I share in my book some great tips and action steps on how to build each of these four areas. Relationships – Start and Strengthen Them – Build your existing relationships with your friends, your support team and your spouse. Serve, Volunteer and Mentor – Look for Opportunities – One of the best ways to get your focus off of yourself is to start helping others. Mind and Heart – Challenge It – Take your mind and heart to places they’ve never been before. I got to thinking about Nine words we should be able to say in church (in the right setting) that would help people with their sexual struggles. I have attended boarding schools, public schools, Catholic schools, and military school, in Canada, England, South Africa, the USA and Bermuda. I have taught school in England at Farnborough Grammar School, Farnborough 6th Form College, in Canada in Sch.
I found a system, created by a brilliant instructor, that's fool proof at turning math haters into math lovers.

If you love teaching as much as I do…if you worry about your child's math performance, or struggle for ways to make the experience more palatable for your child…what I'm about to tell you will be worth every second of your time. Before I tell you about this brilliant innovator and his system though, or about the handbook I've developed that makes using the techniques he developed absolutely the simplest teaching tool you've ever tried, I think I should introduce myself. Twenty-three years ago I realized I could accomplish more good as a math teacher if I could help others master the teaching techniques in the Mortensen Math system.
I'm really proud to say that over the course of nearly two decades I've accomplished a big part of my dream of spreading the word. While that made me happy, by 1998 the demand on my schedule had become so heavy I knew had to find another way to reach more people.
MORTENSEN MORE THAN MATH employs manipulatives to enhance the child's ability to visualize math concepts, to decode the mathematical language into spatial reality. The truth is the entire math curriculum used in traditional teaching situations, employing textbooks, relies on memorizing nothing but FACTS, RULES, FORMULAE AND PROCESS! Our job as educators is to decode this mathematical language of symbols into a concrete reality.

Accountability software is a wonderful innovation that has helped many men and women to find an openness and freedom in using their devices. Here were some of the things I checked in with the guys that affected me: The Christmas holidays ended. Schools, Native Schools from Terrace to Medicine Hat, Squamish to Cold Lake., trained teachers in Ashcroft Sch. Dist, Kitimaat, Chilliwack, in Vernon, from college tutors at OUC to Learning assistance specialists as well as regular classroom staff.

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