President Xi Jinping urged on Monday to "resolutely push forward supply-side structural reform" as the world's second-largest economy still faces strong headwinds, reflected by its easing economic indicators for April.
The reform is the key to the overall and long-term well-being of the Chinese economy, he told a meeting of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs.
The core of the reform is to push the reform of State-owned enterprises, accelerate the transformation of government functions, and deepen fundamental reforms, such as those in the pricing, fiscal and taxation, financial and pension fields, the president added. The market and government should both better play their roles to balance the reforms, he said. Xi made the comments following publication of an article by People's Daily on May 9 citing an "authoritative figure" who analyzed the causes of China's economic woes and offered the prescription of supply-side reform. On May 10, People's Daily published the text of a speech that Xi delivered to principal ministerial and provincial officials in January, when he had said that China's economic future will hinge on supply-side structural reforms.
Supply-side reform, which should focus on "allowing the market to play a decisive role", must be pushed to add to the long-term vitality of the Chinese economy, said Dong. Niu Fengrui, director of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said China has yet to effectively implement the supply-side reform agenda.
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said in Beijing on Monday that about half of the earnings came in the past 12 months alone, indicating strong momentum in the industry. Cook made the remark during his latest trip to Beijing, as the company is trying to boost its contracting smartphone sales in China, its second-largest market after the United States.
Apple has announced that it pumped $1 billion into Didi Chuxing, China's largest ride-hailing platform. Neil Shah, research director at market research company Counterpoint Technology Market Research, said Cook's visit to China, the recent investment in Didi and Cook's promise to help Chinese developers add to the fact that "China is and will remain to be the most important market for Apple". Didi currently handles more than 11 million rides a day and serves about 300 million users in China. Apple opened seven stores in China during the quarter ending in March and will open five more to take the tally to 40 by the end of June, signifying the importance of the Chinese market for the company. Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a Didi taxi with Jean Liu Qing, president of Didi, to an Apple store in Wangfujing in downtown Beijing on Monday.
Editor's note: China Daily is publishing a series of reports on cross-Straits relations ahead of Taiwan's new leader taking office.
Tourism operators from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, already experiencing a drop in numbers, fear an even greater drop if cross-Straits relations take a turn for the worse after Tsai Ing-wen takes office as the island's leader on Friday. Tourism manager Zhang Siwei found that promoting Taiwan-bound trips among Chinese mainland customers this year has been harder than before. Passenger numbers declined sharply in April - normally a busy month for Taiwan-bound tourism agencies - compared with the same period over the past few years.
His worries have increased amid recent indications that Tsai, from the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party, might not accept the 1992 consensus, which has the one-China principle at its core.
In March, Zhang Zhijun, head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that Tsai should clarify her understanding of cross-Straits relations. Her view of the consensus remains ambiguous and she has said only that she is willing to "maintain the status quo".
Tien Yi-show, chairman of the Taiwan Travel Industry Association in Taipei, said of Tsai and the consensus that "it looks like she is going to skip that line.
The passenger decline in the past few months is not just reflected by the number of those traveling on the ferry.
The Taiwan tourism sector - the first to face an immediate hit if cross-Straits relations turn sour - has seen a fall in the number of mainland Chinese tourists in general, with tour bus companies, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies complaining about the downturn. Recent statistics released by the island's Tourism Bureau show that since the beginning of May, the number of mainland Chinese tourists traveling in groups dropped on a daily average by about 33 percent - or 1,650 people from the 5,000 recorded over the same period last year.
Robert Huang, a Taipei travel agent providing tours for Chinese mainland tourists, said these visitors accounted for a quarter of the 10.44 million tourists visiting Taiwan last year. Figures from immigration authorities in Taiwan show that although 4,736 mainland tourists traveled to Taiwan on May 1, the number fell to 4,171 on May 2 and further decreased to 2,868 on May 3 and 2,930 on May 4.
This represented lost business income of $5.5 million compared with the same period last year. Chiang Chi-hsing, honorary chairman of the Kaohsiung City Tour Bus Association, said that with slightly more than 4 million visits made by Chinese mainland tourists in Taiwan last year, at least 6,000 tour buses were needed to carry them. Huang said his company has expanded its business to Europe and the United States in the past year, mindful of a possible change in cross-Strait relations if the DPP took power. Meanwhile, hotels and restaurants relying on mainland tourists have also reported a drop of 20 to 30 percent in business. Tien predicted that a number of such operations might have to shut down if cross-Straits relations turn sour. In April, China Eastern Airlines suspended its flights from Taichung to Wuhan, which had been in operation for three years. The company did not elaborate on why it halted the flights; nor did it say when they will be resumed.
Justin Mo, a Taiwan resident who owns a duty-free shop in Pingtan, told China Daily that friends who own hotels and restaurants in Taiwan all reported a decrease in customers recently. Statistics from the China National Tourism Administration show that 4.1 million people from the Chinese mainland traveled to Taiwan last year, accounting for about 40 percent of the island's total number of tourists.
Zhang Siwei, the tourism manager, said that he is paying close attention to Tsai's remarks on the cross-Straits relationship. The letter, titled Jushi Tie (A Letter on Happenings), was composed by the famed politician and scholar Zeng Gong on Sept 27, 1080, during his 12-year service in local administrations.
Zeng is ranked among the "eight masters of prose of the Tang (AD 618-907) and Song dynasties". Once owned by Belgian collectors Guy and Myriam Ullens, the letter was auctioned at 108.6 million yuan in Beijing in 2009. The participation of Wang, who bid over the phone, surprised many people, since he is known for being an ardent buyer of contemporary Chinese and, recently, Western art. The letter by Zeng Gong topped the Grand View auction of classical Chinese paintings, staged by China Guardian Auctions, which grossed 1.11 billion yuan in total. In the same sale, a calligraphic album in running script by the Ming calligrapher Song Ke was sold for 92 million yuan to Zhang Xiaojun of Shanxi province. The Grand View auction of classical Chinese ink art, held twice a year, is seen as a barometer of China's art market.
Luan Juli, general manager of China Guardian's Chinese painting department, said after the sale that classical Chinese art will play a bigger role in supporting the whole art market. The most expensive classical Chinese ink art sold at auction is Di Zhu Ming, a calligraphic hand scroll by Song Dynasty master Huang Tingjian that fetched 436.8 million yuan in Beijing in 2010.
Afghanistan supports China's position to resolve the South China Sea issue via bilateral negotiations between countries, a top Afghan leader said while meeting with Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing on Monday. Premier Li said China appreciates the neighbor's solid support in these areas and would like to deepen bilateral cooperation in economic and people-to-people exchanges, security and regional and international affairs.
The post of Afghanistan's chief executive was created in September 2014 for Abdullah, who claimed victory in that year's presidential election simultaneously with another candidate, Ashraf Ghani. Fu Xiaoqiang, a researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said Afghanistan's support shows that China has won over a large number of countries on the South China Sea issue.
Support for China included a statement on Thursday at the close of the ministerial meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, in which the participating Arab nations backed China's efforts to peacefully resolve maritime differences through dialogue.
Meanwhile, after the meeting, China and Afghanistan signed agreements to promote economic and technological exchanges, regional connectivity and bilateral trade.
