It is important to stress that clients who want to give up smoking, DO WANT TO STOP for the therapy to want to work. Therapeutic modeling is where a counselor or therapist portrays good self-esteem to the group members. One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve self-esteem is through affirmations.
A group leader can use positive guided imagery in group settings to help group members learn self-esteem.
Part 1:A  If you fell down and broke your arm, would you seek qualified professional attention or remain in physical pain? Part 2:A  If circumstances and events conspire to break your heart, should you seek qualified professional attention or remain in emotional pain?
Answers:A  In both situations, seek qualified professional attention to alleviate your immediate pain and prevent long-term negative consequences. While nothing replaces in-person classroom training, you can polish your techniques by studying other people’s styles. This material is suitable for those wishing to learn Therapeutic NLP as well as those who simply need a refresher in this subject. 10 CE hours for Hypnotherapists Pass the exam and turn in two practice sessions to receive your CE certificate.
We have included the highlights of this two day training so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

The reiki treatment encourages emotional, mental and physical healing and spiritual growth. Counselors and group leaders also should point out and correct any irrational beliefs or negative self-statements that a group member may make. The group leader should have a list of common affirmations that help improve self-esteem and read them to the group. With our independent study programs you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home. You will use these techniques with clients daily increasing their success especially with a hypnotized subject. There are group activities and counseling techniques that teach adults and adolescents self-esteem and improve their overall sense of self-worth. Often, people continue the cycle of poor self-esteem without even being aware of how their self-deprecating statements contribute to negative self-esteem. Group members are then encouraged to create their own affirmations based on their insecurities and fears. NLP helps you to quickly build rapport and desensitize emotional issues, phobias, traumas and much more. Once payment is made and the exam is completed (if applicable) you will receive your CE certificate.
Reiki is drawn through the practitioner, and the recipient’s body will draw the energy to those parts of their body that require it, the practitioner also being treated as he or she gives the treatment.

A good group leader will point out the statements and encourage group members to replace the statement with a positive one. Each group member comes up with five personal affirmations and shares them with the group out loud. The guided imagery should concentrate on the group members’ beauty, perfection and other positive qualities. Energy enters through the practitioner’s crown chakra and passes through the upper chakras to their heart and solar plexus charkas and passes out through arms and hands to the recipient. The papers are then passed again until each member of the group has written on everyone’s paper. Group members are encouraged to state those five affirmations at least three times a day and hang them where they will be seen often.
Through out our life's illness and disease can occur and can cause an unbalance in our energy. Reiki allows blocked energy to flow normally again, restoring natural health and well-being.

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