Contact us for full course outline and pricing information (please indicate the number of delegates). Are you passionate about using drama as a powerful took for building confidence, and have you been looking for a  training course that will nurture your talents and support you in making your dream a reality? This is an unique and unusual creative arts practitioner training and a far cry from most academic courses. I am 100% in support of you achieving your goal and discovering what is the unique flavour of work you are here to offer.
If you who have participated in a body of Making Moves groups and workshops and wish to offer this work yourself. You are a qualified drama therapist and want to move into private practice or want to develop your private practice.
You feel passionate about working creatively and know for yourself how powerful it is and you feel inspired to take this out to others. You have qualified in a related field but you haven’t yet “got out there” and are looking for a structure to support you in taking your work out into the world. You are considering participating in a dramatherapy training in the future and see this as a way of getting started working with groups. Tools in developing your intuition and following gut instincts which is one of the distinctive features of the Making Moves approach. The five training weekends will be practical and experiential in and in which you will have an opportunity to hone and develop your facilitating skills and receive supportive feedback The telephone conference calls will cover the theory that underpins practice along with supervision of practice groups and workshops and support in all aspects of running sessions for normal adults. Call will be recorded (wherever possible) so you will have the ability to refer back to what was said and also can stay connected with course material if you are unable to be on the call.  You will be given a dial up number and conference room number that will enable for everyone to speak to each other at the same time (you will pay for a local call). The practitioner training does not provide any form of formal accreditation or qualification.
It is an Earn Whilst You Learn Training – you can charge for your services as appropriate for your skills and background.
You can also choose to run your practice groups and workshops alone or collaborate with others on the Training. The emphasis will be on creating peer support and learning between participants, and you will be encouraged to share skills, resources and experiences. There will be recommended books and resources to assist you in your practice but you will be encouraged to follow your own interests and read around where your enthusiasms take you. You will not be required to participate in therapy since it is assumed that you cannot even begin to work with the general public unless you have done sufficient “work” on yourself, but you will be strongly encourage to explore different personal development avenues, if there are gaps in your experience or if issues come up for you in relation to your practice.
I will put you on a list of people who have expressed interest in the course – and keep you posted on updates as well as send you information that I feel is relevant to the course and your interest.
I will also set up a time with you when we can speak on the phone and discuss whether this course would be right for you. The Breakthrough Group (started 10th May - not too late to join) is the first step for  many people - I've seen some miraculous transformations in my 18 years of running this group.
If being heard, speaking up in groups or any kind of public speaking is your challenge, then then Finding Your Voice course is a good place to start. Claire has been inspiring people to become fully-expressed in all areas of their lives through her liberating creative workshops and groups. Useful ArticlesAre You Being Too Nice?How to be nice without other people taking advantage of you…. EducationYOUth LEADership programme for college students, can work within a college tutor group structure. MotivationalMotivational talks thats insightful, educational, entertaining, inspiring and encourages you to take action.
It also enables them to raise their self-awareness and self-management taking into account the culture and environment in which they operate. This is one of our standard, off-the-shelf courses and can be delivered onsite at your company premises, anywhere in the UK. The focus of the training is to provide clients with practical solutions that can be applied to a variety of life and employment situations such as interviews, giving presentations and working in teams. It is a path to leadership and people who participate receive far more than from traditional training courses on both a personal and professional level.

To work safely and supportively with drama requires the practitioner to “hold the space”, in order to avoid the pitfalls and potential dangers that the unaware can fall into, and to provide a safe container through which people can liberate themselves from their inner restrictions through self expression and creativity. This training is not in place of a dramatherapy training, although a number of dramatherapy structures will be taught, and could be an extension of a dramatherapy training since it fills a gap in training i.e. The focus will be on the development of your skills as a facilitator and of gaining the confidence to lead a group of people through a process that is meaningful and empowering for them.
You will be evaluated by the participants of your groups and workshops as means of honing and developing your skills, as well as receiving feedback from your peers, rather than being graded or marked. You also may be guided towards participating in drama based workshops to expand your repertoire of exercises and games. Include in your email details of your background and other training you have done, your reasons for wanting to participate in the course and how you think the course might help you achieve your goals. We are also running an extra Early Evening Group starting 17th May - we have a couple of spaces left.
The evening course has started (12th May) but we may have a drop out, and we still have spaces on the early evening course. She has developed one of the fastest ways for quiet, reserved and inhibited people to achieve their professional goals. This 30 day programme has been designed to work with you on a structured and intense level. Specialized training for any groups in college, school, companies or communities who want to learn the A to Z about fundraising with a definite action plan of how to with a list of funding opportunities at the end. Should it not exactly match your needs, please tell us about any customisation requirements (i.e. With a strong emphasis on personal experience, clients are encouraged to reflect on previous situations where a lack of self-confidence has limited their progress and potential and to identify the specific barriers that stop them becoming a more confident person.
You will have an opportunity to identify and peel away the layers that stop many from fulfilling their potential as well as learn valuable marketing techniques that will help you to build a successful practice over time. The One Year’s Practitioners Training  is  a unique course that is designed to train and support you in structuring, holding the space and running short-term personal development groups and workshops. Individual Tutorial Sessions These hour long sessions (usually fact to face but occasionally on the phone) are designed to monitor your progress, support you with any challenges you are facing and be a confidential resource for you through the course and enable you to make the best of the training experience. More importance is placed on life experience, your ability to work intuitively and to resonate with another’s challenges with compassion.
There will be written assignments but these will not take the form of formal essays unless you choose to.
For any size groups, 2 hours, half a day or full days training in-house or external venue centrally located. Extensive knowledge and experience of the UK Education system and experience of creating, developing and managing a Leadership Academy. Working with young people and adults to retrain and develop the mindset and skills to step back to the world of work.
We work with you one to one with daily emails, weekly meetings, webinars and regular feedback. The expertise of the trainers promotes a positive and supportive learning environment in which clients feel they can explore their own levels of confidence and the techniques they need to employ in order to develop in both their personal and professional lives. The training was designed in response to the enthusiasm of Making Moves participants who were so inspired by the work and wanted to be able to offer it themselves.
This will be a theme that will run throughout the one year training and is this first weekend will lay the foundations, out of which participants can start setting up their practice groups. They could take the form of a journal, diary or notes of what you are discovering and learning and how you will communicate that to potential participants. You learn to let go and move away for what holds you back and develop the capacity for what you want and need. The weekend will be practical and experiential, which will be a feature throughout the course, using creative tools. You will be encouraged to get as much practice as possible in working with groups in order to gain experience and confidence.
There will be an opportunity too to explore your deeper purpose in training and to uncover your unique focus and qualities as a practitioner.