On the big day, thousands of supporters from both sides crowd outside Worker's Stadium in the capital. As the gates open, a river of green-clad Beijing supporters gushes into one side of the stadium, while a red mass of Guangzhou fans rushes into the other side. Now it's down to five seconds, and suddenly a Guangzhou striker gains control of the ball all by himself in front of the Beijing goal. The striker leaps into the air and lets out a triumphant shout as his teammates run to congratulate him.
Everyone, on both team benches and in every seat in the sold-out stadium, is oblivious to the world. A roar slowly begins to rise in the stadium, and it gradually swells to a deafening crescendo as netizens around China forward the message and fans in the stadium learn the outcome of the game. It seems to me that we have become entirely too enthralled by the breadth of media available at our fingertips via mobile phones. Look around, everywhere in public, you'll see people - even behind the wheel of a car - oblivious to all except their phone's 4- or 5-inch display screen.
But ironically, an advantage of TV over the mobile phone is that you can't carry it around with you. A narrowed decline in foreign exchange bought by the central bank last month indicates capital outflows from China are easing, contributing to yuan stabilization, according to analysts. Although the data mark the sixth consecutive month that the figures have declined, the margin has narrowed sharply compared with falls in previous months, especially the record plunge of 708 billion yuan in December.
As the yuan is not freely convertible under the capital account, the central bank has to buy foreign currencies mainly generated by China's trade surplus and foreign investment from commercial banks, adding liquidity to the money market. The latest central bank data point to relieved pressure on capital outflows at a time when concerns have arisen over such outflows since falls in the yuan when China revamped its foreign exchange rate formation mechanism last year.
Liu Jian, senior analyst at Bank of Communications, attributed the narrowed decline in foreign exchange purchases to recent weakening of the US dollar and China's tightened controls on cross-border capital flows. Xie Yaxuan, chief analyst at China Merchants Securities, said rising economic indicators in the first quarter and improved market sentiment point to reduced pressure on capital outflows in the near term. Xie expects further falls in foreign exchange purchases in the second quarter, when the central bank is likely to use monetary tools and liquidity injection to stabilize the yuan exchange rate. Cao said some factors may have a bearing on the level of China's foreign exchange purchases in the longer term, as the US Federal Reserve has left the door open to raising interest rates in June, and the Chinese economy still faces "uncertainties".
Passenger train capacity has been increased by 8 percent and freight train by 9 percent - the largest such adjustment for 10 years, the company said. Under the new plan, 2,100 pairs of bullet trains are now operating out of a total of 3,400 pairs of passenger trains. The additional bullet trains - more than 100 pairs - are running mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guizhou.
Huang Xin, deputy director of China Railway Corp's Transportation Service Department, said that compared with previous upgrades in recent years, the new plan has added more trains running at normal speeds, connecting medium-sized and small cities. The country's longest rail line now runs for nearly 5,000 kilometers, connecting Qiqihar in Heilongjiang province with Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Travel time on more than 100 lines has been shortened by at least an hour, Huang said, adding that it has been cut to 10 hours from 14 hours on a line running between Jilin and Beijing.
Three pairs of trains have been added between Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei province - host cities for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Peng Guiyang, a transportation expert at Guangzhou Railway Corp, said the new plan aims to meet the nation's surging demand for transportation. Last year, China had 19,000 km of high-speed rail lines in operation, and the national network carried more than 2.5 billion people.
In the latest issue of Modern Ships, a cover story discusses the design, technological level, operational restrictions and development difficulties of the next-generation strike platform. According to Western media reports, the Wu-14 is probably China's most advanced weapon that is still being developed.
The Washington Free Beacon, a website in the United States, reported last month that China launched a ballistic missile on April 22 from the Wuzhai missile test center in Shanxi province to test a Wu-14. It was the revolutionary glider's seventh successful test flight, the report said, adding that the process was tracked by US satellites. Earlier reports by Chinese media quoted military analysts as saying that the glider could be used to sink aircraft carriers. For instance, its hypersonic speed will create a plasma field around the vehicle that will disrupt its radar detection of an aircraft carrier, and there is no solution to this problem so far, according to Zhang. Shao Yongling, a senior colonel and a professor of military strategy at the PLA Rocket Force Command College, told China Daily the Wu-14 cannot have been designed to hit an aircraft carrier. Gao Zhuo, a military observer in Shanghai, said the glider's operational mechanism is different from that of an anti-carrier ballistic missile. Making "additions" to other countries' statements has become a new fashion in Japanese diplomacy, China said on Monday.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei accused Japan of falsifying Kuwait's stance on the South China Sea issue, saying that the "additions" are aimed at confusing the public, and only expose Japan to ridicule.
The remarks came after Kuwait's Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Suleiman Al-Jarallah said that a Japanese report about Kuwait's position on the South China Sea issue was distorted. The Kuwaiti government supported the stance on the South China Sea in a statement issued after the seventh ministerial meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum last week, al-Jarallah said. Kuwait believes China is resolving the South China Sea issue with other countries involved through consultation and in accordance with the United Nations Charter and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, he added.
Japan's Kyodo News reported on Thursday that the prime ministers of Japan and Kuwait had agreed during a meeting that China's "unilateral attempt" to change the status quo in the East and South China seas has made the security environment in East Asia more fragile. Gao Hong, a senior researcher of Japanese studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "The spokesman's expression is very vivid," adding that Beijing has long been dissatisfied with Tokyo's "irresponsible comments" about China in multilateral meetings. This is not a proper attitude for Japan to adopt to get on well with its neighbor, he added.
Earlier this month, Kyodo News also said the foreign ministers of Japan and Laos had reached consensus over the South China Sea by agreeing that it is crucial to solve the issue peacefully in accordance with international laws.
Historical and territorial issues cannot be ignored when developing the relationship between Japan and China, the new Japanese ambassador to China said on Monday.
Yutaka Yokoi said the main aim should be to improve bilateral ties from an overall perspective. He said on his first day in office that this kind of relationship is best for the two countries' peoples and for peace and stability in the region. Arriving in Beijing on Sunday afternoon, Yokoi has vast experience of China, and analysts have high expectations for his tenure. On Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily briefing that the Sino-Japanese relationship is improving but is still sensitive and fragile.
Yokoi, who has more than 15 years' experience of living in China, said a leaders' meeting between the two countries is crucial to improve the relationship. Viewing people-to-people exchanges as another key area, Yokoi said nearly 5 million Chinese visited Japan last year, but most Japanese are worried about environmental problems when deciding to visit China. Lyu Yaodong, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Japanese Studies, said that although Yokoi is viewed as a "China hand", changes between China and Japan still need sincerity from Tokyo.
The investment, announced on Friday, is the largest single investment that Didi has received. Apple declined to elaborate on the intentions of the deal, but Cook told Reuters that he saw opportunities for Apple and Didi to collaborate in the future. Didi, which delivers more than 11 million rides a day via its platform, has an estimated valuation of $25 billion.
The investment comes at a time when Apple is seeing its sales tumble in China, its second-largest market.
Wu said Apple has been building its ecosystem in the auto industry with the rumored Apple Car and its CarPlay infotainment system.
