengenai indera manusia dan muncul dengan hasil bahwa indera pendengaran adalah indera yang paling penting!
Dia menemukan bahwa telinga mengontrol seluruh tubuh, mengatur operasi-operasi vitalnya dan keseimbangan serta koordinasi gerakan-gerakannya ia juga menemukan bahwa telinga mengontrol susunan saraf! That is why we find that even a young child accepts the oneness of the lordship of ALLAH which is a proof that the humankind was created believing and witnessing that ALLAH is the one and the only God.
Selama eskperimennya, ia menemukan bahwa saraf pendengaran terhubung dengan seluruh otot tubuh dan ini adalah alasan mengapa keseimbangan dan fleksibilitas tubuh serta indera penglihatan itu terpengaruh oleh suara. Telinga dalam terhubung dengan seluruh bagian tubuh seperti jantung, paru-paru, hati, perut dan usus; hal ini menjelaskan mengapa frekuensi suara mempengaruhi seluruh tubuh (3).
Pada 1960, ilmuwan Swiss Hans Jenny menemukan bahwa suara mempengaruhi berbagai material dan memperbarui partikular-partikularnya, dan bahwa setiap sel tubuh memiliki suaranya sendiri dan akan terpengaruh oleh pembaruan suara serta material di dalamnya (4). Pada 1974, para peneliti Fabien Maman dan Sternheimer mengumumkan penemuan yang sangat mengejutkan; Mereka menemukan bahwa setiap bagian dari tubuh memiliki sistem getaran sendiri, sesuai dengan hukum fisika. Beberapa tahun kemudian, Fabien dan Grimal, peneliti lainnya, menemukan bahwa suara mempengaruhi sel-sel terutama sel-sel kanker, dan bahwa suara-suara tertentu memiliki pengaruh yag kuat; hal yang ajaib yang ditemukan oleh kedua peneliti tersebut adalah suara yang memiliki efek yang paling kuat terhadap sel-sel tubuh adalah suara manusia itu sendiri!! Dia menemukan, setelah memproses gambarnya, bahwa nada tertentu dalam tetesan darah itu mengubah medan elektromagnetiknya dan sepenuhnya bergetar merespon pemiliknya.
Dia kemudian menyimpulkan bahwa ada nada-nada tertentu yang mempengaruhi sel-sel tubuh dan membuatnya lebih vital dan aktif, bahkan memperbaharuinya. Dia muncul dengan hasil yang penting bahwa suara manusia memiliki pengaruh kuat dan unik terhadap sel-sel tubuh; pengaruh ini tidak ditemukan pada instrumen lainnya.
Fabien menemukan bahwa beberapa suara dengan mudah menghancurkan sel kanker, dan pada saat yang sama mengaktifkan sel sehat. Itulah mengapa membaca Al-Quran memiliki dampak hebat dalam perawatan kanker paling berbahaya sekalipun dan penyakit-penyakit yang menurut medis tidak dapat disembuhkan!
Inilah yang Masaru Emoto, seorang ilmuwan Jepang, buktikan dalam eksperimennya terhadap air; Dia menemukan bahwa medan elektromagnetik pada molekul-molekul air sangat terpengaruh oleh suara, dan bahwa ada nada-nada tertentu yang berpengaruh pada molekul-molekul ini dan membuatnya menjadi lebih teratur. Jika kita mengingat bahwa tubuh manusia 70 persennya terdiri dari air, maka suara yang manusia dengar mempengaruhi keteraturan pada molekul-molekul air di dalam sel-sel dan dengan cara ini molekul-molekul itu bergetar.
Lantunan ayat suci Al-Quran menciptakan sekelompok frekuensi yang mencapai telinga kemudian bergerak ke sel-sel otak dan mempengaruhinya melalui medan-medan elektromagnetik frekuensi ini yang dihasilkan dalam sel-sel ini. Sel-sel itu akan merespon medan-medan tersebut dan memodifikasi getaran-getarannya, perubahan pada getaran ini adalah apa yang kita rasakan dan pahami setelah mengalami dan mengulang. Tetapi, pada dasarnya semua ayat Al-Quran dapat menjadi terapi penyembuhan dan pencegahan dari berbagai penyakit, insya Allah. Nabi paling mulia shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam setiap hari membiasakan diri membaca ayat-ayat dan doa serta dzikir lainnya –selain mengkonsumsi makanan dan minuman alami yang sehat dengan adab-adab makan yang sehat- untuk perlindungan dari berbagai penyakit, baik fisik maupun psikis. Beliau shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam berdoa kepada Allah untuk melindunginya dari gangguan setan, termasuk dari berbagai penyakit. Pengobatan dengan ayat-ayat Al-Quran dan Sunnah Nabi shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam terbukti secara medis dapat menyembuhkan dari berbagai penyakit, apakah itu penyakit psikologis ataupun penyakit fisik (rohani ataupun jasmani), insya Allah. Maman Fabien, The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century, Tama-Do Press, California, 1997.
Kara Gavin, University of Michigan researchers publish new findings on the brain’s response to costly mistakes, University of Michigan, April 12, 2006.

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