Start by figuring out where you really need work: I have created an exercise called the Gut-Level Teacher Reflection that will help determine what areas of your practice need the most attention. Attend an Unconference. If you want to keep it simple, you might want to just focus on exposing yourself to new tools. No matter how long a person has been teaching, there’s always room for pedagogical improvement. Take an online course in Classroom Management: Two affordable online courses you can take are the Pro-Active Behavior Management Webinar, created by Angela Watson of the Cornerstone for Teachers, which is designed for elementary-school teachers, or Classroom Management 101, offered by Linda Kardamis of Teach 4 the Heart, which would be ideal for teachers in grades 4-12. If you’re tired of feeling frustrated by policies that negatively impact your work, it might be time for you to start taking more action to influence those policies. Listen to Episode 18 of my podcast, where I interviewed activist Anthony Cody about how teachers can get more involved in educational activism. Download a copy of my Education Activist’s Starter Kit, a comprehensive list of resources to help any teacher learn how they can start taking action. Find a group of like-minded colleagues and make a plan that includes learning about the issues and participating in one of the many events around the country and online that are pushing for saner and more effective educational policies. One of the most significant improvements you can make to your teaching is changing the way you think about it.
Create a support group with other teachers who want to make the same kinds of changes in their own mindset.
Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher was absolutely the best professional decision I ever made, and it had the most significant impact on the quality of my teaching. I left this one for the end because my guess is that this is one of the most common goals for everyone.
To organize your digital files, consider using a cloud-based storage platform like Dropbox or Google Drive.
To organize your projects, a note-taking tool like Evernote can really help you keep all the pieces in one place.
To get your classroom in order, you absolutely must check out the incredible collection of classroom organization tips from the Clutter-Free Classroom website. About Latest Posts Jennifer GonzalezEditor-in-Chief at Cult of PedagogyFormer middle-school language arts teacher and college-level teacher of teachers. Jennifer–Love this post, and want to say every newsletter you share helps me on my personal path of growth as an educator and a colleague! I got this advice from reading Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen, which is still the absolute best thing I have ever read on presenting (and I mentioned it in this article above).

Consider an upcoming time frame when you’ll be away from your regular teaching duties, like summer or spring break. JumpStart is a self-paced, 8-module course designed to get moderately comfortable tech users to the next level. To learn one fast, take a look at my collection of instructional strategy videos demonstrating techniques like concept attainment, reciprocal learning, the Jigsaw strategy, and lots of others. This book digs into new research about the way people learn, and why so many of our common educational practices just don’t work. If you’re like most teachers, you think you could be doing a better job at differentiating.
Mindset has a powerful impact on how you experience your work and whether or not you continue to grow and thrive. Read either of these books together and set aside some time to talk through the insights and questions that come up as you read. Even though I have grown in so many ways since my initial certification in 2004, I still see a few key moments during the process as major turning points in the way I view my work.
If organization is your issue, the first tip I can give you for getting more organized is to narrow that goal down to something more specific: Do you want to manage your time better? It took me a little while to learn it, but now I keep all of my important events, daily tasks, birthdays, everything on it. To thank you, I’ll send you a free copy of my new e-booklet, 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in Half. Until then, take a look at my Yellow Pages listings for K-2…lots of great websites there!
If so, go ahead and sign up for my mailing list and you’ll start receiving weekly emails from me. The one area I struggle with is confidence when speaking to the whole staff, for example, at a staff meeting or a whole school assembly.
Then decide how much of that time you actually want to focus on meeting a goal — after all, you might just want to catch up on your DVR or do some travelling. You earn it by working through a series of free online courses that prepare you for five online exams. I designed it to mimic the same way I learned, a process that took me from being a basic Word-Facebook-PowerPoint-email user to being really, really comfortable with technology.
These are often called EdCamps or TeachMeets, and though they don’t exclusively focus on technology, most seem to lean pretty heavily in that direction.

Check out my Starter Kit for Differentiated Instruction, a collection of articles, videos, documents, and tools that will help you improve in this area. Most people aren’t, and that means the world is chock-full of heinously ineffective slideshows. It raised my expectations for myself and drastically changed the way I measure the quality of my teaching. And what I love is that it’s also synced with my phone, so I get reminders on the go as well. In the comments below, tell me about a past goal you’ve set for yourself as a teacher, and how successful you were at meeting it. I have no training in the CCSS for Kinder, no knowledge, no inkling about anything that has to do with munchkins. Thank you ?? As for my own goals, I read 8 books to use in my classes, picked excepts and talking points and started a blog about it!
Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?" Lao Tzu Be aware of the motivation behind your action, the intention behind your words, and the needs and experiences of other people. If you do want to set aside some time to improve your practice, just pick one thing and focus on that.
Four of these are based on your knowledge of Google Apps for Education (Google Docs and Drive, Sites, Calendar, and Gmail), then you choose one elective exam (options include Chromebooks and Google Chrome browser). All of these experiences have brought me to where I am now: Devoted full-time to helping teachers do their work better. Becoming a Google Educator is the first step toward becoming a Google Certified Teacher, which is a much bigger deal and involves on-site training for just a small group of teachers every year.
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