Join our VIP In-the-Know list of subscribers who receive our newsletter and special discounts on products. We will end the program with an inspirational thought that you can carry with you throughout the coming week. When we think of an investment portfolio, we usually think of stocks, bonds, and investments in mutual funds for retirement. For this evening’s purpose, our personal portfolios will include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in the following categories (from Dr.
Before we begin, let’s take a look at the terms we are using tonight.InvestmentWhen you break the word into its syllables or 3 sound bytes you get “in” – “vest” – “ment”. The BIG idea is that an INVESTMENT is something that I personally wear, in which I cloak my body, cover and protect myself with from the elements (protection, safety, and security are implied). Investors make choices - to buy or sell; "to invest or not to invest, that is the question"!
So a Personal Investment Portfolio is the ordered presentation in which I cloth and cover myself, or vest myself. So with that in mind we are going to do what many investors do at this time of year, and that is to review their investment portfolio to check out the “profitability” of their personal portfolio.
Carry this stock for a while and see if it pays off – Review at least quarterly - every three months. So let’s now apply these terms of reference to review your Personal Investment Portfolio and check out how you are doing in your life. To do this section of the activity, you need to download and print the pdf formatted worksheets from the web. Suggestion:You may choose to use the following worksheet format to help you complete the Future Direction section of the worksheet.
IDEA: You may choose to place little boxes in front of the action plan steps and check them off as you complete those steps. Click here to visit and review notes of past programs and download free activity worksheets.
Personal Development Worksheets are not developed for sitting on the shelves and getting dusty. When you’re ready for an extreme personal makeover dive right into these free personal development worksheets.
Self-worth is a knowing that you are valuable, loveable and of inconceivable worth.  It is your understanding of your strengths and personal attributes.
Positivity has been proven in over 300 scientific studies on over 275,000 people to improves lives.
But in the meantime, you might like to get an inside look by downloading the worksheet here. The main idea is to ‘wear’ one hat at a time when considering a problem or how to move forward. Before you begin to develop your Personal Development Plan… How satisfied are you in life? Let’s start with this engaging personal development worksheet which encourages you to explore your level of satisfaction in life.  How happy are you with your life right now? Take a moment to evaluate your overall life perspective with this handy Life Satisfaction Worksheet. This worksheet is particularly helpful if you are just beginning on your personal development journey and are unsure of what areas you would like to improve.
In healthy doses stress can motivate us to achieve, but too much stress is detrimental to our health.
Good time management is essential for success at school, work, with your family and in your business.
If your life focus is different than your core values you will feel dissatisfied and frustrated. The ability to be consciously aware of your thoughts is an important tool in your personal development plan. Positive thinking is an important tool for creating success in life, relationships and business. In order to reach your goals what behaviours will you STOP, MINIMISE, KEEP DOING, do MORE of and which will you START?
If you enjoyed working with these worksheets you’ll love the BOOK! BUY THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BOOK today! The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook reveals valuable tools and techniques for you to consciously steer your life in the direction you want to go.
With these dynamic personal development activities you’ll be fully active as a conscious creator of your life instead of feeling stuck or frustrated.
Recognise limiting core beliefs and have the ability to transform or align them to magnetise what you desire. This has saved me so much time by being able to print off the documents and was easy to down load and print off.

Thank you for these wonderful worksheets and tools to help me create the perfect life for my clients and self.
I love your worksheets and would love to purchase your “Ultimate PD” book but wanted to check first whether this is an eBook or a hard copy book and if it is a hard copy book do you ship to South Africa?
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We are going to look at the Affirmations, the 4th Building Block and Creative Visualization the 5th Building Block in your Personal Affirmation Contract Method (Process).
We will be reviewing real life situations and learn how to write a master affirmation by example.
To learn more about "Personal Power Words" and "Activities to Discover your Personal Power Words", Click here. Declare: The One thing that I can do differently today to make my experience better is _______.
Learn and apply proven, user-friendly, effective, life-changing, self improvement strategies. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.
NOW is the Time to ACT on YOUR DREAM!NOW is the time to "Dream the Impossible Dream", that is,NOW is the time to "Dream the I AM Possible Dream"!and COUNT YOURSELF AMONG THOSE that "DARE to DREAM"! NOW that you have deliberately and decisively decided to test drive your dream and bring it to fruition, take advantage of the following information to get on your dream path to creating your dream. Learning refers to gaining knowledge and skill through study, observation, and personal experience. Living is the art and science (action) of leading one's life as it relates to one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual commitment. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a specific and desired outcome in a skillful and efficient manner. Purposely and consciously watch your behaviours and most importantly, the language that you use.
Learn "Tracking Behaviours and Language Techniques-Enhance the Results you Like and Change the Patterns you Don't"!
She believes in teaching people the power of the spoken word (affirmations) and giving them the tools to help themselves. His educational background includes a BA, BEd (K-6 specialization), MRE (Theological and Religious Education Studies). Michael has also completed post graduate level courses in Systems Theory, Curriculum and Instruction, Adult and Higher Education, and Psychological Studies that include Child Development, Adult Psychological Development, Jungian (Depth) Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Freudian and Lacanian Psycho-analysis as they relate to and impact upon educational, psycho-social, and spiritual development. He believes that Affirmations and Contemplation are complimentary practices that enhance human growth, creativity, and development.
Michael's goal for the upcoming year is to pursue his artistic ventures in fine arts and design.
Upon completion of those columns, go to Worksheet Two and complete all three columns of the worksheet. There are many different ways of increasing your motivational levels, but the most important thing to realise about motivation is that it fluctuates.
This belief originates from your childhood and past experiences that teach you what you believe you desire, what you can accomplish and what you should expect. An important part of personal development is to view the situation from different perspectives.
You can learn more about the amazing benefits and how to activate positivity by visiting this website. Take some time to get to know your overall circumstances including your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. They are used as a tool for lateral thinking to look at decisions from different perspectives which then encourages you to step outside your usual way of thinking and gain a new refreshing way of viewing a situation.
There are many situations and events in life that can overburden us, but how can we begin to understand the stressors that weigh us down?
It IS possible to organise your daily activities and make better use of the time that’s available during the day.
This handy time management worksheet will help you organise your time and plan your day to be more productive and efficient. In fact, you can not successfully transform your life without being aware of the thought patterns in your mind. Inside your mind and your thoughts are the keys to what’s hindering your success as well as what you can change in order to put your life back on track.

