It can be confusing, when we look up the word, as we may be presented with seemingly unconnected definitions.
Those with healthy self esteem see themselves as worthy and valuable human beings, they have plenty to contribute to their social circles and are generally happy in their skin. Just think of the academic who excels in the most complex subjects, but remains socially under-developed. As self esteem is formed from an early age, parents and care takers are largely responsible for the development of it in young children. To complement this article, you may want to read The Telling Signs of Low Self Esteem and How To Overcome Low Self Esteem for additional insights on this important part topic. The increase in benchmark assessments and standardized testing can be stressful on even the best of test-takers, and can take the joy out of learning. Last week my 3rd grader asked me “Mom, do I have to keep taking more and more tests as I get older?” Childhood is the time when our self worth begins to take shape.  Putting too much focus on preparation and less than perfect test results, can be a contributing factor on how a child begins to view themselves. Gather your family, and have each member exclaim proudly “It’s Great to Be Me” and mean it!
The gift of self-esteem is the single greatest tool to help your family succeed in life, reach their potential and shield them from the challenges life will throw at them. Get inspired by singing along with the chorus of “It’s Great to be Me” from the latest Swingset Mamas CD, “Mamamorphosis”.
Sharing music as a family by singing, dancing, writing songs, and listening to favorite tunes (old school as well as the latest hits), gives kids confidence, and is just as important as studying for a test!

When I wake up and start my day,  I look at things in a positive way.  Nobody’s perfect we all make mistakes. At times we all feel insecure, are they laughing at me, I don’t know for sure.  You can’t control what people say, but if you follow your heart, you’ll lead the way. Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources.
Marlowe Bechmann is a enthusastic Friendship Circle mom, and she is also a musician in an award-winning family music band called the Swingset Mamas. With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app.
I have already touched on elements of this on this page and at the telling signs of low self esteem; those with low self esteem have a distorted sense of self image, that is more less shadowed by negative self views. The underlying personality of someone, it is how we react to day-to-day challenges, the level of resilience, that is how quickly we bounce back from life’s shocks. Those who are close to us and we hold in high regard are especially important in the way they leave their mark on us. Constant negative experiences are likely to produce an imbalanced young soul, that will struggle to correct defective self evaluations (if aware of them at all) later in life. Those who appear overly confident, or arrogant can have in fact low self esteem, and this is their way to cover up their inadequacies.
Their actions are justified, because this is the sort of behavior that gives them boost and make them feel better.

We wrote this song for families to have a fun, musical way to sing together and feel good about themselves. Give everyone a role to play, whether it is drumming, dancing, playing instruments or singing along.  Music helps engender a sense of optimism and is a mood changer that will bond your family together. When a student has special needs, those emotions are magnified and the checklists are multiplied.
You tend to put yourself down a lot, falling victim to your own self-depreciating statements.
This can be in the domain of sports, a career or in forming relationships – areas we know we excel in.
A more suitable phrase is healthy self esteem, because it is not possible to have too much self esteem. Essentially, you are suffering from a lack of self-worth, an issue that many people encounter at some point in their lives. While you may not necessarily feel all of these things all of the time, they are ingrained in your mindset to the point that they are surely affecting your life.

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