Apple's online system for resetting iCloud passwords has come under scrutiny for its part in the hacking case. The reset system allows those who have forgotten their password to reset it by answering a series of questions. Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. My assumption is that resetting password is only a security issue if an attacker gained access to the user's email. Yes, it is very likely that the same "excessive attempts" detection that is applied to login attempts is also applied to "password reset requests". Many systems also involve a captcha step, that makes spamming the reset attempts more difficult. I think this is a fairly inefficient attack - thanks to rate-limiting, it can't reliably target an individual, and even if it could, the emails could be trivially blocked with an email client rule. You shouldn't make it possible to reset a password without some kind of (weak) user identification. Third, I don't think it's necessary to ever send more than 2 emails within a specific time window.
I think the bigger security risk here is someone brute-forcing your forgot password page in order to discover account login information. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged password-management or ask your own question.

How can I design a password reset function, which does not reduce security for users who can remember their password? Why would a website that resets your password to one of their choice be considered a plain text offender? After number of failed attempts done on your Intex mobile to unlock the device, tap Forgot pattern ?. If it’s show Yes or No, Tap Yes if you want to create a new unlock pattern (PIN) or Tap No if you don’t want to use a screen lock.
After you have entered the wrong unlock pattern 5 times, wait above 30 seconds, then tap Forgot pattern ?. Important Info : If you forgot your Google account (Gmail) username and password, you can recover using the Google Account Recovery page.
After that you will receive an email (containing your password) from your Intex Account Manager.
Remove your sim cards and Micro sd card (Memory card) because while rebooting it may be format all your data. This is important not only to protect against someone being a nuisance by repeatedly resetting the password, but also because it can be used as a form of short term DOS.
I have some follow up questions that came up reading your answer: 1) why do I need to add the email on the reset link? If you forgot mobile Password or PIN or Pattern lock, We are help you to reset your password or PIN easily for free.

In order to reset the lock screen pattern or reset your password with the help of your Google security questions, you must have an active Internet connection (May be WiFi or Mobile Data) on your mobile device. CAPTCHAs aren't very good for this purpose since the attack can be done manually (you only need to do it once an hour to be very annoying). So you need to reset your mobile phone without losing data like contacts, images and apps etc.
Here, we are providing best reset methods to recover your Intex aqua i5 HD password or Pattern. A  Also, she has made it clear to me she has no desire to visit you there.A  As you and I agreed years ago, we would only have Claire visit you outside of Juneau if she wanted to. During this call the online password was reset, he submitted a Removal of Non-maketable Security Form ,and placed an order to sell Ultra Short S&P 500 ProShares (SDS). A I am still waiting to hear your detailed explanation as to why you have knowingly, willingly, and repeatedly been uncooperative in scheduling past and future visitation for Claire with me.

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