James Yan, research director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, said that by teaming up with Didi, Apple is also expected to boost the loyalty of Chinese users. He added that the company's payment service, Apple Pay, may also get a boost in China as an increasing number of people now pay by smartphone after booking a ride on Didi. Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Didi, said in a statement that the endorsement from Apple is an enormous encouragement and inspiration for the 4-year-old firm. The US Department of Defense released its research - Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China 2016 - on May 13 as an annual report to Congress mandated by law. Abraham Denmark, deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, said in a briefing on May 13 that China's investment in military and weaponry operations continues on a path to increase its power projection, anti-access and area denial and its operations in cyberspace, space and electromagnetic emerging domains.
Talking about the Chinese military modernization program entering a new phase in 2015, Denmark expressed concerns about Chinese activities in the South China Sea, the growing global military presence and large-scale military reforms. Yang Yujun, spokesman for China's Ministry of National Defense, said that the report continues to play up the clich of a "China military threat" and "opacity of Chinese military capability". In a statement posted on the ministry website on May 14, Yang called the report "improper talk" when it comes to issues such as Chinese military reform, overseas military operations, development of weaponry and military equipment, the military budget, space, cyberspace and Taiwan. Yang reiterated that China sticks firmly to a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, and Chinese military reform and modernization is aimed at ensuring China's national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and peaceful development of the nation. He said the US side continues to harbor suspicions about China's strategic intentions and labels China's normal weaponry and military equipment development as "anti-access" or "area denial".
He also defended China's construction on reefs and isles in the Nansha Islands as not only meeting the necessary requirements for national defense, but even more so in serving civilian purposes and carrying out China's international obligations. He blasted the US' flexing its muscle by dispatching military planes and vessels in the South China as exercising hegemony and militarizing the region. He said Chinese overseas military operations, such as peacekeeping, rescue and disaster relief, are effectively fulfilling international obligations and providing public good for the international community.
Of the five permanent UN Security Council members, China now contributes the most personnel to peacekeeping efforts, a fact that was praised last week in a seminar in Washington by Joseph Nye, a Harvard professor and former US assistant secretary of defense. Yang described the Pentagon's annual report as gravely damaging to mutual trust and running counter to the development of the China-US military relationship. Editor's note: China Daily is publishing a series of reports on cross-Straits relations ahead of the inauguration of Taiwan's new leader. As Friday, inauguration day for Taiwan's new leader, approaches, businesspeople across the Straits are concerned about uncertainties brought by the political change in Taiwan. They have urged the new government, led by Democratic Progressive Party politician Tsai Ing-wen, not to destroy the good basis for peaceful development built up over past years. They also say that people on both sides of the Straits should not suffer from political confrontation between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.
Taiwan investor Nien Shun-jung said he is confident about his business on the mainland even though Tsai's inauguration could bring uncertainties to cross-Straits relations. Nien, 38, CEO of Crown Wei Pingtan Trading Co, runs a gift shop named Taiwan Gege at the Aoqian township duty free market in Pingtan, Fujian province, the closest place on the mainland to Taiwan. Last year, cross-Straits trade volume reached $188.56 billion, and about 40 percent of tourists visiting Taiwan came from the mainland, which is also the island's largest investment source and its prime export destination. Reflecting the advanced development in exchanges across the Straits, nearly 100,000 Taiwan companies have set up operations on the mainland, while last year alone, 9 million people traveled across the Straits in various capacities.
Tsai is replacing Ma Ying-jeou, from the mainland-friendly Kuomintang, as Taiwan's top leader. But mainland-based Taiwan businesspeople say the challenge lies in the fact that change won't happen that soon.
With observers waiting to hear Tsai's comments on cross-Straits relations in her inauguration speech, Taiwan businesspeople said her main challenge is to find the "political language" that can please Beijing.
Beijing has called repeatedly for Taipei to continue peaceful development of cross-Straits relations, adding that it must accept the 1992 Consensus - that the mainland and Taiwan belong to "one China". On May 5, People's Daily said in an editorial that if Tsai refuses to accept the 1992 Consensus, this will be considered an act that jeopardizes cross-Straits relations.
During the annual session of China's top legislature in March, President Xi Jinping told lawmakers that the mainland's policy toward Taiwan is clear and consistent, and it will not change with Taiwan's political situation. Ni Yongjie, deputy director of Shanghai's Taiwan Research Institute, said the mainland has sent a strong signal to Taiwan authorities that accepting the 1992 Consensus is the premise for further developing cross-Straits relations. Zhang Zhijun, head of the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, said in March that cross-Straits relations could be affected by unknown factors.
But observers said that Tsai and the DPP appear to prefer political ambiguity in an attempt to maintain the status quo in cross-Straits ties.
Lai said, "From what I understand, Beijing doesn't allow such ambiguity." As a result, cross-Straits relations are now "stuck" and it will take great wisdom from both sides to resolve the issue. There are measures Beijing can take to punish Taiwan - for example, by squeezing the flow of mainland tourists to the island, he said. Hopefully, both governments won't jeopardize the momentum built up over the years and will adopt pragmatic approaches that benefit both economies, he said. Justin Mo, 25, who owns the Sanyou Duty Free Shop in Pingtan, said Beijing and Taipei should not quarrel or fight, as business development needs a stable environment. Taiwan's political parties should not play cross-Straits relations "as a card" to cater to a small group of people, as this could harm the island's economy, he said.
Ho Hsi-hao, chairman of the Taiwan Business Association in Zhangzhou, Fujian, said Tsai has promised to maintain the status quo. Although Tsai won the election in January, her support came mainly from her core constituency.
Asked how Taiwan businesses on the mainland may be jeopardized by any tension that arises after Tsai takes office, Ho said the impact will be limited. Taiwan and its residents will bear the brunt of any tension, he said, citing the recent decline in mainland tourists visiting the island as an example. Chiang Pin-kung, former chairman of the Taipei-based Straits Exchange Foundation, advised the new government to maintain social harmony for both sides.

Nien, the Taiwan businessman who worked on the mainland from 1999 to 2010, said there might be uncertainties arising from the island's political transition, but the direction of peaceful development will not be changed. He has moved his family - including his son who is in primary school and his daughter who is in kindergarten - from Kaohsiung in Taiwan to Pingtan.
Lyu Yajun works on an embroidery product to be shipped to Taiwan in Fenglingtou, a township in Shangrao county, Jiangxi province, in March. The new Japanese Ambassador to China, Yutaka Yokoi, a China expert who previously worked in the country in other roles for more than five years, arrived in Beijing on Sunday. Yokoi, 61, takes the post as Sino-Japanese ties have been overshadowed by the high profile adopted by Tokyo over the South China Sea issue, in addition to long-standing historical and territorial issues.
Yang Bo-jiang, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Japan Studies, said he hopes that Yokoi will play a key role in improving communication and promoting understanding between the two countries. Liu Jiangyong, deputy dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations at Tsinghua University, expects Yokoi to take advantage of his previous experience in China. Daisuke Kondo, an editor at a Japanese magazine who once worked in China, told Hongkong-based Phoenix TV in March that Yokoi likes Peking Opera and the Chinese comedian and crosstalk performer Guo Degang. On Friday in Tokyo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Yokoi and Masato Kitera, his predecessor, at the Prime Minister's residence, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported. At a farewell ceremony attended by Kitera and Cheng Yonghua, the Chinese ambassador to Japan, in the Japanese capital the same day, Yokoi said he feels honored but has a great deal of responsibility in coming to China amid the present state of relations between the two countries. With Japan being "outstanding" in technology and China having a very promising market and a population of 1.3 billion, it is imperative for the two nations to build relations in a new age, he said. Asked by China Daily last month for any advice he would offer his successor, Kitera said the diplomat who replaced him should do things differently. About 5 million Chinese visited Japan last year and the number of Chinese visitors to the country each month continues to set records.
