Some of us might find self-improvement rather intimidating especially when we are inside our comfort zones. We often encounter the word self esteem in psychology discussions but sometimes the meaning of the term is rather unclear to us. With such a competitive world we have right now, one must always aspire for personal development and growth. In this day and age, modern technology has enabled us to enjoy advancement in our standard of living. A proper education can help you learn a lot of things including the knowledge that is needed to get a decent job and feed your family. Anxiety is a dangerous thing because once it has become uncontrollable, it will dominate your life. At some point in time, you may feel down and need something that can bring back your motivation in life.

Recent CommentsWhat You Can Get Out of the Different Kinds of Self Help QuotesSelf Help Today! Signs of low self esteem manifest as social anxiety, public speaking fear, and in many other ways. Every one takes as many index cards each, as there are people in the group (excluding oneself). Once everyone is done writing in a similar fashion, put all the index cards in a box and shuffle them.
The previous game focused on getting positive feedback about us from others, and giving such a feedback to others.This self esteem game, which is a converse of the previous one, is about giving positive feedback about ourselves to others. In order to realize our dreams and our goals, we need to do something significant to our lives. Before, people tend to have their eyes glued on their television sets or a book after a hard day’s work.

Aside from that, it has also allowed us to live longer lives because of the improvements in medical care.
The worst thing about this problem is that, it can cripple you because it prevents you from accomplishing your daily tasks and activities. This kind of problem is very alarming because it is a silent killer and many people are doing it these days.
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