The TomTag I CAN DO IT range helps children to become independent with daily self-help routines. Children who are competent in self-help skills have more chance of success both at school and in life.
Encouraging children to learn self-help skills helps them feel more self-assured and responsible for themselves and their belongings. An effective way to teach children self-help skills is to create a visual timeline or sequence. View & Register for ProgramsView detailed program information, including registration dates, session dates and how to register online. YMCA Calgary’s Child Development Centres give children the opportunity to swim, play in the gym, go on outings and field trips, and participate in other stimulating activities.
YMCA Calgary is excited to be preparing for the opening of two new YMCA Child Development Centres in the Quarry Park community.
YMCA Calgary’s Community branch serves individuals and communities beyond traditional YMCA Health & Wellness branch doors.

As our city grows, the City of Calgary is making a commitment to support the wellness of Calgarians by building new community recreation centres in underserved areas.
As a healthy part of their development, children have a natural drive to be independent and to do things on their own. YMCA childcare staff support children in their quest for independence by regularly providing opportunities for them to take personal responsibility. When children practice self-help skills, such as feeding and dressing themselves, they are utilizing their gross and small motor skills, gaining confidence in their abilities and developing self-confidence. The pack contains 4 cards for Getting Dressed and Brushing Teeth and 8 Cards with steps to Tying Shoes. At the same time they are also practicing both gross and fine motor skills and gaining confidence in their ability to try new things. Visual timelines break down a routine into manageable steps and use pictures to show what to do at each stage.
But did you know we’re a charity dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming place for every kid to reach their full potential?

As children grow and have opportunities to develop their skills, they learn to do more and more independently.
While it can be faster and less messy for adults to do things for children we want to help children develop competencies they can take pride in.
These early successes lead to them being more willing to try new things while recognizing that practice leads to skill development.
Included are youth leadership, after-school programs, health and wellness, recreation, child care, newcomers to Canada programs, Aboriginal programs and global initiatives. Thousands of children, teens and young adults participate in our programs and services, but there are also so many more who could use our help. These programs, generously supported by donors, ensure all people have access to quality programs which help individuals grow, thrive, lead and belong.

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