You are more likely to follow through with any task if you have a positive attitude about whatever it is you are doing. Instead of focusing on everything that could possibly go wrong, start focusing on what you want the outcome to be and take the proper actions to make things happen.
Tip: Mindfully sit in your chair or walk for 30 seconds with confident posture and notice the difference.
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Stop focusing on what could go wrong and start focusing on what you want the outcome to be.
We tend to perform better and strive to be better when we approach a situation with a positive attitude. This is part of your personal growth and when it is accomplished can shape many areas of your life.

Now you can, with our new PEP Talks card decks, written by internationally recognized psychologist, Dr. A positive attitude will keep you much more motivated than a negative attitude, so if your goal is to start building self confidence, then start with the right attitude.
Shine revealed that men too often overestimate their bodies as too heavy, or not fit enough, leading to unpleasant thoughts about themselves and their bodies. When we educate ourselves on the media’s tactics, we become much more aware and sometimes even angry consumers. Allison, one of my clients said that she picks out her outfit the night before so she isn’t late or do body checking or negative self-talk.
If you want to start building self confidence then you have to start taking action to get it.
Bathing suits and sundresses are the catalysts for packed gyms and portion control and if one is not careful, possible eating disordered behavior. Seriously, these will keep you from achieving any body image or health goal as you’re likely to injure yourself. When you add in how it would feel to “love your body” or even one body part, your body begins to believe it. Contains 55 cards with inspiring quotes and psychological techniques as well as action tasks.

When you begin to meet these goals, you will start expecting success when it comes to taking on new challenges. In the past, I worked as a therapist in an outpatient eating disorder treatment center and late spring was our busiest season. Each card has three parts: on the front is a quote or simple psychological technique, on the back is an explanation of the quote or technique, and also on the back is a behavioral assignment. As you can imagine, insecurity, lack of confidence and body dissatisfaction were triggered as the summer months approached. Can be used for individual counseling or group discussions, as well as a home wellness program. When we are triggered by an ideal, we are more likely to buy a product in close correlation (next page of the magazine, etc). These cards are not intended to replace psychotherapy or counseling, but they may be an aid to the therapeutic process.

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