During this weekend you will have an opportunity to run a short exercise and receive feedback. I found the marketing side of it very good – thinking how I’m going to sell this, how I’m going  to offer something new and to get a sense of what my speciality is. It has given me the confidence to apply it and has equipped me to share it with others and to start running workshop when I’m in Portugal once I’ve settled. It’s just in the process of growing up and in particular with the left brain focus of our educational system means that we have lost touch with this innate intelligence.
And to continue offering it at yoga conferences and I think yoga students are very good candidates for this.” Satya Kaur, Karam Kriya Yoga School “I got a lot out of the course.
Keith Johnstone pioneered powerful techniques for accessing creativity through the body and over the weekend we will be working extensively with his approach, because in finding that freedom for yourself as a practitioner you will also be able to convey that to others. I found the conference calls particularly useful, they kept the momentum going between the four weekends, and helped to keep it fresh.
For most people this is incredibly freeing enabling them to move their bodies, interact with each other, express themselves vocally, in addition to giving them a new language through which to express and transform their inner dilemmas. Very often there were things coming up in the weekends, and the conference calls allowed us to go a whole lot deeper.
It is also the secret of working intuitively and how to read the energy of a “room” which will enable you to work in a potent way with your groups. I found that the content of the conference calls helped to put it in a bigger context which gave a grounding to the practical work.
The biggest thing for me was the invitation for us to take a lead and I found that partly scary but also an invaluable experience.
Jungian Psychology and authors such as Joseph Campbell have established the capacity of myth and to connect us with our deeper selves, the collective unconscious and fundamental truths about human nature. Enacting a myth takes this to another level enabling the individual to embody the powerful archetypes in the story, to play out the lives of gods and goddesses, and the explore too the darker aspects of human nature (i.e. We could find what our style might be and what the pitfalls might be It offered a good forum to “give it a go” and learn and enabled me to feel more confident.
In this weekend we will be exploring the transformative power of myth and its healing magic. The skills and knowledge are just as useful in other contexts where I might want to hold a group, such as in a work context and taught me to get away from over planning, and to work with  an overall goal or desire.
The structure of the myth acts as a container and a gateway for transformation – a magical process that happens all by itself. It will be an opportunity to consider what is the healing process in myth and to learn how to work with shadow material safely. It is highly recommended that you have had some experience of the Making Moves approach, which has a very distinct flavour and philosophy. Knowing how to handle these situation is what makes you a safe practitioner, allowing your participants to have their own experience and find their own way through. They do rituals for everything: for the important stepping stones of life, for emotional difficulties, relationship problems, as well as minor irritations. In this final weekend we will be exploring how personal ritual can be used to bring about change, transform trauma, release old patterns, affirm a new direction and set powerful new energies in motion.
You will learn how to set up personal rituals and ceremonies and how to use ritual to bring closure and resolution to “unfinished business” enabling your participants to process and integrate what they have experienced in a safe way. Over the weekend you will also learn how to guide individual participants through a specialised transformational ritual based on playback theatre, have opportunity to practice and receive feedback. It is the classroom of the training course so that the training weekends can remain experiential and practical.
Each session will last approximately 2 hours and will take place on a weekday evening (day to be negotiated between trainees) and is designed to support you as you start working with your practice groups and workshops, learn from one another, and also to be a conduit of the theory that underlies practice.
There will be an element of flexibility and spontaneity in each call which will enable us to go with the flow of your interests, following a question and answer format so that learning arises in response to need.

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