Allison Daniels Ministries is a  consulting company designed to provide unique, personal and professional development training to meet the needs of individuals, professionals and corporations.
Our mission is to provide excellent and professional development training to individuals, corporations, churches, hospitals and educational institutions, in areas of leadership, diversity,  attitudes and self-esteem. All training is provided by a certified trainer of the Professional Woman Network, an international consulting organization, with over 25 years experience in the professional development field, conducting seminars and workshops for Fortune 500 companies, universities, professional organizations, and government agencies.  These seminars cover topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Self-Esteem for Women.

Allison is an author, spiritual  coach, trainer, ghostwriter and presents keynotes, workshops, and seminars.
Contact Allison to have her speak at your next conference, convention, corporate meeting—it will be a success! The seminars are designed to provide a higher level of self awareness and confidence-contributing factors necessary for personal and professional growth.

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