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Take advantage of these fantastic extra savings simply by selecting the items you require in bulk and entering the code EDUCATE in the promo code box on the basket page - it couldn't be easier! NB: We may require proof that you are buying on behalf of a school, college, university, art club etc, so please ensure your contact details are correct when you place your order. Gittel is about to turn eighteen, the age in her Chassidic community where loveless marriages are arranged.
The British Empire expanded into India in the mid-1800’s, taking over from the East India Company and setting up their own government, military, and commercial enterprises. Gluten sensitivity is incredibly common these days, but living gluten free still isn’t simple. Over time (pardon the pun), Mitch Albom has made us laugh, cry and question our very existence.
The world of haute couture and high business is the setting for Lesley Lokko’s latest novel An Absolute Deception.

High School graduation is supposed to be a joyous time, especially on a tiny island like Nantucket where everyone knows everyone. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, then please return the item to us for a refund. She has just finished high school, and is supposed to be celebrating the beginning of her real life with her friends. Filled with good, wholesome advice about embracing and enhancing beauty, we have devoured every word and soaked up her advice.
Navigating the grocery store, avoiding gluten-filled goodies and cooking edible meals for the whole family can be tough.
We have enjoyed his previous novels so much; it’s no surprise we were itching to get our hands on The Time Keeper.
At the heart of the novel is Anneliese Zander de Saint Phalle, talented and celebrated queen of fashion, designer and visionary. Cancer has returned and she is fading from view while her children watch, in Deborah Forster’s novel The Meaning of Grace.

But on this tragic night in June, Penny crashes her car, killing herself and leaving her twin brother Hobson in a coma. That is until Jackson Axe arrives at school and enlists her help to find The White Warrior and the Tiger Scrolls. She is terrified that she will be unable to be a good mother to her baby, because of a secret in her past that she has never been able to accept.
But a new cookbook, Small Plates and Sweet Treats by Aran Goyoaga provides an approachable, family-friendly guide to gluten-free cooking. Returning to Clifftops, the rambling family house high on the Dorset coastline, youngest daughter Dora hopes for a fresh start, for herself and the new life she carries.

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