Yutaka Yokoi, born in 1955 and from central Japan's Toyama prefecture, graduated from Tokyo University in 1979 and then entered Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yokoi is known as a member of the ministry's "China School", a term used to refer to Japanese diplomats who receive Chinese language training and specialized studies after entering the ministry.
The last China School diplomat that worked as ambassador to China was Yuji Miyamoto, who served in Beijing from 2006 to 2010, according to Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper. He became Japan's consul general in Shanghai in June 2008, then was named a minister of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing in July 2010. Alibaba Group Holding's membership was suspended by the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition on Friday. The suspension came only about a month after the company became the first e-commerce member of the nonprofit global organization that fights counterfeit products and piracy. The coalition announced the suspension after questions were raised about conflicts of interest involving the organization's president and complaints from some members, who view Alibaba as a haven for cheap counterfeits.
Alibaba said on Sunday the suspension will not affect its relations and cooperation with the coalition. The coalition has more than 250 member companies, including leading brands such as Apple and Rolex.
According to people familiar with the matter, the suspension is likely to lead to Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma calling off his plan to deliver a keynote speech at the coalition's annual spring conference in Orlando, Florida, from Wednesday to Friday.
The suspension comes as Alibaba is transitioning from a platform attracting buyers with cheap goods to providing good quality, genuine brands. Tian Hou, an analyst at TH Capital in Beijing, said Alibaba is keen to seek global recognition in line with its status as the world's largest online retailer. China is to increase the number of organ transplant hospitals from 169 to about 300 by 2020, according to the chairman of the National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee.
Huang Jiefu said the increase will enable the nation to become the world leader in terms of the number of lifesaving procedures performed.
Huang, the former deputy minister of health, was speaking on Sunday at an annual awareness-raising event held by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Red Cross Society of China in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. In 2010, the two organizations set up China's public organ donation system in an attempt to end long-term dependence on death row inmates as major organ donors for transplants. By February, 6,238 Chinese citizens had donated organs after death, saving 16,827 patients, according to the Red Cross.
China currently has 169 organ transplant centers, performing about 10,000 surgeries annually.
In contrast, the United States has more than 300 transplant centers, performing the most transplants worldwide. Ye Qifa, director of the transplant center at Central South University in Wuhan, said Chinese organ transplant surgeons are highly capable but in short supply. Huang said more surgeons are being trained, and with increasing organ donation awareness, "we'll open more centers to save more lives". The number of organ donations will be made public on the website of the China Organ Transplant Development Foundation. He said that in China a kidney transplant costs more than 300,000 yuan (about $46,000) and a liver transplant about 630,000 yuan. China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang is scheduled to be in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from tomorrow until Thursday to attend the Belt and Road Summit sponsored by the Hong Kong SAR government, Xinhua News Agency reported. At the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Jean-Marc Ayrault, France's minister of foreign affairs and international development, will pay an official visit to China today and tomorrow, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To mark the International Day Against Homophobia tomorrow, the United Nations Development Programme will launch a survey report on social attitudes toward sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Many companies, including Volvo, Baidu and Chang'an, announced driverless car programs in April. Of course, I'm well aware of the animosity between the cities, and this column may even get some hackles up.
An article I read online asked readers if they were on "Team Beijing" or "Team Shanghai", as if answering that question would define your personality. Oddly, as we set out on our little holiday, I brooded a little on the bullet train after it left Beijing South Railway Station to head south. The truth is, in some ways, I had never felt quite young, wealthy or cool enough for the Shanghai scene.
Well, like most stereotypes, there seems to be a grain of truth and a dollop of oversimplification to that.
While Beijing largely lacks the turn-of-the-century charm of Shanghai, it has amazing historical architecture and fascinating hutong areas. As for weather, I actually like a drier climate, but, for comfort, Beijing's frigid winters pretty much offset Shanghai's humid summers. The only real problem I have with Beijing is, of course, the higher level of air pollution some days. These two rival sisters have different climates, cuisines, personalities, advantages and disadvantages, but the wonderful thing is that they are a living demonstration of China's variety.
When I tell friends and family back in the States about these cities, I tell them to imagine Beijing as Washington and Shanghai as New York. Fast food has become wildly popular in the past three decades since Kentucky Fried Chicken established its first outlet in Beijing in 1987. Rapid expansion across the country has seen the market valuation of KFC's operator Yum Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, soar to about $32 billion. But things haven't been easy for these outlets in recent years, with the surge in domestic fast-food restaurants. Yonghe King, which is known for its soybean milk and deep-fried dough fritters, expanded the number of its stores to more than 300 last year in China.
To cater to diners' diverse tastes, many Western fast food chains are introducing Chinese dishes to their menus. A high-tech system to help find missing children was put into operation on Sunday as a result of joint efforts by Chinese police and Internet companies.
The Emergency Response System, led by the Ministry of Public Security, is similar to Amber Alert, a system for emergency information broadcasts about missing children in the United States. Chinese police working on cases of missing children first post messages, including photos and physical characteristics, on an internal system developed by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant.
The identities of officers from public security departments are verified at each level to ensure the veracity of what's posted, according to Chen Shiqu, deputy inspector of the ministry's criminal investigation bureau.
The system helps spread information in an effective manner by specifying the broadcast range, said Chen Jianfeng, director of the bureau's anti-abduction office. Information is broadcast to areas 100 kilometers from the place a child went missing within one hour, Chen Jianfeng said. The range is extended to more than 500 kilometers if a child is missing for more than three hours, he said. On Sunday, the weibo account of the platform already had attracted more than 90,900 followers.
Cao Zenghui, vice-president of Sina Weibo, said the platform will deter the posting of fake information on missing children by netizens. Liu Zhenfei, chief risk officer at Alibaba, said it should lead to more family reunifications across the country.
A publicity campaign and a DNA database set up by the ministry in 2009 helped in the recovery of more than 440 abducted children last year, officials said. Chen Shiqu said that the new online platform was created to improve the capacity for finding children, not because the number of such cases has greatly increased.
The year-on-year growth of fixed-asset investment, industrial production and retail sales all cooled in April after a recovery in the first quarter, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. In the same month, industrial production registered year-on-year growth of 6 percent, down by 0.8 percentage points compared with March. Wang Baobin, senior statistician with the NBS, said in a note that the slower year-on-year fixed-asset investment was caused mainly by weaker investment growth in infrastructure.
