Establishing the Strength of Your Business’s Cyber Security You are using an outdated browser. Staff TrainingTraining your staff in even the most basic Internet procedures can go a long way towards strengthening your cyber security. Commercial, Government, and public facilities require more vigilant protection than ever before. Our professionals establish real-time monitoring, effective controls, swift response capabilities, and significantly improved levels of security across entire organizations. With an ever-increasing need for total situational awareness to ensure the safety of both officials and civilians, having the right company to install the most technologically up-to-date digital CCTV is paramount. Orion installs CCTV digital surveillance systems in all types of locations, most notably in politically and geographically challenging locations, and in vulnerable public areas.
Orion Management’s certified technicians and professional engineers design and install intrusion detection solutions worldwide in U.S.
Orion Management is the State Department’s trusted technical security installer and integrator.
Working with Siemens USA, Orion solidified and upgraded all technical security systems at over 60 U.S.
Security in a virtualized environment is as important, if not more so, than in a traditional environment, and needs to be fully address to insure regulatory compliance and overall security.
A security officer’s duties change every single day, and it is important for their employer to be able to supply them with the insurance that they need in order to stay protected during any serious medical or legal ordeal. Finding a robust insurance policy for any business can be a potentially time-consuming and expensive task that very few want to deal with. One of the first places for a security company to look is local and federal laws that will dictate the absolute minimum coverage that any company needs. Your private security company insurance will also protect you in the event of any serious legal issues that could devastate your company’s resources.
Any insurance agency can offer a policy to a private security business, but it takes a company that truly understands the industry in order to get the absolute best premiums while still maintaining the coverage that you need. With BSGI, you never need to worry that the company you have worked so hard to build could be at risk.
We have posted about the inherent dangers of storing information online in the past, and the methods you might use to make the most of our software’s built-in security standards, such as choosing a unique password and avoiding writing passwords down.
Along with existing password-controlled access for all users and optional IP restrictions, we’ve added an additional user restriction called Multi-Factor Authentication. In case you forget your password, we have added the option to reset it by answering two of three security questions that you have selected. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Making them aware of flagging spam emails, recognizing a scam and setting secure passwords can help them avoid potential online risks. With more decentralized and technologically advanced threats to Government facilities, transit systems, airports, public areas, and commercial buildings; physical security must be provided by specialists who understand that all components of a security solution must be cohesive, rather than fragmented. Orion Management, LLC surveys, designs, installs, integrates and maintains access control systems and perimeter protection within the U.S.
Orion Management delivers CCTV products, services, installation, and remote monitoring, using sustainable digital video surveillance system technologies tailored to the client’s needs.
Our capabilities and performance allow both the Federal Government and commercial customers to capture images, archive large amounts of data, and monitor activity off-site.

