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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. On the previous page titled Identifying Stress and Laying the Ground Work to Take Control we ended the discussion with a list of precursors.
The goal of the list was to help you cultivate a different attitude and perspective when dealing with stress. Here is a summary of the list again which should help you begin to formulate and adopt new ideas about stress as the foundation to Stress Management. So if the above list was designed to prepare your mentality and change your approach to stress management, the following content will get you stepping into action! This is the doing part of the plan, so even before you get into the tips and techniques of stress management, you and I are going to start actively challenging and changing the way you do things. They are the principles you are going to develop, then apply to specifics techniques which will be the final part of your stress management action plan. Like any master plan to build a house, there must be a strong foundation to hold it all up. Now for the most part I am just going to touch on each heading because there is much more detailed information throughout the website. This is the first step in developing a better relationship with yourself and the world around you. Purchase some flowers just for yourself and smell their scent by consciously opening the airways in your nose. By starting with these very basic exercises they will lead to a better understanding of the who, what, why and when stressors present in your life.
Passion unveils your purpose and creates the circumstances which unfold your dreams, goals and aspirations. Knowing your passion can create your own business, secure a record deal, invent the latest internet fad, launch you on the moon, or some other pursuit that can literally propel your from stress to success! Almost any book or editorial written in relation to successful people invariably makes reference to a life-style based on discipline and structure.  It is the same principles that when applied to stress management, will result in the same success.

More importantly, discipline and structure sets a certain tone and clearly defines boundaries, for yourself and others. Being disciplined and structured will result in people being more respectful of your time and will free-up more time for you to enjoy. A mentor is someone more skilled or experienced who offers advice, support, and guidance to facilitate the learning and development of a more junior or less experienced person. A mentor can help challenge your ideas and perhaps your limitations and bring a new and dynamic perspective. Find a mentor that has fought and overcome their own demons and created success, with a minus on the stress! There is a whole section of this website dedicated to the subject matter of physical exercise and it is definitely one of the prerequisites to your stress management program. There are so many forms of cardio-vascular work-outs you would be hard-pushed not to find one right for you.
In most philosophies, religions and spiritual practices, existence as we know it, came into being by the breath of God.
Now think about a particularly stressful event in your life and the changes it made to your breath.
Breathing is one of the most fundamental principles of stress management which we will look at further at the action plan stage.
Meditation is a practice that creates a mental shift in awareness or states of consciousness.
Meditation is a must for  your mind’s rest and rejuvenation and is also one of my favourite means of escape from the everyday chatter and chaos. When you love yourself first, you are able to give freely and kindly but also recognise your limits and signs of depletion. As always Sharing Self Improvement has dedicated an entire section on the subject matter of wellness and well-being. Now that we have covered the fundamentals of Stress and created a framework from which to apply it, you are adequately prepared for your Action Plan.
It means that by the time you get to the tips and techniques, you will be much better prepared to apply all you have learned. This will be the foundation of not only managing the stress in your life, but also to re-define the parameters of your life towards success.

Yes there are very specific actions you need to take if you want to get very specific results!
You should apply awareness to every single aspect of your life in order to better understand who you are, what you feel and what value it brings. It simply is right here, where it should be, in the present, enjoying the delights of the moment. Much more importantly awareness has the quality of anchoring you, not to your emotions, but to that part of you within, that is less affected and perturbed by stress. You get to chose what to do with it, rather than being the unwitting participator of Time Crime. In fact the more you talk about it, the more it will remain at that particular level of the process. It is such a fundamental element of your health and well-being, it would be absurd to eliminate it from the process.
Breathing supplies oxygen to all parts of your body and eliminates the waste product carbon-dioxide.
She was so worn out physically, emotionally and spirituality there was basically, nothing else to give! Of course, when I say stress-free, I’m talking about the negative stress that is dangerous to your health and well-being and not the eustress, that you have discovered, is actually good for you. The amount of work you get done is greatly compensated with the quality time you subsequently have later in the day for your loved ones. Do however find something you enjoy or at least start embracing physical exercise in a positive way.
Your breath at this stage becomes less efficient which can lead to over breathing (hyperventilation) and is much more out of control.

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