Despite the falling year-on-year growth of the indicators, structural improvement has become apparent with efforts to foster new growth engines as both domestic and external demand weakens. He Zhicheng, an independent economist, said that the drop in manufacturing investment is inevitable with restructuring and the search for new growth impetus. He said the government might not further ease monetary policy in response to the new data, given that the central bank said on Saturday that its monetary policy stance remained unchanged, pledging to maintain a "prudent" policy. Economists said what is more concerning is slowing private investment growth that may affect the vitality of the broader economy. Growth of fixed-asset investment by private firms, around 62 percent of overall fixed-asset investment, rose only by 5.2 percent year-on-year in January-April, the slowest in four years. Xu Kunlin, head of the fixed-asset investment department with the National Development and Reform Commission, said on Friday "a series of measures" will be taken to boost private investment, including lowering market entrance barriers and helping private firms with access to financing channels. China started to construct a number of large-scale science facilities in the past two decades, such as the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope in Pingtang, Guizhou province, which will be the world's largest single-dish telescope. Although the facilities' research - from subatomic particles to galaxies - may seem difficult for the public to understand, Chen Xuelei, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatories affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is confident of grabbing people's interest. Beijing municipality has increased the allowance for soldiers who join the People's Liberation Army for the third consecutive year, with higher amounts for better-educated recruits. A university student or graduate who has a Beijing hukou, or household registration permit, will receive at least 186,000 yuan ($28,500) in cash in allowance if they join the PLA this year and serve at least two years, the Beijing Municipal Conscription Office announced on its website on Friday.
The money, 9,000 yuan higher than last year, includes subsidies for the soldier's family, reimbursement for university expenditures, service pay as well as job-finding assistance.
The PLA intends to recruit more well-educated young people to fill in its intellectually demanding positions that are rapidly emerging along with the military modernization drive.
An associate degree holder or student at an associate college will receive 178,000 yuan for a two-year service term while a high school graduate will get 154,000 yuan. A soldier serving in high-altitude plateaus in the Tibet autonomous region will receive an extra subsidy of at least 56,200 yuan, the office noted.
In 2014, the total allowance for a university student or graduate who became a PLA soldier that year was increased by nearly 20,000 yuan to 159,000 yuan. In addition to the financial incentives, Beijing also promises that students from universities in Beijing who interrupt their studies to serve the PLA will be given special favors when they take part in postgraduate exams, apply for a job in the government and State-owned enterprises, and apply for a Beijing hukou after graduation. Government departments, State-owned companies and publicly funded organizations in Beijing have been asked to set aside a certain proportion of their vacancies for university graduates who served with the PLA, the conscription office said. Last month, the PLA released a rap-style recruitment music video for the first time to cater to the tastes of young people. We read about their sumptuous lifestyles, latest loves and multimillion-dollar contracts in the celebrity pages and on gossip websites.
But Jiang Yilei, 29, has become a star virtually overnight in China - not from being snared by a big film studio, but thanks to the internet and social networking sites.
Jiang, widely known as Papi Jiang, previously was an unknown graduate student at the Central Academy of Drama. She has attracted some 13.1 million followers on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo over the past few months. Trying to make a name for oneself on the internet, either in China or elsewhere, is not exactly new. Online celebrities in China have far more opportunities than their overseas counterparts because of the sheer scale and diversity of Chinese sites in their many manifestations, whether it be e-commerce, social media or something else. When Chinese people used to think about online celebrity, by and large they pictured porcelain-faced young women, but now the idea has been stretched to take in any number of people who have a huge following on the internet, according to Da Shan, founder of Today's Online Celebrity, a WeChat public account devoted to analyzing China's online celebrity economy. Today's Online Celebrity recently published a report about the potential commercial value of such celebrities, measured by number of followers, and the influence and business model of the platforms on which they are active.
The most eye-catching group of online celebrities - who have a whole sales and production team for goods they hawk to online fans as part of their business model - are those closely connected with China's e-commerce companies, such as Alibaba's Taobao. In this case, you can forget the idea that a Little Miss Nobody working alone, crouched over an old computer in a shed in a village, is behind all this. The woman that is the face of the operation usually also deals with an incubator or agencies that connect her with manufacturers, suppliers and advertising agencies and guide her in maintaining, or if need be changing, her image so as to keep followers loyal, says Yang Ping, general manager of an incubator of online celebrities in Hangzhou. Fang Qihe, a blogger and Taobao shop owner in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is one of those who puts on stylish garb, takes photos of herself and posts them online. In the apparel industry in China, online celebrities are responsible for sales worth 100 billion yuan a year, according to Guotai Junan Securities. Another large group of online celebrities consists of those who perform on live streaming sites. The Ministry of Culture says about 200 million people in China use online live streaming, and that at the busiest times 3,000 to 4,000 rooms are streaming simultaneously, with a combined viewership of between 2 million and 3 million.
Others who are cashing in on online fame include many who do not show their face, but provide entertainment or information in the form of novels and other written content, astrological advice, cartoons or stock market analyses. In many instances, we hear from veterans who were actually inA a picture, or on a ship when the picture was taken. The Chinese economy faces cyclical problems as well as challenges of scale, but the structural and supply-side problems are the most serious, he was quoted by China Central Television as saying. Although economic indicators showed a mild rebound in the first quarter, the April data show the momentum of recovery has eased.
It declined to comment on whether the senior executive will meet with high-level officials to talk about regulatory issues. The company operates the Haixiahao, a high-speed ferry launched in 2011 between Taipei and Pingtan, the closest point to the island on the Chinese mainland.
Even in April last year, when the ferry underwent repairs and was out of service for some days, passenger numbers were still more than 12,000.
Between the lines, however, he also shows a dissatisfaction at being unable to implement his political ideas in the royal court. He spent $29.9 million on a Picasso painting, Woman With a Hairbun on a Sofa, at a Sotheby's sale in New York in May last year. An album of calligraphic Buddhist sutras, poems and paintings by intellectuals from the Tang and later dynasties sold for 57.5 million yuan.
In a compromise to maintain national unity, Abdullah assumed the new post while Ghani became president.
After months of hard-scrabble, grueling competition, China's top two teams are to meet on the field to decide who is the best. On both sides, strikers repeatedly dart into what they hope are gaps in the other side's defense, only to be repelled. They stop where they stand and look around, at each other, at the team benches and at the crowd. People ignored themselves, each other and life in general to sit for hours glued to the TV screen. One-third of the additional 300 pairs of passenger trains are operating in central and western areas, connecting small cities.
The story is titled "China's Wu-14 will not be a carrier killer, it has another important mission". However, the Modern Ships article says that engineers will have to overcome a number of technological problems to enable the Wu-14 to hit ships.
It can travel so fast that there is almost no time for it to adjust its course during flight, Shao said. He added that the Japanese embassy will work on realizing a leaders' meeting between Beijing and Tokyo. It also is a rare one for Apple, since the US tech giant tends to buy out companies rather than inject capital into them. The $1 billion investment makes Apple a strategic partner joining other Didi investors such as China's internet giants Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings. China is the world's largest automobile market, and Didi is the dominant player in China's ride-sharing sector, which offers a great test field for Apple. The shop opened three months ago and all goods sold there are imported from Taiwan and are exempt from customs duty. No matter who the top leader of Taiwan is, he or she will not turn a blind eye to the mainland's huge market," he said.
She has said that once she takes office, she will expand the island's export markets to Southeast Asia and attract more tourists from countries in that region. The editorial, which set an unprecedentedly serious tone, has been viewed as a warning from Beijing toward Taiwan's new government. If not, there are likely to be consequences for the economies on both sides of the Straits, and "this may be particularly hurtful to Taiwan," Lai said. If she keeps cross-Straits relations on good terms, Taiwan merchants will support her re-election. Japan may interfere deeply in the South China Sea issue thanks to the implementation of its security legislation," Yang said.
