The "non-tool" activities on the cards provide strong sensory input without the use of any tools or equipment. Game Description: You can make a game from these activity cards by printing out the activities on heavy card tag and cutting them up into separate cards. More of these Non-Tool Activities are featured in the Sensory Connection Program: Curriculum for Self-Regulation. Activity Description: This activity is designed to help children and adults identify helpful strategies for different emotional situations. Game Description: Participants answer questions regarding ten aspects or categories of self-care (Self-Regulation, Hygiene and Appearance, Sleep and Relaxation, Healthy Leisure, Good Eating Habits, Sobriety, Exercise, Inner Peace and Spirituality, Self-Improvement, and Health Management).
Activity Description: Participant tries 19 sensory related activities over a period of time. Use this activity sheet to motivate clients (or staff members) to explore various sensory activities and track responses.

There are many situations when tools and equipment are not available or restricted for safety reasons. Pass one or two cards out to participants who take turns leading the group doing the activity on the card. The CD included with the curriculum contains full color versions of the cards along with 10 other games.
As activities are explored, a score for the helpfulness of the activity is placed in the corresponding box.
When all activities have been tried, reward participant with their own sensory tool such as a Koosh or fidget widget. Small pictures from the attached sheets are cut out to represent various helpful strategies. You can substitute alternative activities and pictures to match those available on your unit.

The Learning Stage activities in the books are geared more towards mental health but any skill building activities can be substituted from learning the alphabet to counting or learning colors.
When completed this poster should be made available to staff, family members or care providers so that they can help the person choose helpful coping strategies when they are in an emotional crisis. This handout describes nine new activities that can be used to make the group applicable to young children.

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