Our total turn-key solution covers system design, poles and cameral mount designs, DVR systems, procurement, logistics, construction, installation, integration, and maintenance.
Embassies and consulates throughout the world, including: European cities, transitional countries, and active warzones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Ita€™s increased ROI for many businesses, and ita€™s helped data centers to breathe, at least for a little while. When it was a single server for a single app, it was pretty clear who was responsible for the server. Traditionally, enterprises have relied on network controls to be able to segment off applications for purposes of security or compliance. One of the most common errors organizations make is to launch a virtual server, and then tuck the image away for future use. While the private security sector continues to grow and remains a lucrative industry, each of these companies will need a comprehensive and affordable insurance plan in order to stay protected throughout the years. Unfortunately, these policies remain one of the most important components of a business and they could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy in the future. These basic policies will protect your company, its employees, and any other parties in the event of minor accidents and injuries. In today’s litigious climate, even the most cautious companies may need to deal with a civil trial, criminal trial, or out-of-court mediations that could tie up thousands of dollars in just a few weeks’ time. Feel free to contact one of our experienced agents today for assistance with any number of policies including liability insurance, group health insurance, bonding, umbrella insurance, and much more. Since then, the slow economy has not slowed the growing attempts at identity theft, and Tazworks, our software partner, has kept security a fundamental priority by making a few upgrades to help tighten the screws on the deadbolts protecting our applicants’ personal information. This restriction is most powerful against those looking to gain access to your information by stealing your password, whether it’s through malware, social engineering, or simply looking around your desk for a Post-It with your password. When you set your security questions, make sure to choose questions and answers that you can remember, but that truly only you will know. If staff are trained to detect a potential risk, you may be able to avoid it before any damage is done.EncryptionEncrypting valuable company data is a vital part of your company’s cyber security. Our sophisticated surveillance systems deliver lasting, adaptable solutions to personnel safety, operations management, investigations, and other potential risks such as intrusions and casing. Army Corps of Engineers officer and architect, was called upon by the State Department to fortify the U.S. Orion works with the most advanced and appropriate technologies to establish security at these diplomatic facilities.
Ita€™s enabled IT departments to procure true expertise without having to invest heavily in training or bring on new staff to handle things. Unfortunately, virtual servers come with something of an inherent, invisible virtual network that doesna€™t have the same kinds of controls. They then forget about the image, and make all sorts of configuration changes and implement dozens of patches. No matter how careful a company, its management, and its employees may be, accidents can take place at any point, and that is why we are here to help you find coverage ranging from general liability insurance to specialized policies to cover any gaps with your current provider.
This liability coverage will quickly supply funds for medical bills that come as a result of injuries over the course of duty, accidents on the company’s property, and even collisions. This includes the amount of man hours worked per week, whether your guards are armed, how many individuals are on your payroll, the state in which you are working, if any vehicles are being used, and a number of other variables.
Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring you to provide a text message-enabled cell phone number or e-mail address.

Do your due diligence in keeping your password secure, educating your users on the importance and sensitivity of the information we are guarding on your behalf, and protecting your login session.
Orion’s experience includes access control for video-based solutions, biometric-based solutions, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in the aftermath of the tragic embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. Accidents can quickly move into the range of thousands of dollars, and these expenses never need to be assumed by the company alone.
Then, when you sign into a new computer or a new browser, an authentication code is text-messaged or e-mailed to the account on file. We do the very best that we can to protect you and your applicants, but as a vigilant user, you must be the final safeguard. Not only should this apply to company files such as accounts or company records, you should also consider a system of encrypting your company emails to protect your communication and any vital information contained within emails.Your company’s cyber security is integral to your daily operations. Orion integrates access control systems with intrusion detection systems to establish and maintain increased security for sensitive areas. The virtualization world needs the sorts of tools available to the network world, such as firewalling, tracking, and sniffing technologies to help insure security. You need to make sure virtual servers continually have updated images created so as to keep ahead of the patching and maintenance game.
You can have up to five browsers or computers authorized at any one time, but you will be required to re-authorize them again every 30 days.
A cyber attack on your company can be just as devastating as freak weather conditions or a costly lawsuit. It may seem like a hassle to have to check your phone and type in a weird authentication code every time you want to use a new computer, but this feature is smart security when it comes to protecting your assets.
The risk posed by a potential breach of your company’s cyber security is one that barely existed a few years ago, but is very real today. By using MFA, we are requiring you, or anyone pretending to be you, to pass through two separate security gateways, the first being something that you know (your username and password); the second is something you have, which in this case would be your cell phone, or access to your e-mail account. Assessing and reinforcing your company’s cyber security can protect your from avoidable risks and minimize the potential damage from an attack.Anti-VirusThreats to your business’s cyber security generally come from outside sources, mainly through emails received by your staff. The text message-enabled cell phone is obviously the more secure of the two options, as it is a physical item that can’t be obtained by an Internet thief. Employment screening services are ready for you to use all you need to do is give us a chance, we will let anyone test out our background screening software for free. Routinely scanning incoming and outgoing mail for viruses is an effective way of lowering the risk to your system. The challenge organizations face is identifying and implementing a clear line of authority and responsibility for virtual server management.
Scanning outgoing messages is just as important as it is a good way to ensure there are no viruses on any of your machines that spread within your company or to your clients. Investing in quality anti-virus software could save your business a lot of money in the long run.

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