Membership in the coalition is the type of endorsement the company is looking for to back this transition. As a result, the health authority is carrying out research to initially cover kidney transplants under health insurance. China launched the annual fishing ban in 1999 "to promote sustainable development of the fishing industry in the South China Sea and to protect the fundamental interests of fishermen". Over the coming days, China Daily will publish interviews with industry insiders and law experts in a series of in-depth stories, to investigate the opportunities and challenges of the driverless car industry, such as safety issues and defining responsibility in the event of an accident. Some Shanghainese women were startlingly gorgeous, as if teleported from a catwalk in Paris or Milan. Sure, it had been an adjustment to leave Shanghai, but as I spent more time in Beijing, I became more and more comfortable. Chinese people in Shanghai (including a Beijing native) had told us that the knock on Beijing is that everyone here is concerned about power, whereas Shanghai is a mercantile city, where compromise is paramount. I liked a lot of the Beijingers I met, and mostly they seemed like the "regular" people that I'm comfortable with. It is especially onerous once you have some blue-sky days here and see how gorgeous a city it is. China is not a simple place, and the definition of "Chinese" doesn't fit into a neat little box. It's a useful tool to help them understand, but it just barely scratches the surface of what these places are.
HeheGu, a fast-food chain operator founded in Beijing in 2004, has found remarkable success focusing on serving gai fan - rice topped with meat, vegetables and other ingredients.
Rice congee and soybean milk are now popular breakfast items in both KFC and McDonald's, for example.
Meanwhile, it is also intended to simplify complicated reporting procedures and help officers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, he said.
But now it is extended and covers cyberspace, which is a quicker way to find missing children," Chen said. More than 10 of the company's engineers voluntarily worked in their spare time since November to set up the internal system. Also, manufacturing has been trapped by weak demand and overcapacity problems that "remain severe", Wang said. Investment in consumer goods manufacturing rose by 10 percent year-on-year in the January-to-April period, 4 percentage points higher than that of all manufacturing investment, in line with restructuring strategies, Wang said.

A temporary slowdown shown by monthly data should not raise concerns over the stabilizing trend of the world's second-largest economy, which is moving away from the inefficient investment-led model and shifting toward a consumption-driven growth pattern. Others include the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopy Telescope in Xinglong, Hebei province, which is expected to conduct a 5-year spectroscopic survey of 10 million Milky Way stars. As a result, it is necessary to let the public learn more about scientific frontiers by displaying these facilities," said Chang Jin, chief scientist of China's Dark Matter Particle Explorer satellite, which was launched in December to detect dark matter in space. So we should explain to the public how we work with them through this face-to-face communication," he said. They will be given to the soldier and his or her family during the service term and after he or she retires from the military.
The effort was applauded by young people, many of whom said the music succeeded in raising their aspirations to have a military career. But behind many a film star there are long periods of joblessness and menial work before they make the big time. Eight months ago she began to produce, star in and distribute online dozens of short videos in which she plays a variety of characters and lampoons those in everyday situations such as dating.
This year heralds the beginning of the online celebrity economy in China," says Zhang Xiaorong, a researcher with the Tencent Research Institute, in a recent report. Many online celebrities are going to emerge this year," says Xue Yongfeng, a researcher with Beijing internet consultancy Analysys International. But it is only in recent months in China - particularly through Papi Jiang - that the tremendous commercial value of these celebrities has begun to crystallize in the public mind, and more talent, investors and capital are beginning to pour into the market. It has produced many more ways in which they can make a name for themselves and then turn that into cash. The online celebrity market, still in its infancy, could be worth hundreds of billions of yuan, Da says. Pictures or videos of these celebrities - and they are almost without exception attractive young women who dress to the nines - appear on social media, accompanied by advice for their followers on subjects such as choosing the right clothes and the right cosmetics. Instead, most of these celebrities have a savvy back-up team that helps them in their business dealings and with the content they post. She now has 490,000 followers, and about 50 to 80 percent of what her Taobao shop sells is snapped up by that entourage. Taobao says more than 1,000 shops connected to online celebrities who hawk women's clothing each have a sales revenue of more than 1 million yuan a year. Against decorated backdrops in various styles, the central character may sing, dance, play games or tell jokes. There are more than 200 live streaming platforms, and the ministry says the industry was worth about 7.77 billion yuan last year. Asking Siri to help hail a ride can certainly help increase user experience in China," he said.
The first, by China Daily reporters An Baijie and Hu Meidong and China Post reporter John Liu, looks at how businesspeople are viewing the joint ties. On April 21, after fierce bidding among those vying to place advertisements alongside her videos, the hammer fell with a bid of 22 million yuan for the first ad to go with one of her online video clips. The potential worth of the most valuable online celebrity, the online writer called the Third Master of the Tang Family, is put at 1.47 billion yuan. The brands behind the pictures then parse and weigh fan feedback in the form of product orders as they start to roll in before deciding how much more to produce for their linked Taobao stores. These online celebrities' income is derived mainly from gifts and money sent through the website by fans. We look forward to hearingA from you and know others will appreciate your input on our country's history and your place in it both yesterday and today. Speaker Ryan stated, "As you know, this declaration comes about as the result of an oversight deadline set by Congress."Sec. I also want to thank the Knights of Columbus and all those organizations and leaders around the world who have spoken out on this.
A a€?But now that our government is recognizing this crisis, it needs to do more to stop it. A A NATO planes need to rain hell-fire bombs on all training facilities without warning and more boots-on-the-ground then first wave Navy Seals are necessary to hunt these fanatics as they surface from the holes in the ground they crawled into.
A A Real War Photos.A story of Labor Day weekend 1967 at Fort Wainwright and friendships made long ago. We used field showers which were 55 gallon drums of water on top of a scaffold looking contraption.
Heated by a gasoline heater that provided cold water or scalding water with no middle settings.
Showers were never long.A After two weeks the troops were tiring of the lack of alcohol and the companionship of the native girls at the bars in Fairbanks. I'm sure having troops restricted to base made that generous decision easier for the brass to make.A Friday afternoon, Robert Carleton walked over to my bunk and laid out a plan.
A Carleton actually looked like Jim Carrey, black hair and dark eyes and an eternal, almost goofy grin.
He proposed that him, Merle Archie and I should slip off post after dark and make our way to Pauline's bar to check out the chicks and sample Pauline's legendary drinks. His idea of excitement was watching me and Schwering swill contraband Bacardi while listening to Peter Paul and Mary on his record player. Arch was incredibly bright and we had become close friends, having shared one of the partitioned areas in the barracks.
Anyway, Arch looked at Carleton through his triple thick glasses and exclaimed, "Are you F'n nuts?
We stepped into the night after 4 or 5 minutes of careful planning without a thought about consequences or the fact that we had no idea where Pauline's actually was.A We walked the muddy mile down past the motor pool to the fence at post's edge, 8 feet high topped with barb wire. Carleton had one small mishap, probably took 5 stitches, but as I told him he'll always have that scar on his ass to brag about. The plan was to follow perimeter road until the left corner, ducking the MP jeeps on patrol.
Turn right then a short hike cross country until we found the paved road Pauline's was supposed be on. A half hour later Carleton yelled "Keep moving I see a light!" We made the light and it was right beside the highway.
Not a slow pace but a good long march carrying full gear pace, whistling, shouting cadence counts, telling lies and laughing. Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A A small dirt parking lot then a weathered log cabin, stoop shouldered and tired looking, appeared out of the fog as we got closer. He looked at me and pushed the door open.A Cigarette smoke filled the small dim room, an overhead light reflected in the mirror behind the small bar.
