A person with a score below 12 might benefit from our self-help package, seeking therapy or doing some self-help exercises to increase their self esteem. Start with our simple and incredibly helpful set of materials to get you started NOW - Click Here.. This self esteem quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only and does not represent any kind of psychological assessment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you place a few fleas in a glass jar you can safely predict they will jump straight out again. Interpersonal Communication and Self Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

In an experiment where pole vaulters were given mismarked heights that they believed were practice heights but were actually higher than their own personal best marks, it was discovered that most of the athletes cleared those heights because they believed they could do it from past performance.
Experiment In this field experiment, all the children in a primary school were used as subjects. If you think that you have low self esteem and this is having a negative effect on your life, seek treatment that will include an assessment of your individual needs that goes deeper than a quick self esteem quiz like this one. Each grade, or year, was split into three streams (above average, average, and below average).
They can jump eight to ten inches high, many times their own height.) Now, if you catch them, place them in the jar again and put a lid an amazing piece of behavior reprogramming begins. This time the fleas will learn that there is a limit to their freedom as they hit an obstacle, namely the lid, over and over.

These children would stand the greatest chance of becoming academically bright in the future.
Their classroom teachers were told that these children were bloomers and therefore stood a good chance of becoming quite academic, when in fact, on average, the children would have been no different in academic ability than the rest of their classmates. It was found that the children who had been labeled bloomers had significantly higher gains in IQ .

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