Personal development encompasses activities that improve us on a personal level, including improving awareness and identity, developing skills and talents, outlining goals and reaching our full potential.
I also advise that you get a heart rate monitor, this will make it easy for you to see if you’re getting a good cardio workout.
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He that undervalues himself will undervalue others, and he that undervalues others will oppress them. That kind of life is most happy which affords us most opportunities of gaining our own esteem. The confidence which we have in ourselves gives birth to much of that which we have in others.
A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others.
If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.
He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.
We probably wouldna€™t worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.

Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.
All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance. The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.
We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our worst enemy. The strongest single factor in acquiring abundance is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. To have that sense of one's intrinsic worth which constitutes self-respect is potentially to have everything.
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. I believe with all my heart that the cliches are true, that we are our own best friends and best company, and that if you're not right for yourself, it's impossible to be right for anyone. Ita€™s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, ita€™s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!
Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anybody else in the world. There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.
As you grow in self-esteem, your face, manner, way of talking and moving will tend naturally to project the pleasure you take in being alive.

Whether you're learning through academics, employment, volunteering, or day-to-day life experience - it’s an ongoing process. The personal development process can be intimidating, but not to worry – we have compiled valuable resources to help you get started on your journey of personal development.
From personality assessments, skills assessments, and career assessments, this step can help you discover personality traits as well as help with career exploration. You cannot really love yourself and do yourself a favor without doing people a favor, and vise versa. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.
This will help you keep in touch with self development as it is an on going exercise and not a one time effort. You will be privy to new articles, success stories and new tips and techniques on self development.
What you're interested in, along with what you value, like and dislike can all influence your personal development.

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