I stood at the left end Carleton was next to me then 3 guys who looked pretty much the same. One occupied.A i»?i»?A A short woman, 50ish, walked out of the back, a little puffy, reddish hair, eyebrows arched on in a ruddy shade. She walked over to me, her eyes were the bluest I'd ever seen; something sparkled on her earlobe. Actually you're supposed to have an incredible selection of the best drinks a soldier, er, I mean a person can find this far north.
Two double sized shot glasses hit the well-worn wooden bar, filled in a smooth, much experienced motion. A a€?Holy Shit!a€? Carleton whispered to me.A Midnight sounded on the wind up grandfather clock by the door. Carleton was new best friends with the funny talking bearded guy and I was too hammered to move.
The fog was still dense, we hadn't really considered the fact that 12 miles out is 12 miles back. A About a half hour later we were sitting beside the road as headlights appeared out of the fog. We drove for a half hour or so, Carleton had started spouting some kind of gibberish that mocked their accents.
The truck started and they disappeared into the fog.A Just as they said we found the railroad track. A A My next memory is Saturday afternoon, being jostled roughly and someone yelling at me in a deep southern voice. Get out of the rack and enjoy this wonderful God given day!a€? The room was floating in circles in front of me.
You poor stupid dumb ass excuse for a soldier you fell for that story?a€? He was almost laughing. We've spent a lot of money rescuing their asses after a couple days in the woods.a€? He shook has head as he now couldn't contain his laughter.
I don't think I said goodbye to Carleton, I may not have even talked with him after that night.
The next chapter started bad and only got worse.A Robert Carleton and I were never in touch again. I looked for him 20 or so years ago and found a cousin who said he lived alone and was doing well.
Without weapons training, Miller, a messman third class, jumped into action when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. However, after a nasty and aggressive campaign by male pilots who wanted the WASP jobs during World War II, they were the only wartime unit that was denied military status by Congress and were sent home before the war was over and their job was done.
Because the women were denied military status, the WASP received no insurance or benefits during or after the war, and if a WASP died during training or while on a mission, their families were not allowed to put a service star in the window, nor could the WASP receive a military burial. It wasna€™t until the middle of the 1970a€?s that they would be recognized as World War II veterans, and it wasna€™t until 2010, that the United States government would recognize those women who died during their service and the surviving WASP would receive the congressional gold medal. We Served Too provides a first hand account from WASP who tell their story and discuss their experiences during the three pivotal periods that make up the WASP history. The $50,000 needed for the trip is raised entirely by the students through sponsorships, grants and fundraisers.A Those wishing to find out more can call 517-851-7770, ext. I told them online!!!" Clayton B, CAA "You are now my favorite supplier!" Mark S., CAA "I'm no hero, just an old marine, but you treat me like one. Peace and Semper Fidelis," Joe M., MIA "I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with your photos.
You really helped me alot." John B, CTA "I appreciate your work and Veterans discount and completing my order so quickly.
So about 20 G-14a€?s, named Avia S-99 and two G-12a€?s named CS-99 were produced.There were plans for a large scale production to equip the new Czech air force. In September 1945 the stock of DB 605 engines was lost in a fire in the factory where they were stored and an alternative powerplant had to be found. The 109 airframe was adapted for the Jumo engine and the first Jumo engined S-199 first flew in March 1947. The S-199 and the two seat trainer CS-199 served for some years with the Czech air force but was soon replaced.In 1948 25 of the S-199 fighters were sold to the new state of Israel where they served during the 1948 war fighting against Egyptian Spitfires!.
Until one day, Kilroy's boss called him into his office.The foreman was upset about all the wages being paid to riveters,and asked him to investigate.
As a result, Kilroy's inspection "trademark" was seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troop ships the yard produced.His message apparently rang a bell with the servicemen.
Before war's end, "Kilroy" had been here, there, and everywhere on the long hauls to Berlin and Tokyo. Servicemen began placing the graffiti wherever they landed, claiming it Kilroy became the U.S. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the underside ofThe Arc de Triomphe, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon. Underwater demolition teams routinelysneaked ashore on Japanese-held islands in the Pacific to map the terrain forComing invasions by U.S. Troops (and thus, presumably, were the first GI's there).On one occasion, however, they reported seeing enemy troops painting over the Kilroy logo!In 1945, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Roosevelt, Stalin,And Churchill at the Potsdam conference.
Its' first occupant was Stalin, who emerged and asked his aide (in Russian), "Who is Kilroy?"A To help prove his authenticity in 1946, James Kilroy brought along officialsfrom the ship yard and some of the riveters. The exhibit will feature historical artifacts from a Revolutionary War rifle to a camouflage kippah designed to honor a casualty of the War in Iraq. Photos, video, and interactive media will illustrate the full experience of those Jews who have worn the uniform of our country. Wally served in WWII in the United States Marines, 2nd Marine Div, 2nd Bn, 8th Regt, Fox Co. She said: a€?Wally if you hang onto this bill, you will never be broke!a€? So I put it in my billfold, and left December the 12th for San Diego , Ca. Just after dark I stepped outside the barracks into a misty rain, which looked almost like snow as I looked up into the yard lights. Yup, tears streamed down my cheeks, but I told myself that I am now a Marine, and they dona€™t cry!i»?A After boot camp, I carried the bill in my billfold to New Zealand with me for training there, and then was transferred a couple of months later. During the 2nd or 3rd night a strong storm came up, causing a€?large waves,a€™ which is uncommon for the Pacific ocean (so we were told).
I remember my cot shifting back and forth some, and the next morning they told us that some 2 dozen had slid off the deck, and of course they never even slowed down to look for them (remember this is a€?war timea€™) and life was not all that importanta€¦a€¦a€¦a€¦i»?A We continued on our trip, and on Nov 10th, 1943 we boarded a€?amphibious tanksa€™ and headed in to capture Tarawa . It had been bombed and shelled so much, that they thought there will be little if any resistancea€”wrong!
The Japanese had built concrete a€?pill boxes,a€™ and bunkers made of steel and concrete so thick, that the shelling did no damage to them. Even the airplane bombing did not penetrate them.i»?A I was in the 1st a€?wave,a€™ and as we neared the island, our machine gunners mounted on our tanks, were firing like mad (which surprised me as there was supposed to be no resistance), until they were killed by incoming Japanese gunners fire, who had left the safety of the bunkers.
As we got almost to the beach we started jumping out, and most ofA  us did not make it because of the machine gunners.
The area we landed on, had a high sea wall, so we got up against it and threw hand grenades toward the gunners, but they were a€?far enough backa€™ that they did no harm, and as we tried to climb over the wall, the gunners again did their thing, blocking our approach.i»?I could see that the tank to our left, had taken a a€?cannon typea€™ shell right through the middle of it, so all on it had lost their livesa€¦a€¦a€¦a€¦i»?While we were laying there, the few of us that were left, tried to figure out what to do, as there was no leadership alive. About then a couple of large special a€?Higginsa€™ boats, loaded with Marines, started coming in to help us out. These boats had a a€?rampa€? the was lowered at the front, and as the the Marines came running out into a€?waist deepa€™ water, the were immediately mowed down by the Japs. All we could do was look in horror as some 300 young men died, as they had no place for cover and lost their lives. Some 970 Marines lost their lives on this small island in some 72 hoursa€¦i»?A Fortunately, quite a ways to our right, the fighting was much less, and in several hours a beach head had been established, and Marines & equipment came pouring in.