If you do not have a clear idea of what you won’t be able to develop a successful action plan that aims towards your goals. As you actively involve yourself in these successful strategies you’ll uncover truths about yourself, identify personal tools in your toolbox and realise your full potential for creating a life you love. I will be using the worksheets in Personal development sessions which I feel will be of great use to clients that I support. Ask: What is the one thing that I can do differently today to make my experience of Life better?
It is the manner in which one conducts oneself - moral behaviour, personal aims and principles. It may also be described as a tactic, methodology, or a course of action one learns and practices for the short-term or long-term to get a desired result.
Flexiblity in planning allows the strategist to respond to all unforseen and unexpected events. Anne Marie Evers is a best selling author and her latest book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is now in its 6th edition.
She holds certificates in Child Psychology 212, Therapeutic Touch and Professional Development. Evers has spent a lifetime helping people, counseling, encouraging and giving loving assistance. He taught children at the Grades K - 6 levels of schooling, specializing in Grades One to Three. We COMMIT to provide the listener with proven strategies and techniques, that when practiced daily, go to work for you! Blank copies are included so that you can create and address the areas of your life that have the most meaning to you.
But it’s perfectly okay to pick or choose a personal development worksheet halfway in the middle of the choices too. When you become self-aware of how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your life you can then choose to expand your mindset to including new possibilities and creative responses. Use this free personal development worksheet to evaluate and check-in with how you feel on the following scales. Edward De Bono introduced the world to Six Thinking Hats as a valuable lateral thinking tool to create clever and decisive results in a myriad of situations. Dive right into Confidence Boosting 101 by following this link and then incorporating this free personal development worksheet to evaluate your current confident levels.
In these personal development worksheets you will explore stress and with this knowledge you can gain balance in your life so you can achieve the success you desire. Values can range from family traditions, to more everyday values in work situations such as punctuality and reliability, and then there are personal values that are psychological such as self respect, kindness towards others and having a life purpose. Become more intimately of yourself by delving deep into your thoughts with this 10 PAGE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHEET.
This free personal development worksheet will take you on the next level of exploring what you are passionate about, where you can see yourself in ten years time and the level of income you desire. Use this PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHEET on GOALS AND DREAMS to explore what it is you truly want. Generally speaking, a strategy is the art and science of planning, directing, and implementing an activity.The person who formulates a strategy or strategies is known as a strategist. She has worked in the personal growth field for the past thirty-five years, teaching and conducting workshops on the power of affirmations, creative visualization, goal-setting, positive thinking, self-esteem and how to attract perfect careers, relationships and abundant health. And then I highly recommend using the “Thought Awareness” Worksheet and the “Identifying Values” worksheet to help explore more aspects of who you are. The different perspectives from each hat can be used in group settings, individually, for personal use or in business.
One who affirms -- confirms, ratifies, supports, strengthens, and upholds -- what is said to be, is identified as living in the affirmative or living affirmatively.
The strategist is able to continually revaluate and reformulate the action required to achieve the desired outcome or establish a new direction altogether. The first place we start with is to identify your values – because what you value most is what you are naturally motivated towards. Answer the following questions to help expand your mindset and gain a different perspective. Our confidence levels are constantly fluctuating so it’s a good idea to maintain an active awareness about confidence and change your thoughts and activities to increase confidence.
One who takes a positive and affirming approach to living chooses language that is positive, uplifting, encourging, and supportive of oneself and others. Write and say your affirmation daily, but remember to be clear, concise, focused, and deliberate in the words you choose.Learn "The Affirmations Contract Process".

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