I got this idea from a movie I saw in which a young mermaid plucks live starfish from the sea and puts them on her ears as earrings. I have used this activity in my a€?Girl Power Groupa€? and find it really helps young girls build their self-esteem. Mixed Assortment of Sugar Starfish from Oriental Trader (500 for about $5.00), or you can make or buy a s pair of starfish earrings for a special friend or loved one who might like this activity. As clients wear the earrings throughout the day, they will remember the self-esteem affirmation statements written on the paper placed in the jewelry box.
Learn step by step therapy with over fifty-five creative counseling and therapy techniques and activities. Get a year's worth of school counselor's guidance lessons, character education words, and social stories!
This ebook includes 252 pages of step by step group therapy ideas for school counselors and professional therapists.
Group topics include grief, anger management, friendship, self-esteem, positive behavior, and stress management with colorful, reproducible worksheets.

You can now learn everything I teach to graduate counseling students with this Creative Play Therapy eBook. I truly believe that if we learn to love ourselves (and others), the world will be a better place.
The starfish then proceed to build the mermaids self-esteem by whispering in her ear how lovely she is throughout the day. I even find that it works with all ages and genders (see a€?Pet Starfish Activitya€? on the Self-Esteem page if you have a client that does not wear earrings). They always say something nice to me when I put them on, or when I notice them in the mirror.
After you have made the earrings process with your client about what self-esteem statements the earrings might say. Write down a few of the statements on a small piece of paper that will fit in a jewelry box. When they put the earrings back in the jewelry box they will read the self-esteem statements again.

This is an exact replica of the graduate sand tray therapy class I teach at a major university in Atlanta. The eBook has 25 sessions (181 pages) with step by step colored lesson plans and reproducible worksheets. Today I want to present her concept of self-esteem: Self-esteem or self-love comes from embracing our own inherent worth. These starfish will be fragile so you will want to dip them into a container of glue and allow to drip for a few minutes as you pull them out. Learn how to use the play therapy doll house, puppets, miniatures, miniature worlds, the sand tray, and more!
Each time they take the earrings out of the box they will read the self-esteem statements that were written on paper and placed inside the box.

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