Girls Quiz Book: 500 Questions and Answers about Dating, Setting Boundaries, Communication, Relationships, and Safety- When do you need to set a boundary?
Tension relieving humor has been included throughout the book to make it easier to discuss uneasy topics.
The quizbook will show you loads of great ideas, techniques and even some actual dialogs that you can use to turn your social life around 180 degrees in no time at all. The week before school starts, Mia wakes up to discover new neighbors have moved in next door. School begins, and Mia immediately meets with all sorts of challenges a€“ from having a locker right next to her arch-enemy Cassie, to being paired with Tim for science lab, to having her mom as her very own English teacher. In a new version of her bestselling book, Serita Jakes adapts themes from The Princess Within to fit the particular needs of teen girls. But in interest of fair disclosure,please be aware that we may earn a commission from some of the offerings on our site.

Mike breaks down each insightful question to show you exactly where you could be going wrong in your efforts to try and hook-up with the best high value women out there. Forced by her mother to take them her special chocolate chip cookies, Mia first encounters Tim a€“ the handsome yet seemingly arrogant oldest son of the family. Before she knows it, her best friend has nominated her for class president, and, whata€™s worse, shea€™s running against Cassie!
She becomes class president a€“ with the help of an improvised speech and unconventional catch phrase a€“ dates Jake Harris, helps lead her team in the Academic Quiz Bowl, and tries to balance her new friends with the old. In telling her story, Mia proves to be a witty, quick, candid, and interesting fourteen-year-old.
Over the next four weeks we will follow Morgan as she works to overcome struggles with poor self-esteem, difficult friendships, family problems, secret shame and finding respect for herself and others around her. Both from her experience as a mother and from years in family ministry, Serita understands the struggle teen girls face to feel beautiful, in God’s eyes and their own.

Their relationship develops based on competition a€“ from literature to the basketball court a€“ and Miaa€™s got her work cut out for her.
In this book, she combines timeless wisdom with guidance on issues unique to today’s generation, such as the influence of social media on communication and self-esteem. Her insights and encouragement will give girls the strength to shed their tattered rags and embrace their inner princess, and to walk in confidence as a young woman who knows her true beauty comes from a Christ-honoring life.
Along the way we will provide insight and encouragement to help find your inner strength and confidence, and ultimately shine a light on your Princess Within. With The Princess Within for Teens, Serita empowers girls to become the young women God created them to be, offering hope and a new understanding of their value in Christ.

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