Apparently this went on all night (I had no way of knowing), and by morning the few of us left, crawled to a€?their areaa€™ and a line was formed across the island, and we all started a drive to take over the rest of the island.i»?I had moved forward towards the end of one of the big bunkers, looking to get to the entrance, when a Jap soldier apparently had slipped out of the entrance, and quickly threw a hand grenade at us. I dropped to the ground, and just before getting there, I took part of the grenade in my right chest. I remember looking at the blood coming down my a€?fatigue jacket,a€™ and thinking: a€?I hope I dona€™t die!a€? I crawled back to where we had started the drive and a corpsman came to me, and bandaged me, and I think he gave me a shot of morphine, and attached a name tag (which I still have) to my a€?dog tagsa€™. Apparently the Navy had only brought a small hospital ship to the area, thinking that it would not be used much, but it was already full, so I was put on a€?some other ship.a€?A i»?I think I went into severe shock as I only remember watching a a€?burial at sea,a€™ and then the next thing I knew I was in a Naval Hospital in Honolulu . I think part of the longer stay, was that I was suffering what they called a€?combat fatigue,a€™ but they have different name for it now.i»?A Some time in early Jan, I rejoined my old squad and went into training for the next campaign, which was Saipan . This was a much bigger island and I was in the 3rd wave this time, and while the Japs were set up with mortars, etc, once we got past the beach it became a fire fight from time to time. About the 3rd day, we moving forward to take care of a a€?nest of machine gunners.a€™ I had just moved forward, but one of the guys (Dick) in my squad did not make a move.
I hollered to him to move out, but he said, a€?I cana€™t Ia€™m hit.a€? So I crawled over to him and he told me he was not going to make it, but asked me to take his a€?Marine ring,a€? off of his finger and give it to his dad.
I put the ring on my finger, and wore it until some weeks or a month (?) later.i»?This will be hard to believe (had I not been there, I too would maybe not believe,) but the island had grown sugar cane, so the Navy had shelled it with incendiary shells that set the fairly dry cane on fire.
They did this so it was easier to see any emplacements, with out the corn blocking our view. Well, the heat from the burning caused a€?sweetnessa€™ to run out of the stalks, and flies fed on it and began multiplying, so much so that in aA  few days, in the early morning we could actually hear buzzing as the flies started the day. The flies were so dense that it was impossible to eat a a€?C or Ka€? ration without having to pick several of them out of the food. Since the island was basically secured by then, we just had to stay up on a cliff over looking the ocean, as they had not had time to set up a tent city for us to move into. They had however set up several a€?hospitala€™ tents, so a bunch of us sickies went some distance down to them, and spent 2 weeks there, while they treated us.i»?A A week or 2 later we landed on a sister island name Tinian , which was largely a mopping up operation.
By now my a€?combat fatiguea€™ had gotten worse, so I was flown to a Naval hospital in Richmond , Ca. While there I looked up Dicka€™s (see above) dad, and gave him the ring off of my finger, and to my surprise he told me that before Dick had left for the Marines, he bought 2 of the rings, one for him and one for Dick. So we traded rings, and I wore it for a number of years, in fact until it a€?wore through.a€™i»?After some 3 weeks or so, I was transferred to Seal Beach , Ca which was a Naval A ammunition depot, and Marines did the guard duty. Ernie matts a Real War Photo of a specific historical scene along with a certified 'First Day' collectible cover (postage card with cancelled stamp), then adds signed collector's cards by personnel involved in the event. If you want to contact Ernie about what he has for sale or is currently working on, please call 320-420-1142 and mention you saw his work on Real War Photos website! Albrecht"I have a major display of some forty deceased veterans in the post office for 12 days at Memorial Day week and one at Veterans Day for another 35 living veterans.
Your photos give the viewers a real look at what was and what we should remember of these honored veterans that give us the freedom we enjoy today." Above are Frank's Memorial Day and Veteran's Day displays at the US Post Office in Reigelsville, PA. RWP sends a special salute and very sincere thanks to Frank for all his 'memory' work on behalf of Veteran families across the U.S.
I am the boy with the hammer and the "For Rent" sign, while my brother, walking toward the camera, carries a gas mask.
My wingman's F-100D has fuze extenders onthe 500-lb bombs so they would explode three feet above the ground, giving greater blast and shrapnel effects. Morning Call videos by Harry Fisher,; Background video photos courtesy of Real War Photos Inc. WWII - Famous Battles.A Go to our GALLERIES website to view our Pearl Harbor photo collection as well as each ship involved. Showers were never long.After two weeks the troops were tiring of the lack of alcohol and the companionship of the native girls at the bars in Fairbanks. I'm sure having troops restricted to base made that generous decision easier for the brass to make.Friday afternoon, Robert Carleton walked over to my bunk and laid out a plan.
When Merle cussed he meant business.Later that night we left the barracks by the side door, the fragrance of English Leather thick in the air.
We stepped into the night after 4 or 5 minutes of careful planning without a thought about consequences or the fact that we had no idea where Pauline's actually was.A Pitch black night. Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A small dirt parking lot then a weathered log cabin, stoop shouldered and tired looking, appeared out of the fog as we got closer.
He looked at me and pushed the door open.Cigarette smoke filled the small dim room, an overhead light reflected in the mirror behind the small bar. Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A Pitch black night.
One occupied.Ita€™s time to make the world safe, for NATO to act as it was formed to do in this global situationa€¦respond to terrorists in unison with might.MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS WAR! A The United States, England, France, Russia (in particular) and all NATO countries in general, need to step up the a€?war on terrora€™, and let us call it what it is, what even the Pope has labeled it, a€?a world wara€?, against first-strike, Islamic extremists that use terror as a means to try to instill fear, cause pain, innocentsa€™ suffering and death.Call them ISIS, ISIL or the fanatics that they are, these self -proclaimed jihadists have declared their (un)holy war on all infidels who do not believe as they do.
These radical extremists number only a few thousand (out of a reported 1 billion Muslims world-wide) but affect us all as potential a€?soft targetsa€™ for their next strike.Clearly identified attacks from these terrorists have gone on since the 1980a€™s and have significantly increased of late. A One of the very sad outcomes will continue to be the loss of innocent lives, including the young recruits who have been naively or ideologically lead via intense Internet recruiting, along with those whoa€™ve been threatened into pledging their lives and futurea€¦ led to believe that their way to heaven justifies the bombing, stabbing, shooting, beheading and suicide missions that zealots call on them to do.A Ita€™s time to make the world safe, for NATO to act as it was formed to do in this global situationa€¦respond to terrorists in unison with might.MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS WAR!
We look forward to hearingA from you and know others will appreciate your input on our country's history and your place in it both yesterday and today. Anyway, Arch looked at Carleton through his triple thick glasses and exclaimed, "Are you F'n nuts?
Carleton had one small mishap, probably took 5 stitches, but as I told him he'll always have that scar on his ass to brag about.
Turn right then a short hike cross country until we found the paved road Pauline's was supposed be on. Actually you're supposed to have an incredible selection of the best drinks a soldier, er, I mean a person can find this far north. Now what can I get you?a€?i»?I'd heard of it but never sampled the mad water from Mexico.

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